'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

is there anyine in this group that has had a surgical procedure for their gerd and it has been successful

Again, is there anyine in this group that has had a surgical procedure for their gerd and it has been successful


Maria Gonzalez
No but I am waiting for my appointment soon I’m having the Linx implantes there is a group for that look it up

Maria Gonzalez
LINX Surgery for GERD/Acid Reflux/Silent Reflux/LPR

Nancy Wilson
What is LPR?

Pauline Kensler
No, 3 surgeries all failures

What kind of surgeries? What happened?

Yes I’ve had Nissan Fundoplication the first one was terrible whilst it stopped the bile reflux it was too tight then it actually slipped. I had it redone a few years later and no reflux since although it has been discovered I did suffer a Complication with the first surgery, my vagus nerve was damaged and cannot be fixed. Was it worth the risk absolutely!

Shari Barber-Semenas
Geez us, dont know what and if i will be a,canidate for any. Im a lung cancer survivor one lung and heart attack survivor 4 cardiac events in 2 yrs all from the radiation
The gerd is sonewhat cobtrolled with a ppi. But ppi are not covered in my insur...Lihat Lainnya

Diana Fay
Prayers for you. You've definitely been through a lot.

Vicki Cindrich Weber
Best of luck to you.

Wendy McMahon
Wishing you all the best but o advise against the robotic procedure I gave a friend who went through it and the outcome was bad. I believe if you are able to get through a linx procedure this would greatly improve your lung function. Hugs you are very brave!

Shari Barber-Semenas
Isnt the linx, relatively minimally invasive?
Plus i have a small hiatal hernia
Why was robotic so bad?

Wendy McMahon
The Linx is still pretty major surgery some people have problems with it being too tight and adjusting to a different way of eating. The robotic bad because it stuffed up and causes her permanent damage.

Shari Barber-Semenas
Thank you. I am not a canidate for any type of major surgery.....

Wendy McMahon
I’m sorry for your struggles I hope you can find a solution to make you more comfortable, sending hugs.

Lisa Cotterly McKenna
I have my surgery scheduled for March 22nd 3 weeks from tomorrow. I’m nervous but hoping I will feel much better

Shari Barber-Semenas
What r they going to do

Lisa Cotterly McKenna Robotic Nissan Fundoplication, I have a very large hiatal hernia 😢

Renee Whiteside
I’m currently waiting for Stretta approval. UHC initially denied. We are now appealing 🙄

Vicky Hamilton
I had the surgery 2 years ago , no acid reflux since. I also had hiatal hernia fixed. It's a life changing surgery with what and how you eat afterwards but for me well worth it.

Lisa Cotterly McKenna
I’m so happy to here that, I’ve been so nervous 😟 I’m going in 3 weeks from today

Vicky Hamilton
You will do just fine, just make sure eat mushy stuff at first and slowly add things but just make sure you always chew everything as much as you can before swallowing things can get stuck. I would advise to stock up on gas pills as you will not be able to burp. You will do fine. Look me up if you have any questions I can help you with.

Lisa Cotterly McKenna
Vicky Hamilton yes I was told o would be on a liquid diet then a purée diet then slowly trying solid foods. I have stuff to make smoothies 😊

Jenny Brackenridge
Yes, Nissen Fundoplication. First 2 years were great, but ever since not. Looking into my 4th & final surgery to have the wrap removed.

Jenny Brackenridge
I should add that in addition to GERD, I have CP, Scoliosis, etc. I was the first physically disabled person to undergo this surgery.


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