'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Anyone's reflux start from pregnancy?

Anyone's reflux start from pregnancy? If so it stay with you after too? I got told I got bad case of reflux and the cause is pregnancy I'm panicked that it will stay even when my baby is born.


Susie Turner
I said it prob pregnancy I suffered badly. And didn't have it after. Just got bad after omperazole x.

Kerry Cornford
I did, 3 years later still got it, my baby gave me.a.hital hernia x.

Nicky Jane Waites
Apparently the more kids you have the worse it gets I never had it with any others its absolutely awful so going to see midwife bout some ideas to ease it xxxxxxx.

Nicky Jane Waites
I hope mine goes soon as this pregnancy is over 21 weeks and counting xx.

Kerry Cornford
Could be yer... Mine started with my 4 pregnancy and I'm pregnant again, I'm 32 weeks today Christ the pain in my chest is bad x.

Nicky Jane Waites
Its awful isn't it :( apparently pregnancy reflux is the worse least you've not got long :) I'm only 19 weeks its been utter hell can't wait till its over if you got any tips I'd appreciate hearing them :) xx.

Kerry Cornford
I have a hernia so will have it when bby has been born x.

Nicky Jane Waites
Awww sorry to hear that :( can it not be treated? Xx.

Kerry Cornford
Gotta have to hernia pushed back, so it's not in my chest no more x.

Sophie Trudgill
Mine started with my 2nd pregnancy hes now 5 months and still just as bad xxx.

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Michelle Arredondo
My hiatal hernia is killing me right now!! Im 30 weeks with baby #5 and in sooo much pain.

Abaygar S De Leon
My lo is 13 mos and still have it, worstens when anxiety is high. Have lump and choking sensation, shortness of breath is awfull so difficult to inhale. Have Back, chest and rib pains also.

Juvie Panganiban
Mine also started when i got pregnant and have it til now,my baby is one year old.

Kerry Cornford
You ladies if you still have it after baba is born, you should really see if you have a hiatal hernia x.

Michelle Arredondo
I have had a hiatal hernia since 2010. Been on meds. I have pain in my left rib now tjat extends into my back. Very painful and constant reflux even when sitting up.

Kerry Cornford
Same as Michelle Arredondo gotta have a op and can't wait x

Michelle Arredondo
I was suppose to have surgery when i found out about it n 2010 but no help with recovery as I have no one to watch my kids. Im pretty sure my hernia is close to strangulation.

Shannon Piper
Michelle Arredondo I'm sure you dont need to know that a strangulated hernia is dangerous and can kill you? Who would take care of your kids then? It is an outpatient surgery and with wounds from a surgery you can qualify for home health care to help you. I did for 4 weeks. I had a hernia repair and you really arent bed ridden. Do you belong to a church? And some state programs offer respite care. How old are your children? I wish I could help you. Try lookng into the home health. You can do a lot of preparaton before the surgery.


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