'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Anyone have any idea how to stop the PPIs without feeling like you're dying from the burning?

acid reflux disease
Hi, I've been on Nexium for about 5 years. My husband has been on Nexium or Prilosec for probably close to 20 years. He had an endoscopy done 2 weeks ago and had well over 100 polyps in his esophagus and stomach! The doctor said that they were caused by the PPI. We both want to get off of them. I've tried and the reflux is now 10 times worse than it was before starting the Nexium. I tried Zantac, the doctor said it was much safer and didn't cause as many problems. I broke down and went back on Nexium after 3 days. Anyone have any idea how to stop the PPIs without feeling like you're dying from the burning?


Jackline Tannouri
u have to stop them gradually like take it 5 times per week then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1.. u know gradually

Jackline Tannouri
it might take a month to stop them completely.. u have to be careful about what u eat too.. no tomato-based sauces, heavy cream, coffee, onions...

Kathleen Louise Pfeiffer
It took me 3 months to get down to one weekly. Otherwise I would have a bad case of Acid reflux. I would take Gaviscon liquid or a Zantac once weekly at the doctor's suggestion or as needed. Also sleep with the head raised, and no food within 3 hours of a nap or bedtime.

Diane Estes
Thank you all, glad to hear that it can be done! 😊

Linda Meador Stewart McGinnis
I stopped cold turkey, after 30 years. It’s not easy. It will be 3 months next week. I take a digestive enzyme before each meal. I don’t eat much dense food. I chew chew chew my food, small bites of everything. I still cough when eating but maybe only 2 or 3 times now and not bad. I also take a probiotic for gut health. I’ll never go back on that shit! I have osteoporosis now from ppi.

Kelly Groeschel Dyer
You have to wean off...you can not stop cold turkey.

Rae Schiavone Garzone
Low acid diet. Refined olive oil before a meal. No coffee or chocolate.

JM Belzile
It’s call the rebound effect, I have been thru this, it is horrible but it last only 1-2 months

Lynne Bowers Pennypacker
I can’t get off Nexium either, even on the special diet. It’s so frustrating.

Diane Estes
I'm going to try it again, not feeling too confident, though.

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Kelly B Robinson
You start by taking a maximum dose of h2 blocker 300 mg a day alongside your ppi. For a period of at least ten days. Then if you take two doses of a ppi a day cut back to one for a 10 days to two weeks. Then start taking ppi every other day (you are still on max doses of h2 blocker)for a two weeks, then every third day, etc. During this time you can take mylanta or gavison advance as needed. You slowly tape off the ppi. Then you are only on h2 blockers which you can choose to stay on, reduce amount or wean off.

Kelly B Robinson
Follow all diet and lifestyle recommendations during this time.

Diane Estes
That sounds like a good idea! I'm going to try it that way.

Kelly B Robinson
If you use American Gaviscon don’t use at the same time as mylanta as they are a similar drug. If you use gavison from Canada, the UK, Australia or France it is a barrier acid blocking medication and can be taken as the same time as mylanta.

Diane Estes
I have several bottles of Zantac, I'll try it.

Kelly B Robinson
If you are on a higher dose ppi but once a day you can at first taper down first to a lower dose eg dexilant comes in 60 mg dose and 30 mg. If you are on 60mg dexilant you could pair with max daily dose of h2 blockers for 10 days to two weeks and then move down to 30mg dexilant for two weeks and then move into 30 mg every other day, then to 30 mg every third day etc etc slowly reducing. Always keeping max daily dose of h2 blocker until you are completely off ppi. Then you choose if you need or stay on h2 blocker. For some people following strict diet and lifestyle is enough. If it is, count yourself lucky. There are many of us out there that would be greatful if all it took was a strict diet and lifestyle changes.

Kelly B Robinson
You want to avoid weaning off too quickly. Doing it slowly is fine. The only time people are under more pressure to wean off quickly is for 24 hr ph monitoring tests. Even then you need to wean off slowly.

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Julie Turek
If you figure this out, let me know. I have been on protonix for 20 yrs.

Sibyl Orlikowski
Change your diet try probiotic gummies

Rae Schiavone Garzone
Get a good probiotic from a health food store also eating papaya in morning and licorice tablets also from health food store

Sibyl Orlikowski
I’ve tried expensive probiotics with no help from those guess it depends on the person

Rae Schiavone Garzone
Sibyl Orlikowski I guess it’s takes to heal. I am hopefully healing. I stay away from as much acidic food as I can. And take probiotics. Drink ph water and a cup of water with baking soda in morning and night. I am trying to wean off meds soon

Rae Schiavone Garzone
Our stomach will never make proper acid on drugs

Sibyl Orlikowski
I’ve weened myself off protonix almost I take 1 a week now with eating light and my gummies I’m doing ok

Rae Schiavone Garzone
I haven’t had coffee or tomato sauce in a month. Not going back to it. No onions no garlic etc

Rae Schiavone
Garzone Sibyl Orlikowski I so afraid to stop meds but will

Rae Schiavone
Garzone My chiropractor says it takes time and I trust her more then my gi

Alyssa Redinger Lee
Ive only been on it for 10 days. Was told to stop to make sure its not playing a part in my hard to breathe(heavyyyy chest). Im nervous lol. Protonix took away the burning feeling in my throat lol.

Todd Whiting I'm also on a PPI for 20 years and have the stomach polyps from them. Didn't think you can get them in the esophagus though.

Lori Pengelley
Try going vegan and dropping all trigger foods.

Burgie Kowalski
Here is a table of alkaline foods. I try to eat foods with a pH of 6 and up.

KM McDowall
Have you completely changed your diet to an alkaline one. Till you do that nothing is solved.

Nicholise Garner
What’s PPI? I’m on nexium 40mg a day

Todd Whiting
Proton Pump Inhibitor. You're on one.


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