'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

So sick of this acid reflux dont know what to do anymore

So sick of this acid reflux dont know what to do anymore


Шерер Никола
just a good gastro and ENT dr. ... and right therapy

Nicola Ridgeway
We have to be referred by our dr over here and that rarely happens

Karen Van Kurin
Call your insurance company. You should be entitled to a second opinion.
Good luck

Eileen Bowdin I’m sorry you’re feeling so fed up.
What have you tried (which diet, meds etc) ?

Nicola Ridgeway
Had ppi's for 15 years but refused them now.
On ranitidine but they not as good, as for diet i havent a clue x

Eileen Bowdin
Nicola Ridgeway no wonder you feel so bad. I really recommend the acid watcher book it really is a good guide. It helped me get control and reduced my symptoms.
And the Facebook page with recipes is so good too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Acid-Watcher-Diet-Prevention-Programme/dp/1781808562

Eileen Bowdin
Have you tried any natural remedies like slippery elm ?

Nicola Ridgeway
No i havent. Is there plenty of food you can eat on the acid watcher diet x

Eileen Bowdin
Nicola Ridgeway I was impressed. They do have recipes but you can use items on the list to make whatever you want. I am not the greatest cook but recipes are surprisingly easy and lovely.

Eileen Bowdin
Nicola Ridgeway I’ve had to accept there’s foods/drinks I can’t eat too

Nicola Ridgeway
Eileen Bowdin could you give me some examples of good things to eat x

Eileen Bowdin
Nicola Ridgeway have a good look through the files on this Facebook page. Also join the acid watcher life Facebook page it’s full of ideas and help.
I wouldn’t know where to begin there’s infinite possibilities with the ingredients . Tonight I had omelette with spinach for dinner.
I have to be careful to space out 5 small meals 2-3 hours apart and to drink an hour after eating too helps.

Jennifer Price Oakley
Try the UK version of Gaviscon Advance. I have been on it a week now and it is wonderful, thus far! It creates a floating raft that prevents gastric juices from backing up into your esophagus.
acid reflux herbal

Troy Lewis
It’s better than US version?

Troy Lewis
How long does it last?

Jennifer Price
Oakley Troy Lewis it’s a different formula than the US version. The Advance version is actually not sold in the US. The US version has aluminum hydroxide. The UK version titled “Advance” has sodium alginate which forms a floating raft/barrier on top of your stomach acid that keeps it from back washing into the esophagus. This formula of ingredients is only available in the UK. So those that live in the US, have to purchase from a store in UK. I purchased mine online from a store in London.

Jennifer Price Oakley Troy
Lewis once swallowed, the floating barrier forms within 3 min according to the research. And last up to 4 hours. I take it at bedtime and it has helped me sleep all night without heartburn.

Troy Lewis
Jennifer Price Oakley how long does it usually last? Thanks

Troy Lewis
I mean keeping reflux down.

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Jennifer Price
Oakley once swallowed, the floating barrier forms within 3 min according to the research. And last up to 4 hours. I take it at bedtime and it has helped me sleep all night without heartburn.

Troy Lewis
I ordered some the other day, can’t wait...

Jennifer Price
Oakley Troy Lewis i have only had mine for a week now, and I have slept great! It has really made a difference.

Jennifer Price
Oakley I hope you get relief too!

Troy Lewis
Jennifer Price Oakley If it is that good then I need to shop around for discounts because I will be ordering more and can get expensive....🤑

Jennifer Price
Oakley Troy Lewis it is expensive. The shipping fees cost more than the cost of the medication. But I had heard such great reviews and I had tried so many things that weren’t helping, that I took the risk. All in all, it ended up costing $14 a bottle and if I only take daily at bedtime, I can get 25 days out of a bottle.

Nina Spencer Wassel
I gave up and went back on meds. I just take OTC prevacid. I couldn't take the reflux. I tried all the natural remedies plus diet and nothing worked.

Hammad Ali Chatha
Watch comedy movies and don’t take things too seriously 😜

Susan Gandee
Go see a GI doctor

Alex Szaki
Sorry it's got the better of you today. Don't stop trying new things. You will find you're magic formula. Hope you day gets better.

Tom George
Constant throat clearing burping so loud where is this air coming from

Brenda Lee Arbeau
Me too. That constant presence in my throat, the hoarseness, the throat clearing, the clogged sinuses, the breathing issues . . . It's all just too much day after day, night after night.

Susie Crang
Totally agree Brenda ENT insist it’s acid reflux gastro. Say no it’s not i think the thickness in my throat comes from Eustachian tube dysfunction which was diagnosed five yrs ago now suddenly not that Just stomach acid. Loose my voice too headaches with it sever chest pains. So feel for you x

Tina Hein Schudar
I understand. I get fed up, a lot. I have GERD, diabetic, fatty liver, TMJ, severe anxiety and arthritis. One triggers another and it just goes from there. When my GERD flares up the acid burns my throat causing me to lose my voice. I work at a call center for a bank and am unable to go to work when this happens. In fear of losing my job daily. Also, when TMJ or anxiety flare up to bad, unable to work. I am so tired of being sick constantly and unable to lead a normal life.

Alex DL
I have severe anxiety and TMJ too and it makes the acid reflux worse because i can't chew properly, so it's hard on the stomach and for digestion.

Elizabeth Rudd Greene
Have you tried digestive probiotics and digestive enzymes and/or d limonene

Dana Moody
Have you tried a Naturopath??

Richard Arispe
These stop my reflux/heartburn and healed my gut/gerd:
Wheatgrass root/leaves supplement
Ashitaba root/leaves supplement
Natural Vitamin E


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