'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Any life-saver remedy to bad breath caused by acid reflux?

Any life-saver remedy to bad breath caused by acid reflux? Anyone who has this particular symptom?

Everyday having it.
It happens during these 3 times:
1. when I start to feel hungry even slightly,
2. after food unless I eat just plain bread, muesli/granola bars or other very plain stuffs. But I can't take this as my lunch and dinner.
3. early morning waking up with bitter taste and the most horrible bad breath that ppl far away will wonder if there is a sewage problem.

The morning one can only be cleared after eating and eating lots of food. Despite brushing a million times or drinking gallons of water, it won't clear.

Please don't suggest going to dentist, mouthwash, breath spray, brushing after meals for the smell I believe is from within.


Ade Akinlaja
Try brushing your tongue, it made things better for me.

Ade Akinlaja
The other thing I did was remove grains and wheat from my diet. That did help a lot. I fell off the wagon recently but getting back on soon 🙈

Lalina Khan
Removing grains and dairy helps alot.

June June
Is oatmeal considered grain.

Amarie Mc You could try this
Foto Amarie Mc.

Lalina Khan
Oatmeal is contiminated with gluten because it goes through same machines by which wheat is gone through from the fields where they are grown.i myself avoid oat meal.

Stacy Orlan Cooper
I have removed dairy and wheat. But still have sour taste sometimes. What other grains did you remove?

June June
Why do u have to remove the two when we are not lactose or gluten intolerant?

Ade Akinlaja
Not no Carbs Stacy. No grains. You can eat tubers - sweet potato. 4 varieties.

June June
Why can't we take grain? Is oatmeal grain? Then what should I take for breakfast?

Jedwycke Abbot
Hi Michelle I had the same issue, but have recently found out that for me it was caused by eating/drinking dairy. Since I stopped my symptoms have disappeared. I have to be really careful though, coz even a bit of butter on some bread, or a tiny bit of milk or cheese brings it back, and then it takes a week or so to go away.

Lucy Scuccimarra
I can so sympathise, I jave been there and it comes from your stomach, I used to brush my teeth tongue so hard but the taste would still be there, dairy, wheat grains and sugar are the worst culprits, I excluded them and the problem disappeared, I jave just started to eat cereal bars with yoghurt and grains and the taste sore throat and mucous came straight back. I havd persevered with eating them as they have eliminated the the bloated stomach which I absolutely hate, taste not so bad but throat still sore and tummy happy, so can't win flat and happy tummy yet red throat and mucous! What a choice lol!!

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June June
I don't understand why we couldn't take grains? Even oatmeal? Then what am I going to eat esp breakfast? Can't eat bread as well?

Lucy Scuccimarra
Michelle Rain I started eating quinoa flakes you can buy it from Holland and barret if you live on the UK, I eat it instead of porridge and add a teaspoon of protein powder and a little bit of truvia, also gluten free nutribix looks like Wheatabix but doesn't taste as nice. There are other gluten free cereals but I just stick to the tow I jsve just mentioned. Also chia seeds soaked in oatmilk I havd too, you could try cantaloupe melon or honeydew melon, see what works for
June June Locks Raffa I am avoiding fruits at the moment as I am trying out Tcm. Otherwise fruits would be my go to snacks. And I don't think there are quinoa flakes, Barrett, truvia, or nutribix. Nv even heard of them though I know quinoa.

June June
Is there really Barret ? Couldn't find such a food from Google. I do take chia seeds with oatmeal or water. I will try to find gluten free cereal. But my question is why couldn't we take wheat and dairy we are not intolerant of them.

Lucy Scuccimarra
I have intolerance to them, but if you don't then you should be ok, gluten is hard on our digestive symptoms, but if you are not intolerant then That's ok, I live in the UK Holland and barrets is a health food shop which sells quinoa flakes, nutribix is gluten free cereal I buy fr tescos, where do you live?

June June
i stay in Singapore...There is weet bix...but no nutribix here...

Lucy Scuccimarra
Wheatabix is not gluten free it has wheat as the name suggests in it. Like I say if you don't have an intolerance to wheat or grains then that's ok.


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