'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

I don't have acid reflux but I have a lot of trapped air/gas

I'm at the beginning of this. The ER dr told me to talk to the dr about my symptoms. I am having a hard time figuring out how to explain it though. I don't have acid reflux (only if i eat peppers) but I have a lot of trapped air/gas and feels like I have a lump in my throat in the front and affects my back so then I feel like I can't breathe, which triggers anxiety and asthma etc. Is there a certain condition I should ask her to check for? I don't know the names of them all, silent reflux is one I was thinking because I have bad sinus/asthma problems. This seemed to get really bad after I was put on vitamin D. Anyway, not asking for a diagnosis at all, just someone with experience that might know what to ask dr for specificially. She blames everything on anxiety but I know the difference. Oh and I don't get heartburn but food sometimes comes back up.sorry for the TMI.


Cheri Taylor-Robertson
Why are you taking vit d and what else do you take?

Alandme Smith
sounds like silent reflux to me too. hmmm.

Kami Rockwell
because my vitamin d level was 5. My ob/gyn put me on it. I take that, symbicort, flunisolide nasal spray, mucinex, singulair, xyzal, benicar, furosemide, magnesium, albuterol inhalers.

Kami Rockwell
oh and coq10 and levothyroxine.

Lucinda Mead
Read about LPR symptoms online.

Cheri Taylor-Robertson
Sounds like silent reflux. I am trying to fix this too.

Cheri Taylor-Robertson
You are probably deficient in stomach acid and nutrients, this can cause anxiety.

Lynne Woodhall
Looks like your a walking pharmacy Kami.

Kami Rockwell
I feel like one! they are hoping when my D gets up my allergies/asthma might calm down. I get shots too, right now Im on antibiotic and steroids for an attack sunday night. The food/throat stuff has been increasing too. Before it was a minor annoyance, now I'm like oh my goodness no wonder people feel miserable

Kami Rockwell
I see one dr thursday and one Friday, I will mention all this to both of them. :)

Cheri Taylor-Robertson
My doctors wanted me to take anxiety or antidepressant meds for it also, I refused and so glad I did!

Kami Rockwell
Exactly. I know the difference between anxiety and this, I know I have anxiety at times, gave my whole life, this is different. I'm looking into switching drs because I'm not happy with this one for numerous things.

Kris Kalz
I agree. This sounds like laryngopharyngeal reflux ("silent reflux") mixed with GERD.

Paul Muldoon
Your symptoms sound like mine and I'm guessing I have silent reflux with years and was being treated for asthma all along,now I. Going through diet change and apple cider vinegar,,all natural,I got given ppis but they will only mask the problem.

Lesley Savin
My GI told me 6 weeks after EGD (that showed gastritis and GERD), knowing that I was taking vitamin D, oh yeah, Vitamin D, causes lots of acid. It was on my list of drugs and supplements.
I have been too angry to google and tired to google. Try to find something that doesn't have Vitamin D added.
Enough about me. Seriously doubt D will make a noticeable difference in allergies. Sinus washing probably will. Diet. Sorry.

Kami Rockwell
I have to be on d. My level is so low is caused other health problems so its lose lose, can't sinus wash, already do diet, I am salicylate sensitive so the food I can eat are not tummy trouble
Friendly foods. I've been through it all allergy/asthma wise. D is not just a vitamin but hormone as well. I'm on 3rd brand which has been more tolerable but stomach issues are still remaining. I was having a few problems before D but they've gotten worse. I understand your frustration, ive had drs give me stuff on my allergy list before. Anaphylactic allergy list!. I caught it just in time.

Cheri Taylor-Robertson
Kami Rockwell, please check your "other" inbox, I have sent you a message :).

Kathryn Proto Rash
Esophegeal candida? I had it and it felt like a lump in my throat with pain or just silent reflux.

Kami Rockwell
Wow I've never heard of that, I will look into it.

Cheri Taylor-Robertson
Does esophageal candida show up in a endoscopy? Kathryn?

Laurie Meinhold
Steroids can make gerd worse. Furosemide really was horrible for my moms stomach. She really went down hill, with nausea and reflux on it. When she changed that she felt better. The silent reflux can trigger sinus and asthma. It did in me. Taking Zantac at night has helped me.There are different forms of vitamin D. You might do a little research and try another form. I also have had trouble with candidiasis, which gave me huge stomach problems, along with the white coating in the mouth. Mine was from pulmicort nebulizer treatments.

Paul Muldoon
I have silent reflux and will be treating it with mother nature alone as I've lived for years with it thinking it was asthma,,so with 15 days I know its this,if I can avoid going down the road of meds etc I will

Laurie Meinhold
I've also tried quite a few more natural remedies, including digestive enzymes, apple pectin, marshmallow root, slippery elm, enzymedica's acid soothe, DGL licorice, pancreatin, Chinese herbs, just about everything. I'm sure I've forgotten some. The slippery elm , marshmallow root and the DGL were helpful.

Michele Pratt
try reading the books Dropping Acid the Reflux Diet and Killing Me Softly From Inside. both have good suggestions for diet and about the diseases. you havent really mentioned how your diet is and that is by far the most important factor in treating. i had to get my anxiety under control too because it was my biggest trigger after diet. after following the diets in these books for six months i have my asthma under control too.

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Kami Rockwell
She put me on prisoner for now since I had asthma attack Sunday and am on high steroids for another week, my allergies to foods, herbs are too high and bizarre for them to let much natural stuff.

Kami Rockwell I high veggie, fruit, low salycitates diet, eat fish not really other meat. low sodium, medium carbs, all the veggies that are anti gerd affect my salycitates problems so I'm in limbo

Laurie Meinhold
Kami, do you have cvid?

Kami Rockwell Laurie Meinhold
what is that? I have had a horrible dr for the last 2 years, I just switched today, but I've been sick since Sunday (asthma attack) so she wants to wait until I am better to do anything else. The dr I just left keeps telling me EVERYTHING is anxiety, anxiety, anxiety (even the asthma attack I had sunday for which I am still on antibiotics and steroids she said was anxiety) so I was done. I haven't been tested for anything because she never listened.

Laurie Meinhold
Well, it sounds so much like your immune system overall is in chaos, and that is typical of someone with an immune deficiency. (Cvid stands for common variable immune deficiency).I just wondered. I could be mistaken. Primary immune.org has a lot of info on it, but it is characterized by frequent Infections that don't respond well to treatment, sinus and gastrointestinal issues, autoimmune issues, multiple allergies, asthma, etc. -all the result of an immune system that is low due to genetic causes and needs boosting with immunoglobulin which is given either intravenously or subcutaneously. You test for immune disorders with a blood test measuring IGG levels and their subclasses, and by having a pneumonia vaccination, and then one month later checking to see if your immune system responded properly to the vaccination or not. An immunologist, or infectious disease doc usually is the one to find it, although other docs sometimes do. It isn't that common, so people who have it tend to go undiagnosed and untreated for years before they get help. Hopefully you will get some good help from your new doc.

Kami Rockwell
I've wondered for a long time about immune issues, never really knew where to turn. I do go to an allergist, I can ask them about it. Thank you!


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