'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Has anyone had just one symptom of acid reflux I've been having the sensation of something stuck in throat and a dry cough with it as well have the urged to clear throat alot.

Has anyone had just one symptom of acid reflux I've been having the sensation of something stuck in throat and a dry cough with it as well have the urged to clear throat alot. The only time I get relief is when i eat but 15 -20 mins later it comes back. I only get the sensation of something stuck in throat when I swallow. I also wake up with a dry throat/mouth in the morning this has been going on for two weeks for me now my doctor thought I had allergies but allergy medicine made me feel worse I just started omperzole 20mg yesterday. Tums seemed to help me out so I thought omperzole would be a better option. I'm wondering if anyone gets these symptoms and what are you taking for it?


Jean Low
I have HH and GERD,these symptoms are common,i take omeprazole,and gaviscon,on an acid free diet and deffo no coffee or tea,its helped so much,

Josh Wetenkamp
Yeah I've been looking for relief for two weeks now I've had this in the past but it went away with in a day and now it's been bothering me for 2 weeks I started with clartin decongestant and steroids that didn't do anything but make me worse then I we...Lihat Lainnya

Sarah Woodard
Yes, my doctor put me on pantoprazole and so far it’s helping. I’m also in the process of identifying my trigger foods/beverages...

Michelle Bunney
Was having the same symptoms I've just started with the acid 6 weeks ago. Doctor has up my lansoprazle and feel Abit better. Coughs gone and sort thoarts lots better. Just got to tackle the acid taste and burning which happens all day with heartburn x the lump feeling just comes and goes x

Josh Wetenkamp
Do any of you guys get dry mouth when this happends and white saliva

Staley I don't have just one symptom of reflux but I def have the symptoms you describe. I'm still trying different meds. Ranitidine and Omeprazole did nothing to help. Protonix is helping a little but haven't been on it long and what symptoms it was helping is now returning. I was already taking digestive enzymes and probiotics when this started so I'm still on my search for full relief!

Josh Wetenkamp
Have you been to a doctor for it and have they suggested a endoscopy?

Amanda Staley
Yes I have. That's how I received my diagnosis of GERD and esophagitis.

Josh Wetenkamp
I'm going to be making a appointment for a endoscopy is there any discomfort when getting the test done or do they put you to sleep?

Amanda Staley
I've had 4 in my life. They've always used anesthesia. It's painless and the only prep is no eating/drinking after midnight. You may have a sore throat for a day due to them scoping you but that's only happened once to me. It's not awful by any stretch. It's a short nap but some of the best sleep I've ever had.

Angel Mazhinji
I also had a sensation of something stuck In my throat like a blockage feeling. I took anxiety tablets Bromazepam and I don't feel it anymore.

Aditi Biswas
My symptom was similar to yours a few months ago, but it morphed to throat tightening. I seem to have swallowing issues and have a hard time eating. I also have to take deep breaths while eating.
The docs- GP and ENT both thinks it’s allergies. Although allergy medication helped a bit it is not helping anymore.


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