'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

What PPI is safe to take during pregnancy?

What PPI is safe to take during pregnancy? Omprezole? Domperidone? Anyone taking and doctor gave the green light?


Ngoni Tsumba
Only took ranatadine in pregnancy.

Shannon Hughes
I take over the counter Zantac, I was told that and Pepcid and tums are safe so I'm assuming the prescription ones are also

Princeza Fatima Yussef
lansoprazole is the safest.

Abby Obenchain
Consult with a pharmacist! They are the medication experts.

June June
Hi, I couldn't pm u. No message button. Can u drop me a message. Would like to ask which hospital in Singapore u r going?

Jen Brindlow
I've been told omeprazole is the safest. I normally take esomeprazole and GP has switched me to omeprazole whilst hubby and I are ttc as it says that should be the first choice in pregnancy. I don't know about domperidone as it was taken off the shelf in the uk so my GP won't give it to me. Tums, rennie and gaviscon are all ok too. I was told Zantac in moderation.

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Hazel Ng
I was told omeprazole is the safest too.

June June
But this article says other ppi is safer than omeprazole for pregnancy. I can't guarantee this article is legitimate tho. Nd to research more if u want.

June June May
I know why u r prescribed domperidone? I was prescribed that along with 20mg ppi too initially. But I have side effects like brain fog and chronic fatigue and the doc dropped the dosage to 10mg omeprazole and stopped domperidone since not helping. He added another drug -clinidium & sth. So far thank god no brain fog and messing up with my head. Trial and error. How do u know u need domperidone?

MimiPapa Dede
What was the other drug he added? Is it a prescription or herbal supplement?

June June
Mimi Dede not a herbal supplement. Clinidium and chloro sth which according to him will reduce my stomach sensitivity. U can google. Sorry didn't have it with me. But I dunno the lowering of the dosage of ppi to 10 mg or the other med eliminates the brain fog i have. Thinking to stop the clinidium & chloro sth.

MimiPapa Dede Ty
I have acid reflux and fibromyalgia and always blamed it on fibro, since fibro fog exist. My Gastrologist doesn't recommend much.

June June
Mimi Dede well, my gastrologist had to do sth because it was extremely unbearable, not having the energy to do simple tasks and messing up with my head. At first I asked him whether I can change to another ppi but omeprazole is the only approved in my country. It takes time for them to make a special request for me to get another ppi like nexium. So he suggested TRYING to lower from 20mg to 10 mg and prescribed the chlordiazepoxide 5mg & Clinidium 2.5mg tablets to me. Many months without the brain fog and fatigue now. Of course I still have mild pain under ribs or feeling of food stuck at oesophagus but they are bearable. U should look for another doc if he cannot recommend anything and we have to make suggestion to them sometimes. If the symptoms are unbearable, we have to highlight to them since not all ppl r experiencing those.

Hazel Ng
I had taken domperidone for years too ,recently just stopped and take when neccessary .i took omprezole once in e morning and day time one or two domperidone .im coping well so far without domperidone .doctor said its for reflux as onprazole will not last me from morning to late afternoon .

June June
Oh so if u feel sth is wrong, then u pop domperidone. I heard it is for peristalsis for food to travel easier to the stomach sth like that. Does it work instantly to alleviate symptoms? How many mg ome u taking?

Hazel Ng
I don't think it works instantly. I'm taking 10mg.

Jen Brindlow
I used to take it to empty the stomach quicker so there was less to reflux. It worked really well. I took it as needed. They switched me to metoclopramide (sp?) but I got crazy anxiety from that.

June June
U mean domperidone? It was made to empty stomach quicker? Different ppl said it does different things. If it is what u said it kinda made sense why we were prescribed that.

Jen Brindlow
My phone won't let me copy it but this is from Wikipedia. Domperidone has lots of uses but to empty the stomach quicker and relieve nausea is why I was given it.

David McNabb
Please do not take the advice of strangers on a board when it comes to that kind of question. Ask your physician. Everyone is different.

Hilda Maria Torres
I'm not pregnant, I was just wondering if it was an acceptable medication during pregnancy.

David McNabb
again, only a doctor should answer this.

CJ Harris
I was prescribed a ppi while I was pregnant, you will need to discuss it with your doctor though as it may be different in each individual case.

Hilda Maria Torres
I will ask thank you.

Danielle Hucul Selker
My OB said mine was fine. But I'm not going to say which it is because I don't want anyone taking it without OBs permission

Dawn Beardsworth
I was told no during my pregnancy

Jennifer Wells
Apparently not. We called an attorney about my issues from being on Nexium and they said they are only taking cases for babies who were born with problems due to the mother being on Nexium.

Teresa Bell
It's a B class so no one really knows so it's a decision your dr can advise you on. I'm on nexium and my dr told me to try come off before I try for a baby and if I can't then to take it. I'm on day 3 of half a dose so fingers crossed!

Mel Weaver
Ppi's are not deemed safe in pregnancy. I believe Zantac is considered less unsafe but not sure if it's actually approved. I took it on the guidance of my Dr.


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