'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Stress is the main link with your stomach issue's! Anxiety is a killer!

Stress is the main link with your stomach issue's!!! Anxiety is a killer!!!


Anita Cooke
Not true !!!! It's a factor but not the cause !!! The majority of causes is a LES that dosent work correctly !!!!

Darren Eiffert
True in my case !

Darren Eiffert
In most cases I've seen the minority is due to stress and anxiety!!!

Anita Cooke
When it's extremely bad and ur regurgitating your food and have extreme hunger suffer burps ect it's not stress related !!!!

Darren Eiffert
Anita Cooke that does sound extreme and i wish you well x.

Lisa Fuller Rose
Anxiety and/or stress is a cause, or a contributing factor, for many illnesses. It can only help if we are able to control these things whether it's with medicine or meditation or another way. I wish us all the best!!

Edward Tudor
100% not in my case, please don’t generalise and palm it off as fact.

Darren Eiffert
Minority Edward!!

Edward Tudor
I’m sure that your taken a sample group and studied the causes of their reflux to come to this conclusion. Are you also a medical professional dealing with these symptoms regularly? Have you ever through that the medications people are given for stress can also be cause of reflux themselves.

Edward Tudor
Also the reflux itself is a major cause of anxiety.

Darren Eiffert
Anxiety disorders are associated with gerd! Via the minority.

Karen Chambers Isham
Mine is caused by liver problems, no gallbladder, and I had chemo for 2 straight year, it killed every thing good and bad, but they still call want I have IBS-A.

Darren Eiffert
Constant thinking!! Makes your symptoms esculate!! That's my point with this post!! I know everyone is different but we all suffer the same! But we do create and make it worse! I wish you all well x.

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Katie Donovan Vincent
Absolutely is the case for many people (but obviously not all)! It took me YEARS and 3 trips to the ER from one doctor overdosing me on PPIs to get a correct diagnosis. Functional dyspepsia/spasmodic stomach caused by stress and anxiety was the diagnosis that I finally received from a different doctor after many months of tests and trial and error. Stress can cause your stomach to spasm uncontrollably, which causes pain and reflux. That correct diagnosis literally changed my life after years of suffering and using incorrect meds. Keep fighting to get to the root cause of your disease. It may not be what you think or are being told!

Dominique Mimnagh
How do you treat that? That’s probably what I’ve got.

Katie Donovan
Vincent Hyoscyamine is a prescription antispasmodic that I take as needed. Once I knew what was causing it, I was able to focus on stress and anxiety reduction. It sounds weird, but actually getting a correct diagnosis and not thinking I had cancer and was going to die, actually helped reduce my anxiety. Now, it just flairs up when work is crazy and I try to control it as best I can. Awareness is really invaluable.

Dominique Mimnagh
Katie Donovan Vincent thank u Katie. I don’t get a lot of stomach pain mine is more reflux but stress is a killer for me. Could it still be the same as urs?

Rebecca Lynn
What were you symptoms? I think I might have the same thing!

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Katie Donovan Vincent
I’ve always had reflux that would come and go, but then I started getting horrific stomach pains around 4 or 5am every morning along with waking up with that reflux sore throat. During the day, I would get bad stomach pain, extreme nausea and have to burp a lot (which relieves the pain). This is always accompanied by reflux. The other thing that helped tremendously was diet changes and taking a digestive enzyme with every meal. Alcohol is one of the biggest culprits, especially red wine! Also, I drink ginger tea every night which helps.

Alma Mestas
I'm not having a good Mother's Day. My anxiety is getting the best of me which is triggering my gerd.

Melissa Dempsey
And that's exactly why I've been having reflux issues the past hand full of days.

Marie Roy
My anxiety has been high lately and why the lightheadedness I'm sure. When I'm home, it's not that bad. when I go out. it's awful.


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