'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

I have GERD and have been on PPI drugs for years

I have GERD and have been on PPI drugs for years. I just got scoped 2 weeks ago and I was told I have multiple stomach polyps. The doc said stomach polyps are from these PPI drugs. I checked online and he is right. I'm so upset about this. Does anyone else in this group suffer from these stomach polyps?


Michelle Kocan Hennis
I had 5 removed this summer after being on ppi for four years. Gastro says they are harmless. From January to August I had a lot of GI issues. After they were removed the GI issues resolved. Have no idea if related.

Robert Vartanian
I've been on ppi's at least 15 years. No polyps. Had stomach ulcer from heart meds last year, GI doc put me on Protonix and it cleared up. I've been off of ppi's now for about 2 weeks. Reflux comes and goes, but nothing severe.

Suzette Smith
Yikes ..my doctor told me last week that I would need to be on them forever.... and that they are safe. I took myself off of the generic Proton in because of nasty side effects that were increasing.. a pharmacist advised to stop taking it... Thank you for sharing!

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Maria Cusato
What kind of side effects were u getting from the Proton? I was on these drugs for 10 years.

Robert Vartanian Maria, lower back pain, shoulder pain, insomnia, neck pain, leg pain. Should I go on? Lol!

Suzette Smith
Bloating, constipation, blurry vision, pale skin, lightheaded, and loss of appetite. Only on it for a few months.

Maria Cusato
I use to take Prilosec and then started taking Nexium. Then 2 years ago I started taking Pantoprazole because it was cheaper. I'm not sure which drug has more side effects. I'm now back on Nexium.

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Macel Lecam
how about pantopazole pantoloc 40mg? is this medicine had side effect?

Suzette Smith
Same with me. I was on Prilosec for years. didn't help though.

Maria Cusato
Wow.... what did u do to stop the GERD?

Suzette Smith
Well I do a lot of ginger... I've not had any heart burn... Trying slippery elm is good at coating and is suppose to help, aloe vera is also suppose to help. I am vegan, and on a pretty bland diet,

Maria Cusato
Thanks. I'm going to try going natural. I would love to be off these drugs.

Suzette Smith
You're welcome...I hope it helps! I just recently found out I had GERD, IBS, and non erosive gastritis and this past summer H.Pylori. All this information is helping me know the natural way is probably best.

Maria Cusato
I hear that u have to slowly get off these PPI drugs bc more acid can produce if stopped too quickly.

Jenny Gann Cunningham
Yes I have had them for years been on ppi's for 15 years Just scoped this summer...they dont grow or cause problems..Dr. is not concerned about them.

Suzette Smith
Hmm... pharmacist said it wouldn't hurt me. I've been drinking a lot of water and trying to eat lots of small meals. I'm already burping less.


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