'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

How many had anxiety before they had GERD ?

How many had anxiety before they had GERD ?


Tamsin Pengelly
Yup. I'm convinced many of my symptoms are actually anxiety.

Thérèse Ireland Gribben
I’ve had bad anxiety for 22 years and was only diagnosed with GERD last year

Dawn Windett
Mine is down to chronic anxiety and stress

Jan Wagner Major
stress and chronic sleep deprivation, then health anxiety, then GAD and GERD+ LPR and more health anxiety

Julia Ve
Do you take anything for your gerd? Is it helping? You mentioned LPR, so does it mean that didn't find anything at endoscopy?

Julia Ve Jan WagnerDo
you take anything for your gerd? Is it helping? You mentioned LPR, so does it mean that didn't find anything at endoscopy?

Zachary Santen
Omezoprole which doesn’t seem to help

Zachary Santen
They said I have mild reflux

Julia Ve
Zachary Santen so they didn't findanything?

Zachary Santen
Julia Ve other than signs that I have mild acid reflux no

Julia Ve
Can I ask what your symptoms are?

Zachary Santen
No mostly tight throat and occasionally chest pain. It’s very seldom do I spit up acid. Lots of belching

Zachary Santen
Lots of stomach sounds and throat gerdling

Julia Ve
Right side of the throat? Like at tge end of the throat? And right side of the chest?

Zachary Santen
Mostly far left and far right side of throat

Julia Ve
I'm going through a pain on the right side of my throat and chest, It's been 2 weeks already. Constantly and also have metallic taste.

Zachary Santen
Mostly left side chest in the middle.

Erika Loudan
Me I've been told it's the cause of my reflux

Julia Ve
Do you take anything from it?

Erika Loudan
Nothing helps

Julia Ve
Erika Loudan what are your symptoms, may I ask?

Erika Loudan
I have ALOT of symptoms.... some days it's worse then others... I may be ok for a while an be able to eat most things then other times its flared up so bad that I can hardly eat anything! I get burning n my chest and throat tightness in both ALOT of ho...Lihat Lainnya

Julia Ve
Are you on any kind of meds for anxiety?

Erika Loudan
Don't like meds really
Not much luck with what I have tried... plus I don't think it's going to take it away but I am trying counseling again.

Vie Ar Shendy
I had gerd but not anxiety,thxs GOD

Amber Lynn VanSickle
Mine start when my panic attacks started.

Anna Pinky Pinky
my anxiety started with my GERD

Rajeev Kapur
everyday m anxious before I get to bed...:)

Carey A. Cronin
I have an anxiety disorder that requires medication, but the GERD came later. I do not believe that the GERD is related to my anxiety since the anxiety co-exists with other conditions

Aliza Kessler
Yes. I had anxiety for years and was on medication for it then weaned off in July. But I had anxiety before Gerd

Khalid Munir
Yes, Anxiety runs in our family...My mom, two siblings and me all have had anxiety which resulted in Gerd.

Paula Coonerty
Big anxiety sufferer 😑. Gerd diagnosis 6 months ago from doctor as bloods normal and ekg due to suffering chest pains have not had any tests to confirm though.


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