'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Does anxiety, stress, panic attacks make your GERD symptoms worse?

Does anxiety/stress/panic attacks make your GERD symptoms worse? And I'm curious as to how many developed GERD from anxiety and who developed anxiety from GERD. I have panic disorder. And GERD came not long after I first started experiencing panic attacks.


Ashleigh Ladd
Actually, my doctor thinks my GERD is not food related at all - she thinks mine came from the high levels of stress and anxiety I was experiencing. And so far, I've tried almost all of the common "trigger foods" and none of them have caused me any problems. Now, when I get stressed, I get pain. And when I cry, it's even worse. Stress and emotion are my only triggers so far.

Nina Bravery
When I cry it hurts worse too.

Ulisses Ibarra
Completely agree with Ashleigh, that's what my doc said. Stress overtime has many unnoticeable effects on the human body, therefore, leading a variation of symptoms or illnesses.

Sioux Corn
Mine began about 6 months into my workers comp claim, I injured my neck badly at work, and the torment and stress the insurance people have put me through is despicable, lying about me being seen working 3 hours away from my home, then admitting they made it up....withholding my pathetic weekly wage, having no money to buy much needed medicines, and its been 26 months, and still ongoing..I believe the stress triggered my issues.

Brianna Haller
Yes! I believe that I went into severe adrenal fatigue after a very stressful season, which then left me vulnerable to GAD and panic disorder. I've always had panic attacks (maybe one every six months) but I started having very severe ones day after day that lasted for hours. Then GERD popped up. Now my flare ups are always worse when something stresses me out.

Mary Jean Calandri-DeSouza
It's a vicious cycle, as one can cause or exacerbate the other. Sigh.

Tessy Raft Vlas StamVret
Stress, does affect the stomach Chemistry and thus interferes w the Digestion. In turn the Vagus Nerve which runs from the stomach to the chest can be irritated causing Palpitations, Anxiety/Panic symptoms that might be Heightened. Stress is also known [but not always] to be responsible for Gastritis [which might be a more severe case of Gerd, as it is related to Stomach Inflammation], and Ulcers.
However, when something is 'broken' or not working well, one should also look for extra irritants which might be food, or the way w consume it.
1] No drinking w meals, esp. cold drink. It affects the digestive process.
2] Food triggers . Onion, Chocolate, Caffeine, Fried, Rich, Spicy, Tomatoes, some Night shades, some Carbs etc Everyone is different so it is an individual thing ..
3] Quantity of what is consumed
4] Food already fermenting in stomach
5] Food [unknown] clashing w other foods
6] Food Intolerance / Sensitivity build up .. difficult to pick up unless eaten in large quantities
7] Food still in the system up to 2 days ..
8] It takes 4 hours for food to digest in a Normal Healthy stomach
9] Bloating affects Digestion
10] Water 30 minutes before food or 1 hour after ..
11] Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid also affects the Stomach
I am sure others can add to this ..

Nina Bravery
Wow thank you for that.that makes perfect sense to me ,mine is stress related,panic attack/gerd came together.after major stress.

Dominique Mimnagh
I think stress caused my gerd and then it gave me anxiety.

Amanda Rose Definitely
yes! My gastroenterologist told me that I have way too much stress in my life and it that's why I'm so sick.

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Taylore Alexas Frasnelly
Thanks everyone for your feedback! Let's all take a vacation together and maybe we can rid ourselves all of this stress 😩😂 then we will get pizza!

Amanda Rose
Pizza!!! 😢 I haven't had pizza in forever. I miss it so much!!

Diana Foster
Gerd first. Anxiety came right behind it. Still have to deal with both almost two years later.The Gerd I can take meds fro but teh anxiety creeps up on me when it is least expected.

Julia Islam
I have anxiety and depression before I have GERD and it seems with GERD, it made it even worse. :/

Carl Verana Galido
This is true. My anxiety does trigger it especially when I watch games that I bet on and things get a little tense, man, it just acts up. Although guys, if you're concerned about GERD after meal, I'm pretty sure that Gaviscon could give you relief. I take this after a huge meal (not everyday since it's a bit expensive for me) and at least I get relief after a nice meal. :)

Felixander Loetama
The same goes for me, anxiety before gerd.

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Trudi Sherwood
Benzodiazepines make GERD worse in my case! Took awhile to figure it out. but after stopping xanax I am gerd free!

Amanda Rose
I take benzodiazepines along with two antidepressants for anxiety and depression. I used to take Ativan but now I take Valium. I don't take it very often. I'll have to pay close attention to my symptoms the next time I take it.

Helen Anne
Definitely for me. Everytime I get stressed out I get the worst flare up of reflux


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