'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

My GERD symptoms have seem to worsen since then and I don't know why

Waiting on my (4th) scope but (1st) colonoscopy results/biopys back this week. I've had scopes done and numerous other tests done over the last 10 years. Gallbladder is at 39% also. Scopes said esophogitis in the past. Have always had GERD pretty bad, over 10 years now. Been on prilosec for that long. Since November I've had a few Episodes that sent me to the ER. Waking up around 2/3am with terrible stomach cramps pain in the middle of my back and front and burning and diarrhea and some nausea non stop for hours. They didn't find anything but a little elevated white cell count one time and low white cell count the other. My GERD symptoms have seem to worsen since then and I don't know why. I really hope to find out something this week from my biopsies. Just came here to see if any others have had some of the same issues? I did have my first child over a year ago too. I live daily with the gas and bloating and heart burn...etc.


Tralecia Wilson
Do you follow any diets or do you just eat what you want since you’re on Prilosec ?

Christy Crenshaw
Over the years I stay away from stuff that bothered me and I don't eat close to bed time or bigger meals for the most part.

Carol Muller
I've got the same symptoms. Upper gastric pain that goes right through to my back. Feels like a hot stabbing twisting knife. Hope you find answers.

Christy Crenshaw
What did they tell you? I'm sorry you are dealing with it too.

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Carol Muller
Christy Crenshaw I can't get any answers. I didn't have any heartburn until the last couple of months. It's better when I lay down. Weird, I know. I think it's a back issue. My upper gastric/back pain with nausea/diarrhea has happened for years when my back is out. Let me know how you make out with the Drs. So frustrating!

Susan Payne
I have these kinds of problems but I’ve got an autoimmune disease (mixed Connective Tissue Disease of predominantly scleroderma which can really wreck your digestive system) if you have other symptoms kind chronic fatigue, joint or muscle pains, hands cold or numb and a few other odd symptoms it might be worth getting a rheumatoid / autoimmune blood panel.

Susie Crang
Have hernia. Gastritis Inflamed oseophagus plus ibs diverticulitis Only in last few weeks had like griping wind in back ribs when the acid is bubbling badly at the top of stomach I can feel it go down know going to get bad diarrhoea Gasto say my gastritis can’t cause the diarrhoea. I know it does as my body I feel what’s going on. Back to Gastro Monday to get results of Mandatory Oseophagus tests and will ask why these back wind like back pains and how the hell if not related I get diarrhoea each time can feel such acid bubbling moving down. Fed up no true answers x.

Carol Muller
I don't know why they won't believe that the diarrhea is related. So frustrating!

Susie Crang
Carol Muller it’s really angers me. When you know what happens when it gets bad they just treat me like I’m stupid. They should listen to their patients more.


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