'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

I shared my struggles with reflux and how I am finding some relief with changes in PPI along with other changes

Yesterday at my exercise class, I shared my struggles with reflux and how I am finding some relief with changes in PPI along with other changes. Someone in the group said she used to work in a GI office and wanted to instruct me on what I needed to do(forget that I have read everything I could find in the past 2 months... but ok). So she was pushing various things and one was that the throat burning that started for the first time ever for me meant things were healing. What? The burning that just showed up a week ago is an indication of healing? I had serious doubts about that but willing to ask the group here. Anyone?


Lana Dee
The burning esophagus to the best of my knowledge, and in my case anyway, was esophagitis- my esophagus was raw and irritated from the acid coming up it.

Jill Martin
And this is new. I didn't have throat burning prior to endoscopy and being put on Nexium. I stopped Nexium and it diminished greatly, almost gone.

Sharlene Clandening
Do you mean you think there was a connection to being on Nexium and having throat burning, like it actually caused it? I've been on Nex for 8 yrs and while on it developed throat burning som now am on dbl dose. Mainly have to watch what I eat and not overeat as that can cause the throat burning. Anyhow, it is a new symptom and the worst one yet.

Kathleen Tunnicliffe
If it is then I've been 'healing' for 3 months now.

Alandme Smith
LOL.. ummmm. she must have been the front desk receptionist. J/K ,, Seriously.. burning means it is being irritated by something..

Michelle Cam
My throat burns when're it's been assaulted by my stomach acid... I don't feel
It's a good thing.

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Sharlene Clandening
I find that very hard to believe, would think the opposite that possibly acid reflux is happening or another reason....not healing.

Jill Martin
I agree. I felt she was nuts but just shook my head.

Kathleen Tunnicliffe
People like that are really dangerous. I've heard some really stupid 'advice' since my symptoms began.

Alandme Smith
you will learn to just smile,nod and say thank you for the advice.. when you walk away from them.AND only then do you make the "what the hell is wrong with that person" face.lol Dont ever try to argue if you know different or better.. lol

Jill Martin
I especially loved the sage advice from her of "no spicy foods anymore!" despite prefacing the whole story with how much time I have spent reading, seeing GI dr and dietitian .

Kari Roberts
It seems like the people that give advice have never had heartburn like most of us here do! Every time someone says they have heartburn, i tell them to imagine having it 24 hrs a day.

Jill Martin
I broke down crying in front of someone recently due to the pain and stress of thinking it would never end. I think my husband finally realized how bad it can be after that.


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