'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Has anyone ever had to go to the ER for severe gerd?

Has anyone ever had to go to the er for severe gerd? I'm pregnant and having it so bad that I'm having breathing problems. Gaviscon isn't helping and I already took the max dosage.


Carrie Anne
Yes, I have. If you feel that bad then go.

Tiffany Mahoney
I was just in the er this morning for pregnancy issues. I just can't get a break.

Cindy Quesenberry
So sorry to hear Tiffany! Yes I've been to the ER for this stuff. It's scary and I imagine it would be even worse pregnant! You keep showing up there, maybe they will get a clue and really help you.

Michele Pratt
yes thats how i started watching my diet more. i thought i was having a heart attack. how is your diet with the gerd and the pregnancy?

Mariya Mariya
If u r pregnant just be very very carefull in the er....lots of infections there... Just saying so u don't endup with an even bigger problem....

Shannon Hughes
I have 2x, they gave me a gi cocktail which works wonders

Tiffany Mahoney
Michele, I've been so sick still at 20 weeks that I haven't been able to hold food down. So just liquids and ice cream lately. :/

Tiffany Mahoney
I just keep feeling like I'm choking on it. My face is bright red and it's scaring me. Theres nothing else I can take right now. :(

Mariya Mariya
I felt horrible for 4.5 months , it gets better... Hang in there.

Michele Pratt
stay away from the ice cream! so acidic. try graham crackers, yogurt, chicken noodle soup are safe.

Crystal Leigh Woody
Tiffany, are you taking anything aside from Gaviscon? You may need some other meds to help you get though pregnancy. Ranitidine is safe, and my OB gave me the greenlight for omeprazole.

Michele Pratt
what kind of liquids are you drinking?

Tiffany Mahoney
Crystal, my OB told me Gaviscon because I can't take pills so it's difficult to find something to take.

Tiffany Mahoney
Michele, Milk, Water, and Ensure.

Crystal Leigh Woody
Ugh! That's terrible, I'm so sorry! Just a thought, my omeprazole capsules have little pellets inside, and I believe the instructions that come with the prescription say you can open them and mix the pellets with Apple sauce to take. Maybe something like that could work? Won't provide immediate relief but might help longer term.

Michele Pratt
be careful with the milk and the ensure. ensure is super processed and not really good for gerd. drink ginger tea, camomile tea, plain water. i know its hard but cutting out the acidic foods and drinks helps immensely.

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Tiffany Mahoney
I have to drink ensure for the vitamins though for my baby because I can't keep anything else down. :/

Michele Pratt
:( i would ask if there are any alternatives to the ensure. can you take your prenatal vitamin?

Tiffany Mahoney
Yes I do but I'm already in the second trimester and haven't gained weight. My doctor keeps stressing ensures will make me gain weight.

Bonnie Prickett
I did a few weeks ago, turns out I had a decent sized hiatal hernia.

Erica Samantha
Ask your doctor to prescribe carafate it's safe in pregnancy or go to the ER and ask for it there's a liquid form that will coat the throat esophagus and stomach

Tykisha Thomas
I have been about 7 times in the past 2 months.

Michele Pratt
do you have hyperemisis? are you vomiting or just having bad heartburn?

Cheryl Sebastiao Watts
I don't know how far along you are but that was hard on me when I was pregnant when my baby was pushing into my stomach.

Eleni D. Gentz
Could also ask to check how your protein levels are doing!

Gale Ebie
I went to the ER 8 years ago, I had the hick-ups for 3 straight days, it was diagnosed as GERD.

Lisa Lynn Athorp
Tiffany, I am not pregnant but was not able to swallow. I take Platinum performance which is an organic vitamin supplement that is very finely chopped. I can swallow it fine and never had any problems. It is a great product. I feel a noticeable difference if I do not have it in the morning.

Lisa Lynn Athorp
It does contain nuts and dairy so if you have allergies be careful.

Taraya Williams
Bonnie Prickett what were you feeling? I'm convinced i habe a hernia too.


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