'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

How many of you have been to the doctor for chest pain but it was anxiety/GERD combination instead?

Just curious, how many of you have been to the doctor/emergency room for chest pain but it was anxiety/GERD combination instead? And if you have, how many trips? I’m a 26 year old female and I’m sitting here with chest pain once again debating about going to the hospital. I’ve had so many tests and scans done on my heart and every time they say it’s normal and my heart is perfectly healthy. But wow the pain is real and scary. I see a lot of you guys mention chest pain and it makes me feel less alone. It’s really hard being this young and a person who tries so hard to have a very social lifestyle. Nobody in my life understands what I’m going through or even gets my symptoms. I have a great support system however they can only listen so much at the end of the day they still don’t truly get it. Ive had several people in my life be very confused as to why somebody so young is always complaining about chest pain. I feel like I’m the girl who has cried wolf. I am just curious how much this takes over y’alls life? I feel as though it’s an invisible cloak that I’m constantly wearing and being weighed down by.


Leah Hinds
This was me last week in the ED and nothing wrong with my heart. I went to the pharmacy to get a refill of my Somac and the pharmacist tells me to be careful if I experience chest pain as it’s a side effect of the medication. Stopped it last night and no chest pain today.

Alex Brychtová
I'm 26 too, had similar problems, even got panic attack coz of this, had fast heartbeat, felt dizzy, and many more, many people has those symptoms.

Melanie Hammond
Yes. Last year in November I had an awful attack and ended up in A&E.

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Charissa Bennett Inabnet
My Gerd actually causes heart issues. It triggers my SVT. I went to the ER 100 times I swear over the course of several years, due to SVT (a very very high heart rate) and figured out on my own the Gerd was triggering it.
As far as the chest pain, I was so certain it had to be cardiac I even had a heart cath when I was only 29! Meaning they went in and looked at my arteries via day surgery. So now, when I start having chest pain, I take some Tums. If the pain stops, I know it was just gerd, and I can calm down. If the pain continues, I know I need to consider the ER or call my cardiologist.

Sam Green
I've had 2 ambulances come to mine because when I ring up the helpline the symptoms are so similar to heart attack they come racing! It's so bad. Only thing that helps me is Apple cider vinegar, chewing gum and going for a walk in the middle of the night.

Lynne Bowers Pennypacker
I’ve been to the hospital twice for chest pain and it is always GERD.

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Gonzalo Vazquez
Sounds a lot like what I went through 2 years ago I was 28, my hart started acting up, had palpitations for weeks non stopping and my heart will pound really hard also had a lot other stuff going on with my body, anxiety and depression made it a lot worst try to calm down and don’t let get to you, stay positive!

Bonnie Lee Dobbins
I’ve only gone in twice for chest pain. Both times everything was normal. So annoying. The pain IS real and very frightening! Most of the time that I’ve experienced it, my husband has either been away for work or it’s happened at night and I didn’t want to wake him. One night he was awake when it started, he was amazed how long it lasted and kept asking me if I was sure I didn’t want to go to the hospital.

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PapRika Pappy Aboueljoud
I was just there last night. I live with my parents sinxe I have autism and dad took me. I was so nervous and anxious there they literally thought I was being abused and brought in a social worker to interview me. I had no gerd symptoms except for ones related to anxiety.

Lisa Wise
The first time I had a attack my husband called the ambulance. I kissed my kids goodbye. Thought it was the end for me. I was having a gastritis attack.

Seonaid Macdonald Baillie
Yep, all of the above and in the end it turned out that the very real chest pain was caused by spasms from a corkscrew oesophagus, a sensation that mimics chest pain. I insisted that a cover letter be put in my file to counter any suspicions that I was a hypochondriac after so many emergency admissions!

Seonaid Macdonald Baillie
If you've not had one, ask for an endoscopy. I hardly ever have symptoms now but I empathise with your situation because when it was at its worst, I was your age and sadly, stress exacerbates it. I remember thinking every day was my last, it is that debilitating x.

Christine VZ De Bruyn
Yes! Experienced it again the last two nights! For me, it’s nostly st night and wakes me up. I wonder if it’s hiatus hernia. I had a holter monitor test done once and they found nothing. This has been happening to me for years, even before I had kids and now it is much worse. No one ever told me it might be reflux related. Doctors don’t seem to know anything about this condition.

Matilda Brits
I was admitted for two days to hospital because of chest pains but it was only anxiety

Sibyl Orlikowski
I wouldent go to the emergency room unless your in immense pain they treated me like a mental patient took a scan and it’s always kidney stones and gerd for me same crap diff day

Chiqueta Stepney Shields
Too many times to count. I’m just now to the point that I’m beginning to accept that my pain is GERD/gastritis related and not heart pain.

Diana Foster
For the first six months I went on numerous occasions.It was anxiety and Gerd combined.I got some good advice and meds finally and was on teh road to coping with this condition.Diet is the big factor now in keeping it in order. No more pain!

Cindy Quesenberry
I started my ER trips late 20's, early 30's. At least 5 - 10 different times, all to find out I had gerd and a hiatal hernia. The ER docs seem clueless and count it off as anxiety, give you that cocktail and send you home, so I know where you're coming from. Finally, I took matters into my own hands (after consulting with my doc), researched and learned how to manage it on my own, as I didn't like taking the zantac and Prilosec daily...they cause problems long term. So my advice is to Google research. Read and learn all you can and then create a personal diet and plan so you can be able to live your life. I still get flare-ups but treat myself at home.

Lianne Byrne Currently
going through this, for what seems like the 100th time in the last 10 years. I have uncontrollable palpitations, my heart races at over 100 bpm. Chest pains, all left sided, they run down my arm and up my neck. Doctors all say there's nothing wrong with my heart though. It's very distressing.

Miranda Taylor
I'm 25 and I get the chest pains too.. it is scary but knowing that I have GERD definitely helps to ease my mind.. I remember one time when I was like 8, I had such a bad pain in my chest is practically paralyzed me for a sec.. felt like a heart attack
. But I was fine.. I was so scared and being only about 8, i didn't tell anyone.. but maybe if I had I could have been diagnosed with this a long time ago... I didn't know any better then.. but yes, I definitely have the chest pains that feel like it could be a heart attack.. I also get heart palpitations and a nurse at my local hospital also told me i have an irregular heartbeat, but that's normal some times too.. and I have anxiety too so I can relate to you.. I so get what you mean about the friends not truly understanding, even tho your support system is great.. I have MRSA, GERD, IBS, and osteoarthritis... I feel like you do a lot.

Sarah Cooper
Would it help for you to go through the symptoms of a heart attack with your doctor? I know sometimes with anxiety that not knowing can be better, as you can convince yourself you have symptoms you don't. I have anxiety myself, but I find that the more I know, the better. That way I know which pain is caused by what. I have arthritis, so often get muscular skeletal chest pain, I have gerd and oesophatigis, so get pain because of that, and I have anxiety and can get palpitations and muscle pain because of that. But over time I've learned to recognise which is which and because I've learned the symptoms of a heart attack, I know I don't need to see a doctor/go to the hospital.

Barbara Hanna
Try eating some crackers with baking soda. Drink Propel or another flavored water with electrolytes. Nexium keeps my Reflux at bay.

Nic Tan
my friend have this mathod too . she have USANA DIGESTIVE ENZYME + USANA PROBIOTICS . after 40days . her sick all cure . now no more problem . im start to eat this yesterday . hope my problem can settle too.

Shayla Malm
I had bad heartburn and sharp pains under my right ribs. The pain got worse. It ended up being my gallbladder. Ever since that has been out I have worse GERD! It drives me insane! I take 2 Ranitidine and from and bear it and 4 100mg TUMS. It is a nightmare.

Gilda Politzer
You've had all the heart tests, at 26 so unlikely. I am sure you must have been told it could just be anxiety and stressing out and thinking it's your heart etc. will make it worse. I've taken a gravol and for some reason it can come you down - you can try it first and deep breathing and distract yourself - walk the dog - find something funny - if nothing helps, sure go to emergency. But if your blood pressure ok, no heart disease in family, no diabetes, it could just be panic attack. You have youth on your side.

Erin M Gervais
Are you on a PPI? Make sure your magnesium levels are good. I Take a supplement to keep anxiety at bay. Been to ER twice with anxiety attack.

Jennifer Brookshire
I just want to say thank you to everyone who commented on here. You guys really have helped me these two days to not feel alone and to resist running to the ER. I’m still having the pain in the middle of my chest, it’s accompanied by a lot of belching (not cute I know trust me) but it relives it for a moment. It’s causing me to avoid eating because it’s just so dang painful. You guys made helpful suggestions and I’ll try some of those tonight. It’s hard with a 8-5 job feeling this pain and being stuck at my desk ugh not fun. Taking one day at a time with it and trying to be positive. It’s nice to vent though to people who actually get it! Hope everyone’s having a good week and anymore helpful suggestions throw them at me!

Gigi Robertson
This also happens to me if I have eaten too much or the wrong thing. Lots of burping & pain. I make sure I sit upright, take buscopan & gaviscon which seems to help. I assume it is severe heart burn which eventually settles down but it takes several days for the pain to go entirely.


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