'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

My worst symptom by far because of GERD is my teeth

My worst symptom by far because of GERD is my teeth, they have suffered to the point they are crumbling away because of the acid and regurgitation.

I went to the dentist about 6 weeks ago because a back tooth was abcessed so I had an extraction.

I got a bad infection in my gum after which ended me up in hospital and discharged with antibiotics, finished two rounds of antibiotics and still had an infection and the side of my face and jaw had swollen so went back to the dentist and got given stronger antibiotics. Went back for a follow up, he told me it was ok and settling down.

Now almost 6 weeks later I have another abcess and infection on the tooth behind the one I had extracted which is my wisdom tooth that is impacted and the gum is very swollen, I am experiencing a lot of pain. I'm going back to a different hopefully better dentist next week, I think I'll be in for another extraction and round of antibiotics. I hate you GERD!


Daved Hild
My dentist recommended a prescription toothpaste which I do not rinse out at night before I go to bed.
It is four times more fluoride to protect and coat teeth.
And I use a moisturizing mouth wash to keep gums and teeth from drying out....Lihat Lainnya

Zoe Williams
If I go back on antibiotics after my dentist appointment I'll look into the probiotics, thankyou
Kimberly Shields Rodriguez Try brushing your teeth with the plain kind (no additives) milk of magnesia in addition to your regular brushing. Make sure to step up flossing too.

Zoe Williams
Yes I hate flossing so do it irregularly unfortunately. Mainly because it's painful and irritation on gums.
I have a good oral hygiene routine though which makes it worse that my teeth are suffering so badly. I brush regularly and use mouthwash after most meals for forever I've been good at this.

Marie Roy
Since I've been using Oil of Oregano, which is strong so just a little, also brushing my teeth with various toothpaste including a prescription one for sensitivity, adding a couple of drops of the Oil of Oregano I no longer have the flare up in my gums. Last month I felt that lump that can indicate an abcess. I used the Oil of Oregano, also some other treatments I found on Amazon, all of which cleared up the flare up. I also use Clove Bud Oil, and like OO is antiviral, antibacterial and deadens pain.

Zoe Williams
Oh yes this is called oil pulling isn't it? Correct me if I'm wrong... Sounds an ok idea especially if it stops gum flare up at least. Thanks.
Anna Pinky Pinky yea i have debtures because of my RA and GERD i had to get my bottom 10 teeth out because the dentis sayed they were all bad and 4 of them had a bad infection and if i didnt get them out asap i would be in the hospital.

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Zoe Williams
That is horrible. :( Same with my bottom teeth, I have the front 10 left all molars are gone except this wisdom tooth that is giving me trouble.
I still have most of my natural top teeth, just one missing and one where the wisdom tooth came in and moved into it's place where there was a gap.
I think I'll eventually see about a denture plate.

Tonya Sparkles Scott
I need to have all my teeth out due to gerd but it’s going to cost me thousands and I can’t afford it 🤷🏻‍♀️pity we can’t claim this on Medicare like other things in Australia . My teeth are just making me so sick

Zoe Williams
I'm in Australia too. It's so expensive for dental treatment hey.

Just one tooth at a time! That's what I'm going to do. Get one removed every few months I think until most are gone then get dentures. I can't afford it otherwise. But I'm in pain most of the time because of my teeth.

Tonya Sparkles Scott
Zoe Williams yep me to and my self esteem is shocking because of it

Zoe Williams
Same! It's sad. :(

Matt Allen I’m in the same situation as you Tonya & Zoe.
My dentist here in Melbourne is good but he doesn’t care. He wants to try and save them and has emptied my pockets quite a bit with root canal treatments on 6 teeth.
One tooth at a time 🙄

Zoe Williams
I guess that's why they want us to save them, more money in their pockets! Ching ching - 💵
Although I've visited lot's of different dentists and each have the same speech!

Tonya Sparkles Scott
Zoe Williams there must be something that we can do though because there must be a huge amount of people out there like us with the same issue . It’s not like we abuse our teeth is something totally out of our control .


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