'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Having a hard time with reflux, stomach pains & nausea with everything I seem to eat my body rejects it

Having a hard time with reflux, stomach pains & nausea with everything I seem to eat my body rejects it, food seems to be my enemy right now. Is this what happens with Gerd?


Lisa Wilson
You have to change your diet.i eat salmon fish and Turkey meat and chicken without skin and vegetables and fruit and oatmeal I drink tea and water and Welch grape juice it works for me and I take vitamins probiotics I add acid to my stomach and now I'm able to sleep more better and deal with life I take digesting vitamins before every meal
plant enzyme reflux

Lisa Wilson
And then when you start eating the right foods that work with your body and stick with that you'll find your body start healing and you won't need as much acid in your stomach to feel such a bearing on the end of your throat that let you know that you don't need that much acid and you'll start healing you know it your body would tell you.

Jackline Tannouri
Yes that's what happens to me when I eat something that my stomach don't like.

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Lisa Wilson
Yeah that's why I had to switch my diet immediately I cut off every few that I know it's going to be negative to my body I went through a little trial and error but at that time it started getting better I was diagnosed two months ago and I can ask you to say it does get better over time if you keep up the good work to the point where your body likes what you're putting in and you're actually doing the stuff for mens and stuff to heal your gut so I know it sucks but sometimes I have a good day sometimes I don't but I'm just fighting to get through it and I know you can do it as well as anybody else can do it it's tough but I believe that anybody can do it it's very possible to get through this that's why we're on the support team and it's very good for everyone.

Jackline Tannouri
Lisa what kind of fruit do u usually eat?

Susan Payne
I’m trying low acid and low FODMAPs diet as well as a high numbers probiotic. I do have a disease that affects motility in my digestive tract. It’s not that the hernia caused this but it’s more like the digestive issues help push gases and acid up. The diet is so I am eating things that dont ferment or acidify in the gut. It hasn’t solved everything yet but is helping.
Also eat smaller meals more often rather than just a couple of huge meals. Especially no big meal at night.

Lisa Wilson
I eat blueberries blackberries cantaloupe bananas sometimes strawberries green apples avocado.

Jackline Tannouri
Thanks a lot for sharing.

Lisa Wilson
I do not eat pineapple because it can be kind of devastating going down if the lining hasn't healed yet so I do not eat pineapple.

Jon Carm
stomach pains and nausea are not necessarily symptoms of GERD. They can be associated but with no other symptoms it could be a different issue.


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