'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

It has been two weeks now and I have had no acid reflux

So on a positive note.
It has been two weeks now and I have had no acid reflux. I don’t know why it’s gone but it is. No pills for two weeks and no lump,no stomach pain or acid reflux. No constant coughing.Nothing.

Now before I tell you what I did to get better. Keep in mind this worked for me. It may not work for you. Always check with your Dr .

I can eat and drink whatever I want with no acid reflux.

So I cut back on eating. Ate smaller portions. I added Mild Kimchi to my daily diet. 2 tablespoonfuls a day. I eat plain oatmeal. I drank filtered water. Not bottled but water that I filtered through my Zero water filter. I added basic exercise basically just walking.. that’s it nothing else. I can eat whatever I want as long as I keep those above mentioned foods in my diet. Again this worked for me. Doesn’t mean it will work for you. Again, check with your Drs.
I have dealt with Gerd since the 90’s and all my Drs kept doing was prescribing more pills or different pills.
So check with your Drs . It takes time to find what helps. Never give up !


Diane I. Kartika
Same with me. I change rice with plain oatmeals. It helps me so much. Have you read Acid watcher diet by Dr. Jonathan Aviv? He wrote that food is our medicine if we really know what to eat and what to avoid.

Michael Brooks
Let food be thy medicine. I read that long ago. It was from ,the father of modern medicine.

Diane I. Kartika Sooo true.... I don't trust doctor who only wants us depend on him/her. I trust how nature and science work in our body

Michael Brooks It’s so simple but everyone overlooks it.
I also heard that if a food product has a commercial than don’t buy it.

Diane I. Kartika Hahaha yesss... Food industry nowadays are sucks.. People kill their self slowly with foods without realizing it

Michael Brooks
Stay away from processed foods. I walk to Whole Foods almost every day and pick up fresh. Sometimes I do buy meat,chips. Mostly it’s veggies,fruit.
I think the combo of eating better and walking is what helped me. nLife is moving so fast and the average person doesn’t want or have time to prepare a meal. So they get processed or take out. I blame society. Society and the food administration are the ones to be blamed
Diane I. Kartika my drs would see me for maybe 15 minutes and want to prescribe pill. Total B.S. !

Debra Evans
Michael Brooks my husbands doctor said the same thing and added if it is wrapped in cellophane ( like processed or anything at those quick stores it will kill you. I used to laugh but I thinks it's true. Bread years ago would last a day or two. Today it last weeks. Nothing but preservatives and God only knows. We cut out bread too. I started on oatmeal as a snack a few weeks ago. Using tea saucers as my dinner plate. I see a huge difference but I can't eat anything spicy, fatty or onions. However I just started changing my diet a few months ago. Thanks for all the information. IBSC and GERD together is a nice combination.

Michael Brooks
If you eat healthy you will be healthy. If you eat crap,then you will feel like crap.

Emma Thomson
Happy for you but I only wish it were as simple as this!

Michael Brooks
Wasn't easy I have been trying to stop this for years.

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Michael Brooks
trying different pils and foods .I felt like a mad scientist.

Emma Thomson
Michael Brooks wasn’t suggesting it was easy. Just saying if only it were as simple as eating healthy and avoiding crap. I eat healthy, grow my own veg, follow Acid Watcher but have a hiatal hernia which means diet is simply not enough.

Michael Brooks
If You get the chance watch "what the health " A very good movie.

Emma Thomson
Michael, did you ever have a diagnosis via endoscopy? Do you have a hiatal hernia?

Michael Brooks
endo yes,no to hernia way back in late 90's

Emma Thomson
Michael Brooks oesophigitis?

Michael Brooks
yes on inflammation of the esophagus

Andrew Santana
I’ve had GERD for half a year and these are the some of same changes I made. Portion control, eating slowly, exercise & lot of water. Glad it’s working for you. My GERD has gone from insanely unbearable to manageable. Our bodies are self sufficient. We are better off without the toxic medicines that they continue trying to prescribe us.

Sherry Rahm
Great job! I changed my diet drastically and was able to remove myself from medication. I feel better then ever! I don't recommend asking a MD because they push pharmaceutical drugs. My Dr was very upset I went off Omeperazole after 11 years. I watch what I eat and all is good now!

Marie Roy
I'm going to get the Kimchi. That is supposed to be very good for us.

Marlene Rosales
Anyone know how to get rid of that feeling of something stuck in your throat. Its been there 3 weeks everday

Vince Milan
Great news! Where did you get your zero filter pitcher?

Barbara Gipson Hames
I tried to eat kimchi a few years ago when I was vegan, but couldn't stand the taste. Do you do or add anything to make it taste better? Is thFFere a brand you recommend?


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