'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

John Lipham at Hoag says that ppi drugs or the other drugs do not stop reflux and it's progression. It just hides the symptoms

John Lipham at Hoag says that ppi drugs or the other drugs do not stop reflux and it's progression. It just hides the symptoms.


Erica Samantha
It's true. The actual problem is a damaged LES. If there is a medication that will fix that, then we are good to go. The PPI just decreases the amount refluxed. The LES is still damaged. The problem is not fixed. It may help decrease damage to the esophagus but at a price.

Nick Evans
He says evidence show that bile is causing damage and not acid.

Pat Baines
He's right, in my case anyway I have never felt better since I stopped them a year ago after 9 yrs of horrendous symptoms.

Laird Pamela Mc T
Of course the pills mask the issue but without them even for 2 days and I'm in a huge lot of pain.

Hillary Clarendon Blumenthal
Pat Pat Baines you had horrible side effects? I feel 10x worse off of my ppi. I was side effect free while on it. Now my heartburn is okay off of PPIs but I think I have gastritis that's causing issues. So tempted to go back on PPIs!

Nancy Beagle
Of course on day 1 docs don't tell us longterm effects and after many years or decades our stomachs are addicted.

Amanda Nethery
Awe, Dr. Lipham is my doctor!! He just did a redo HM, and fundoplication on me abt six and a half weeks ago. As of now, my reflux is a lot better but my swallowing isn't. If anyone is looking for a good doctor who is well versed in procedures for reflux and or esophageal motility disorders I would def recommend him. I am actually from Texas, but I traveled out to LA (he also sees patients at USC Keck) because he came very highly recommended by a doctor I consulted w in Austin!!

Nate Grimms
I've been off ppis for about three months I almost never notice any symptoms but those ppis were Hell. The side affects were worse than the symptoms.

Sperry Lauro
The meds have made mine worse, so I agree.

Pat Baines Hillary
how long have you been off them? Did you do it very slowly? I had to make some changes to my life ie I now eat smaller portions, I have gaviscon to fall back on if I get the odd reflux, I also have 2 tablespoons of ACV in a glass of water twice daily. I have also gone almost gluten free. I have lost 2 stn in weight in 8 months and feel so much healthier no more vomiting acid no more osopheagal spasm or bloated tummy, my bowels are back to normal after 9 yrs of intermittent diarrhoea 12 hrs a day. For me going off them worked but it did take me over 3 months to slowly come off the. Good luck.

Nick Evans Amanda
wow long way to go. Nobody in texas could help?

Michelle Curran
Amanda do you know if he does has any knowledge on paediatrics and GERD? My daughter is causing a few problems and paeds don't know what to do.

Cathy Anglin Mattioni
Hummmm…tell my raw esophagus that the ppi wasn't responsible for healing it or allowing normal tissue to grow over my barretts. After 18 years of suffering like hell, I went on them--and so the last 25 years I have had a life worth living again----whatever you want to call it, i'll take it!

Amanda Nethery
Nick- The esophageal motility disorder that I have is super complicated and the doctors that I saw in Texas said they couldn't help. Dr. Buckley (the guy I saw in Round Rock/Austin who knows Dr. Lipham) was the first doctor that I saw post surgery that gave me any hope that things could change. Dr. Buckley has a unique perspective because he has had issues w GERD, and dysphagia so I really trusted him when he gave me Dr. Lipham's name!!
I don't know if he does, but I can find out!

Michelle Curran
They're on about doing the fundoplication surgery on her as she has a lot of apnoeas and is desaturation which is causing a lot of worry. I'm wanting to know what her chances of out growing this are as most babies do. She's 7 months old and also is there anything less severe that can be done. X

Nancy Beagle
Meds. Tif fundo. Linx. Diet and lifestyle.

Kasey Walden
Cathy Anglin Mattioni it's true they heal your esophagus from damage but once you have healed there is no need to continue with them, you should stop the reflux, which these do not do.They just change the reflux from acidic to not so acidic so you don't feel the burn. When you have an infection you take antibiotics but once infection is gone no need to keep taking antibiotics.

Lillian Trevino
I would rather hide the symptoms then feel what i feel on a daily basis

Kasey Walden
It's all a personal choice, I can understand that side too.

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Amanda Nethery
Michelle- if you don't mind me asking- where do you live? I'm just wondering so I get a better recommendation for you should he not see ped patients.

Angel Nicole Pawlik
In my case ppis don't do anything. I still experience heartburn on a daily bases no matter what I eat or drink. Some days my heartburn is just annoying and others the pain is unbearable I cry my eyes due to the pain. :(

Renato Goncalves
Yes it masks the problem. The only positive side of PPIs is that lows the acid so you dont damadge the esophagus but it comes with a price.

Radhika Sharma
That was always the deal. If u read on the net there is no treatment for HH it can just be controlled or suppressed.

Amanda Nethery
PPIs can lead to low Magnesium levels which can lead to low Potassium levels which can cause lots of issues.

Shari Robinson Shrewsbury
Good to know, Amanda Nethery! I see Dr. Lipham next month for my initial consulation. I was just diagnosed with beginning stage Barrett's earlier this month. I have been completely off my PPI's since the end of May (since my endoscopy/Bravo ph test) and I'm following a higher alkaline diet now (purchased the cookbook Dropping Acid) and my crushing chest pain from GERD and burning is already noticeably better! I hear Dr. Lipham is one of the best in his field, at least in my area!

Suzanne Wieler Friesen
I think the best thing to do is to find out what is the underlying issue that started it in the first place and use natural supplements and diet change and you will see a big change in your health!! I lived with terrible Gerd for most of my life and just in the last 1-1/2 years I've taken the approach I've mentioned and my health went from terrible to almost completely back to normal! Health takes time folks!

Shari Robinson Shrewsbury
Yeah, I'm low on Mag and Vit D, Amanda... that would explain why! I've been taking PPI's for years - thank you Kaiser Permanente for just putting a bandaid on it and not actually scoping me to see what the problem was. I was also told I have Celiac, which also explains a lot.

Amanda Nethery
Good luck Shari!! I hope that the appointment goes well! I think that the fact that he is known by doctors in Texas (especially Dr. Buckley in Round Rock/Austin- they are colleagues and Lipham was Buckley's surgeon!!) speaks very highly of him. At this time I don't have any definite plans to go back out to Keck but I'm thinking there might be a need as I am still having issues w dysphagia.

Nick Evans Shari
can you add me as a ffiend. I have same dx a you and want to know if lipham offers u rf ablation for metaplasia barretts

Hillary Clarendon Blumenthal
Pat Baines I've been off of them for 4 months. I stopped cold turkey but I did that when I went on a dairy, grain and sugar free cleanse for 3 months. I also started taking betaine HCL at the time but I'm afraid I took too high of a dose for too long and gave myself gastritis. I've been having terrible episodes of nausea. My nutritional therapy practitioner told me I have low acid. Now I'm trying to help my heartburn with Apple Cider Vinegar but then again, I need to be careful with acid so I can heal my stomach. I keep having flare ups and I never feel good. I am still not eating sugar and dairy as well as gluten free. I eat a small bit of brown rice at times. Small, clean meals help as well as Licorice root and DoTerra's DigestZen. Like I said, I had no side effects on PPI's and my family tells me to just go back on them but I was already on them for 10 years and I'm only 28!

Michelle Curran
Amanda I'm actually in the UK. Happy to email or just get advice from him. I'm wanting to make sure no one is skipping a step out as that op seems quite severe for a 7 month old.
Also what the 'price' everyone is talking about from using ppi?

Amanda Nethery
Michelle- I'll see what I can do. I agree abt it sounding extreme given her age. If I were you I would get a second opinion since your daughter is so young. I would try to avoid surgery since she is only seven months, and I would try medications, and lifestyle changes first. I had to try medication before surgery was recommended when I had my first surgery and my redo. Also- if she is dealing with desaturation- I would ask about a differential diagnosis. There are lots of causes of low oxygen sats and reflux might not be the cause.

June June
what then he thinks that can help with acid reflux? Nothing. That is why we still have to stick with PPI, otherwise if we let the acid hurts the oesophagus, it will progress to cancer.

Pat Baines Hillary
Apple cider vinegar is a different acid and a beneficial Ph, I too suffer low stomach acid so it was completely wrong to be prescribed a powerful acid lowering drug by my GP! I don't think I could have got off PPIs cold turkey.
PPIs are costly drugs pushed at Doctors by rich drug companies by rewarding them! We need a certain amount of acid in our stomachs to survive! If your les is damaged even the smallest amount of acid will burn. These drugs don't heal they suppress the symptoms causing untold damage by too little acid, after 9 yrs on then I suffer loss of magnesium/ vit d / low potassium.

Mae Mystic
Suzanne Wieler Friesen I'd love to follow your example and try to wean myself of ppi's . You mention taking certain supplements ...which ones helped you ? Any other tips would be so appreciated. thanks so much.

Pat Baines
I take vit D, magnesium and zinc, along with a good diet.

Suzanne Wieler Friesen
Mae Mystic if you want to know exactly all that I take and do. You can message me and I can give you the info :).

Hillary Clarendon Blumenthal
Pat Baines but it's still acidic so won't it hurt the inflamed stomach? I'm considering going back on my PPIs for 3 months to heal my stomach. Im so nauseated! I'm worried the acv is irritating what I think is gastritis. I agree that PPIs are pushed way too much. I think I have low acid too but my stomach needs to heal again perhaps? Not sure! I'm taking magnesium and vit d as well.

Renato Goncalves
Take vitamine K2 so the D gets absorved. Hillary.

Renato Goncalves
20min in the sun its like taking a vit D + K2 pills as well..

Darlene Joh
I've weaned myself off of PPIs, but use them when I have a bad, bad flare. I can't afford losing another 60 lbs in two months. I don't think anyone should be guilted out of using them.


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