'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

My Gerd Success story: Healed from Gerd

3 years ago i woke up with lot of Acidic stuff in my mouth that comes out through vomiting.With passage of time it becomes routine that i vomit acid stuff (without food) daily in morning. After one month vomiting episodes become routine in day time also.i could not attend my Classes because i was vomiting acid every hour or so. After facing this for one month or so i decided to go to doctor. Doctor told me that its some type of infection in my stomach and will go away with medicine he prescribed for one month(omporazole etc). I took those medicine for month but they didnt effect me at all . and i was suffering from same vomiting stuff. I went to doctor again after six months and discussed all the things that happened with me and his medicine didnt effect me at all. After examination he told me that I am suffering from gerd and gave me medicine (ppis + motilium). These medicine provided me a bit releif but situation becomes worst when i stopped taking it. I started to take them again and obviously they helped me n made my life better but i was unable to find permanent relief for it. Then i started to searching on internet and internet dissapointed with that the gerd is life long disease. I felt reckless and i was 50 percent fit with the medicine. i started to cut off my cofee and tea routine.That give me some benefit. That time i became sure that gerd is life long and i have to live with it all my life. I didnt quit my medicine. I was also taking medicines that were giving me releif partially. But my condition became worst when i go through some stress time. I decided to cut out stress in my life. with passage of time medicine and stress cut out started giving me relief and vomiting acid episodes were gone from daily to one time a month. I also prayed to God to help me in this matter. After some time i started to cut out quantity of my medcine. cutting out medicines quantity didnt harm me and vomitng episode gone from one month to 6 months. meanwhile i started to leave my medicine and Now i havent taken my medicine from a year and I'am perfectly fine now and eating all things that other can eat. I dont know who helped me in this but thats a true story of mine. I beleived in God that helped me a lot. I sometime now received a acidic vomit when i pass through some great stress but its rare. I Think stress makes it worst. Sleeping habit style , stress is the main thing in gerd.


Imtinan Shakoor
dont loose hope one day all of you will b fine

Samantha May
I noticed in your public post on your page that you also slowed down with chewing your food. How much do you think that helped you?

Imtinan Shakoor
All this stuff helped me a lot but sleeping habit provided me the main relief

Samantha Ma
Imtinan Shakoor
That's great! What changes did you make for your sleep?

Imtinan Shakoor
sleeping on two inclined pillows and sleeping on left side.

Sandra Contreras Aguirre
I suffered with GERD for a year with pains burning my stomach not being able to eat. I didn’t get to the vomiting symptom luckily. But i experienced everything else rapid heart beats, sore throats burning stomach even caused me to have a hiatal hernia and coughing that never went away. I am now healed as welll thru god and safe eating it took a lot to change my lifestyle habits of eating but it was all worth it. My pains were uncontrollable that hospitals would put me on morphine. Be strong and have faith! One of the MAIN things is watch what you eat change your diet around! I was also on nexium and then switched to Zantac which healed the burnin issue and so far i have been back to my health! No medication being taken now. But suffered a good year! And stress will only make things 10x worse learned the hard way!

Nizma Shereef
I have breathing issue related to gerd.Did u experienced any issues in breathing?good to hear ur success story.

Marci Altosino I have just an acidic taste in my mouth all the time. I hope I can have a success story soon too!!!

Imtinan Shakoor
you will.

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Marci Altosino
Imtinan Shakoor did you have an acidic taste in your mouth and white tongue? If so what did you take to relieve this? It’s my main symptom and it’s all the time!!!

Imtinan Shakoor
Marci Altosino yah all time

Marci Altosino
Imtinan Shakoor did you get instant relief from anything.

Imtinan Shakoor
Marci Altosino yah from many things

Marci Altosino
Imtinan Shakoor what was the main thing that made your sour taste go away? PPI’s?

Imtinan Shakoor
Marci Altosino yes i think so.

Sarah Winchester So happy for you. I am trying to hold onto hope that I can over come this illness and not have it forever. Thank you for sharing your story.

Geneveve Balondo
Thank you for sharing.

Paula Magliane
Well I believe God had His hands in this. I also flare up when Iam in stress. Stress is the culprit to. Iam so happy thing are getting better for you just keep trusting in God I do.

Atif Zuhaib
Yes Stress is Very Dangerous For GERD

Jennifer O'grady
So what I get from your story is when you experience GERD you have stress in your life? So alleviating stress as a trigger one will be cured of gerd?

Imtinan Shakoor
i also receieve stomach acid flareup in stress free time


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