'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

For those who exercise, what can you do that does not irritate and cause reflux?

Hey, For those who exercise, what can you do that does not irritate and cause reflux? I’m dealing with severe reflux on a daily basis for the last 7 months and I feel that every exercising I try make it worse. Even the 20 minutes cycling on the way to work results heartburn for me. Any thoughts?


Dennis Zaidman
Weights, slow walking. anything else causes too much stomach wobble.

Jessica Andrews
What does the stomach wobble do? Irritate the esophagus? My daughter plays/played soccer, but can't right now bc of the abdominal pain when playing.

Dennis Zaidman
acid begins to "jump"around increasing the chances of getting into the esophagus and ending up with heartburn.

Aditya Luthra
Do Yoga rather than excercise.

Noa Shay
yoga is very good, but i really want to work on cardio. i guess for cardio it's gonna worsen the reflux no matter what :(

Aditya Luthra
Yeah but you better get out of this reflux shit first by yoga and diet. Doing any other excercise might lead you into trouble.

Noa Shay
Aditya Luthra I agree but I’m afraid I’m not gonna get out of it any time soon, as I’ve already tried all the meds out there, my diet is perfectly adjusted for months now, and I tried a lot of supplements too. Thought at least I could exercise a bit, but that ain’t working for me so far.

Will Whitlock
any yoga that involves bending or putting head down is not good..stick to the upright stuff...i wore a pH monitor for 48 hours and i noticed each time i got my heart rate over 100 my ph in stomach dropped as it does cause reflux...sort of sucks but i do drink gaviscon AD from UK before workouts and it helps but once i go to hard my ears clog etc so i slow down...i try to do a little more recumbent bike and try to stay as close to 4-5 mph on treadmill which is ok i guess. also on machines etc i try to stay upright..if i do bench i do incline not flat and try to keep my chest from pushing on equipment...if i do not work out my mental state sucks

Noa Shay
Sounds like you’re making it work! That’s awesome. I’m cycling to everywhere so that’s used to be my work out, but turns out that cardio work out (which elevate heart rate) increase the pressure of the diaphragm on the stomach which results reflux. šŸ˜• I still cycle to work, but wanted to add another thing. I’ll try some exercises without bending, maybe that’ll be a key point.
I wonder if push ups will be a bad idea. Probably yes. Thanks šŸ™‚

Will Whitlock
do your ears ever clog up?

Noa Shay
Will Whitlock no, but i have ventilation tubes in my ears because of another matter, so i think its practically impossible for my ears to get clogged.

Michele Pratt
Walking, hiking, swimming, biking. I also ride horses. I do occasional yoga but have to avoid putting my head down for too long

Christie Azer
Totally out of left field, but your daughters are adorable!

Will Whitlock
so today i went to gym...within about 30 min of just light workouts my ears were clogged..happens almost every time

Philip Shiel
Have you tried pantoprazole
I make sure ive had two before the gym. I do a slit
workout 1 of the week. Back and bi's
workout 2
Chest and tri's
Workout 3
Legs shoulders abs
Then start again
No set days just every other day give or take a day.

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Noa Shay
I’ve been on pantoprazole for a while, it actually made everything worse. PPIs are not for me.

David O'Neill
I went for a 4.5m run this morning... had a sore back and ribs but no reflux....

Will Whitlock
i think that is reflux...do your ears clog up?

David O'Neill
No... it could be reflux right enough..... happy as i didnt think i would last a mile as it was my first run in 5 month's...

Will Whitlock
David O'Neill great..has reflux kept you from running?

David O'Neill
Not really. Mixture of being lazy and scared it would make my symptoms worse...

Will Whitlock
David O'Neill pain could be hernia i guess but i think the shoulder blade area is reflux..anyway we all got the same crap

Will Whitlock
David O'Neill i wore a pH monitor at gym and every time my heart rate went over 100 my pH dropped in my stomach so i knew exercise and reflux were hand in hand..but i need the mental fix each day

David O'Neill
I have to be honest my symptoms are nowhere as bad as some of other members so im really lucky. But yeah mentally exercise is a big help...

Nina Bravery
Walking,swimming,Tai chi.anything that doesn't make you bend over it squash your stomach should be OK.

Larry Martin
It help if you exercise on an empty stomach. I exercise early in the morning or before lunch or dinner

Noa Shay
that's is a really good idea but im sooo bad at waking up early that i'm afraid i'll never manage to exercise in the morning :)maybe i should try harder, but i hate mornings so much.

Melissa Luttrell
Yoga (except bending over) and hiking.

Rosie Maria Umberger
I can only do Yin or Restorative types of yoga. I can’t do inversions or certain poses because of my hiatal hernia


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