'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

FINALLY it's confirmed; I have Silent Reflux! Endoscopy didn't show anything

So! FINALLY it's confirmed; I have Silent Reflux! Endoscopy didn't show anything. It was after I demanded a 24 hour Esophageal pH Test, it finally got confirmed!


After I started refluxing (about 2 years now), I have been sick and tired ALL the time. I never feel really awake and energized. I cannot workout anymore (fitness was the most important thing in my life before all of this), or do anything demanding with my body without getting real sick. My throat lymph nodes get swollen, my ears get clogged and I just feel so so bad. This also happens if I eat or drink the wrong thing.

Test results:
In a 24 hour period, it was measured 105 refluxes.

My De Meester score is 26,21.

Number of refluxes with ph under 4: 11%.

Last year I tried the Generic brand of the PPI Nexium. This actually had an amazing effect, but it only lasted for a week. :/ After that, nothing worked. I tried different brands to no avail.

Today I requested the Nexium brand. I'm excited to see if there will be any effect and if it will be sustained.

If this don't work, I will have to do some more research. If medicines don't work for me, I guess only surgery is left. I will come back for more questions in that regard.

All in all, I guess there is light in the end of the tunnel. No more "experts" look at me like I'm crazyi. Now I have the evidence to show for. I really believe I will face a solution now and finally get my life back.


Siti Amy
your symptom is similar with my mom (no energy and tired at all the time). My mom is losing weight like almost everyday. Do share out if you find any solution for this symptom. :(

Steffen Garnås
I guess the solution is individual, but the goal is the same; Minimize or get rid of reflux = Get your life quality back.

Sarfraz Sh
Why can’t u workout no more

Steffen Garnås Because I get sick whenever I do :(

Dave Wakefield
Have you tried to work around the sickness? I still work out every day with this condition but be careful on what I do. I never eat 2 hours before workout. I don't do any impact exercises that will crunch my stomach, ie rowing, cycling - especially spin classes. Sip water and don't drink in bulk. I now exercise with no issues. It helps me hugely as keeps me mentally well.

Steffen Garnås
I tried working out for just a few sets, just the major muscle groups. It felt ok at first, but as the hours went by, I started to sneeze (that's usually the first reaction I get when I'm not well), and then slowly I got to the point where I just felt like a had a little fever. I kept freezing, just feeling sick, also my throat/lymph nodes swollened up, my voice got real low etc. The next day I would just feel destroyed and no energy. I think my body is kind of unique lol.

Anyways, I am now at a point where I do now have any energy in my days. I'm excited about the next 1-2 days to see if the PPI have worked :)

Robert J. Morrison
Dave Wakefield I echo Dave's advice. Just monitor yourself and avoid stomach crunches or those exercise that may apply extra pressure on the stomach. For me a daily workout is critical for mental well-being--especially in controlling this issue. And even if I do not feel up to par I still get in a mild workout and feel much better.

Steffen Garnås
Robert J. Morrison I just took some basic exercises like bench press, back rows, hang ups and some curls this one day to start out easy. I felt like shit later that evening and like a trainwreck the next day. :/

Robert J. Morrison
Steffen Garnås Sample some equipment...just don;t push it too hard. Those can put extra stress on the abdominal muscles..start out slowly and you'll find those that work best for you.

Steffen Garnås
When the PPIs worked for me the first time (for a week), I could go as hard as I could without feeling any bad effects and I would have lots of energy the next day. If these PPIs work for me now, I'm in heaven. I wil try some different medicines first and see how I respond before I try working out again.

Robert J. Morrison
Steffen Garnås great its trial and error with this issue.

Ragda Zaya
Dont let it stop you from working out.....try changing your diet

Steffen Garnås
Well, my own body just get sick so there is little I can do :/

Steffen Garnås
But let's first see how the meds work .

I just started having symptoms of Acid reflux over the past few months. I'm eat well and workout 3-4 times per week

Robert J. Morrison
Excellent. We all have to go through this search and discovery period and it's tough. I was also feeling extremely tired but I was working out to keep my fitness and energy high. Drastically modified my diet and now working on the next steps. It's definitely a journey so please share your outcomes and I will mine. Be well and thanks!

SiaoGeng Tan
Can you explain more about this esophageal ph test? How is this performed?

Steffen Garnås
Well, it's performed by attaching a small tube through your nose and down to the bottom of your esophagus. The tube will remain here for 24 hours. It's a little uncomfortable, especially at first, but it will go just fine. You can eat, drink and move around. The point of this test is to see if stomach acid reach the esophagus (reflux).

SiaoGeng Tan
I see, sounded like what my ent described. He said that some reflux can be alkaline and some reflux can be acidic, and this test is the only way to find out

Michelle Cam
105 times a day!!

Steffen Garnås
I know! I wonder what's in the "normal" range of refluxers 🤔

Michelle Cam
I sometime am just sitting down talking to people and feel my acid jump up into my mouth

Steffen Garnås
I see. I have the silent type, so I don't really feel any reflux when it happens.

Tasha Faith
Try dexilant, it works better than nexium for me

Steffen Garnås Thanks for your tip! Will try it if this don't work! :)

Tasha Faith
Steffen Garnås you’re welcome! My doctors gave me samples after they did an endoscopy and saw that max dose of nexium wasn’t working! I was leery but it works better, I do take Zantac at bedtime 3-4 nights a week but I’m much improved otherwise!

Steffen Garnås
Glad to hear you have found something that works for you! 😁

Christie Azer
Good for you for not giving up and perservering until you got the test you knew you needed. I've lost so much faith in doctors, I don't know how I'll ever get it back.
Hopefully now you can at least begin the process of trying to heal yourself. Best of luck

James Flournoy
I have silent reflux. Very hard to workout anymore.

Steffen Garnås What happens in your case when you work out?

Thami Cross
I got a question do u get back a rib pain too ? Ppis not working for me either.

Steffen Garnås
How do you mean? I had some pain in my ribs for a while whenever I sneezed, but I dont' have that anymore.

Thami Cross
I get pain in my back and ribs all my symptoms. Are like. yours plus those. Doctors aren't any help I'm getting some relief now that I'm taking. Vitamin d3 5000iu have u tried it.

Steffen Garnås
That sounds weird? I take daily vitamin d and also take sunbed a couple of times each week.

Steffen Garnås
I gotta say, I really don't think the Nexium is working. The first time it worked (for a whole week, never again to work), I felt so good after only 1 day of taking it.
Yesterday, I felt more energized than I've felt in a long time. Like something was about to work. But it passed. Now I just feel like shit again. My body really do answer bad to this reflux. It's like a permanent inflammation that just shuts down my whole body. I sneeze multiple times everyday, my energy is really bad, and I feel that my throat is swollen. Sure I will give the PPIs a couple of more days, but after today I don't really got my hopes up.
When the first PPIs stopped working (a year ago), I tried 3-4 other PPIs with different working mechanisms to no avail. No single pill gave effect. It's like my body adapted to the first time I took PPIs, and it got immune. I actually have that same problem with caffeine. I have always loved coffee and the effects of it, but 10 years ago, I suddenly got sleepy and insanely exhausted. Today I know I have caffeine intolerance. It's like my body don't like to be influenced by other substances. I really don't know if it will help to try out other PPIs than I have done already.


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