'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Are these symptoms of GERD? I recently went to my doctors and she said it was acid reflux

Hi all, thanks for accepting my request to join the group. I recently went to my doctors with pain after eating and she said it was acid reflux and prescribed Omeprazole 20mg. Here are the symptoms I get after eating:
Pain in left shoulder
Pain in chest
Pain in back
Pain/fullness/bloated in stomach
Pain in left shoulder when breathing
Heaviness/uncomfortable feeling in chest
Feeling like food/gas is stuck in chest area
Feelkng like I need to burp but struggle to do so

Are these symptoms of GERD? And does anybody else suffer these symptoms? I have also been told it could be gall bladder?

Thanks for any replies.


Sonya Smith
I wouldn't be fobbed off with just meds. He should send you for tests to rule out Gallstones or stomach problems.

Mart Jones
Yes I am waiting on an endoscopy x

Sonya Smith
I've had my gallbladder removed and symptoms are the same. But also have hiatus hernia and pain is similar but I get bad heartburn. Ask for ultrasound of gallbladder also.

Mart Jones
Thank you Sonya, sorry to hear you are still suffering after having your gall bladder removed x

Memory Kapiķinyu
Used t have that ...nw left with heaviness uncomfortable feeling in chest and my left side under my left breastbone radiating to my back

Mary Glavin
Well yes they are all symptoms but you need to be sent to a GI doctor for an endoscopy to determine what is causing it. It could be a hiatus hernia, gastritis, low vitamin D or issues with your gallbladder.

Mart Jones
Thanks for the replies, i'm in agony when I eat at times. Initially I thought I was having a heart attack it was that bad but after testing they said it's definitely not my heart causing it so back to docs and as said above got prescribed Omeprazole and now waiting on an endoscopy.

Mary Glavin
Alcohol, smoking, chocolate, caffeine in tea, coffee and some herbal teas like green tea. Gluten, dairy, acidic fruits, fruit juices and carbonated drinks. Onions, garlic, sweetcorn, peppers, tomatoes, spicy foods and mint or mint flavoured foods. High sugar foods like cakes, cookies, honey and high fat foods. Limit amounts of oil uses for cooking. Fried foods , pizza, chips, salt, sauces, gravy, dips, processes meals and meats like ham, sausages. Acidic meats like beef and fatty meats like lamb and pork.
Gluten free cornflakes, lactose free milk, some are ok with porridge, eggs, poached, boiled with gluten free toast, omelette with salad/veg, tinned tuna with a small bit of mayo and salad on gluten free bread or crackers, smoked salmon or cold chicken salad with cold gluten free pasta. A ripe banana with brown on the skin, don’t eat if not ripe as it’s still acidic, watermelon. Chicken or fish with vegetables , potatoes white or sweet, Jasmine rice or gluten free pasta. Water, chamomile , ginger or nettle tea.
Avoid foods in number 1, eat foods in number 2 for 3 weeks. Then introduce 1 new food every 3 days and keep a food diary. This will help you identify your trigger foods and add extra safe foods into your diet.

Mart Jones
Thank you so much for that information Mary that is brilliant x

Mary Glavin
No problem, it works really well and will help you identify your triggers within a short space of time.

Mary Glavin
Do you lift weights?

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Mart Jones
I used to lift weights and eat healthy but since suffering with anxiety I haven't done much weight lifting and my diet has gone to crap x

Mary Glavin
You can pull a hernia with weights so could possibly be that.
I would advise you to ask your doctor to check your vitamin D, it's a actually more like a hormone than an actual vitamin and play a big role in the body. It can cause acid reflux. Do some research on this. Doctors try not to test it as it's expensive and it's not part of a standard blood test so you would have to ask. If they won't you can do your own through the post with an nhs lab for £28 cityassays.org.uk

Mart Jones
It's been a good couple of years since I have lifted weights properly. Thank you so much for the info Mary, time to get myself sorted x

Mary Glavin
Good luck with it all, hope you feel better soon😊

Mary Glavin
I meant to say try magnesium glycinate you can buy it on Amazon it's good for anxiety as is a course of accupunture.

Hayley Marie King
You can tell if you have a hernia if you tube how to fix a hernia don't know if it's legit but there's quite a few videos x

Hayley Marie King
Mary is so right but it's also so hard I do this as much as I can, altho I smoke and have now mood stabliser for anxiety which I think have suppressed some symptoms, also drink fluids and foods at room temperature rather than cold x

Mary Glavin
You will have to change your diet, you will see the biggest improvement when you do that. The medication can take 1 month to work and you must take it every day. Sleep elevated on your back or left side.

Mart Jones
Thank you I always sleep on my left side so I don't suffer too much at night time x

Angie John Preston
I have same symptoms but all on the right side. I'm waiting for ultrasound to check my gallbladder and waiting for scope as well. Gluten is not a problem for me...all breads in large quantity is a problem. So if I am having an ok day I will eat one slice and that's it. Also I've had better luck with sour dough bread and wraps but whole wheat bloats me more. Basmati rice isn't good for me but a bit of sticky rice is easier to get down. Cooked veggies are easier than raw. Lean proteins like chicken, fish, scallops, eggs, and lean beef and pork that's been cooked in a slow cooker are easier to digest for me. I can have banana and melon as fruit but that's it, and I can't do dairy at all. I use almond or rice milk and I also use digestive enzymes that help a lot. We are all different so you need to find your trigger foods. We should all avoid the common triggers for the most part...coffee, tea unless it's herbal and naturally caffeine free, carbonated drinks, alcohol, fatty foods, fried foods, onion, garlic, spices, acidic and citrus foods and no mint.

Margie West
I had same symptoms. If you are going to have gall bladder tests make sure they do a HIDA test. For years my gall bladder sonagrams were negative. Dr ordered HIDA which showed my gall bladder was blocked and not secreting bile. Had my GB out and symptoms are gone. Here is a link for more info: https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/hida-scan/about/pac-20384701
Good luck!

Angela Rose
Knight I was bumped up to 40mg of prilosec, it helped more but hasn't ridden me of it, my last attack was brought on by stress

Julie Close
I had same symptoms and when had scan it was gallstones so waiting too have my gallbladder out


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