'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

When I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux, the symptoms I was having were as follows

Question: When I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux, the symptoms I was having were as follows. (I thought it was my gall bladder at first)
Slight discomfort in my upper Right side and towards my back
Change in bowel movements with a distinct odor (sorry don’t mean to be gross)
Bad nausea especially in the mornings
Dry heaving but never throwing up.
What is strange is that I have never had any major problem with burning. A little bit once in a while but not really anymore than any other time in life. But when they did the scope the Doc said I had a very severe case of Acid Reflux. Has anybody else been diagnosed as having Acid Reflux with those types of symptoms but no major burning to speak of?


Shannon Hull
When I was first diagnosed I didn't have burning either. For me the burning is a "mild" symptom now. If I were to ignore it then it would progress to the severe pain.

Shannon Kerr
Silent reflux.

Phil Goodwin
What kind of problems were you having when you got diagnosed?

Tessy Raft Vlas StamVret
Cough . Hoarseness . Bloating . Nausea . Slight inner tremor . Shortness of breath . Thirsty for Cold water . Irritated throat as if it was Throat infection . Loss of appetite .. but all this when I was severe, though I suspect at the time that it might have also been Gastritis / Ulcer.

Shannon Kerr
When I was diagnosed I had an ungodly pain in my sternum and I was throwing up acid and blood. The burning I had was horrible, to the point where even breathing seemed to make it worse.

Shannon Hull
Mine started when I was pregnant with my son who is tuning 13 next week. I had severe chest pain and was actually worked up for cardiac issues. I also had asthma symptoms and the feeling of food stuck in my throat. Never had much burning until years later. Now I get it as a warning symptom.

Phil Goodwin
Wow! It amazes me all the different symptoms that are associated with this stuff. I will not eat unless I have something to drink right beside me. I get choked way to easy. I had read that was a symptom also.

Shannon Hull
Yes it absolutely is. It's a horrible feeling.

Matthew Kilborn
Sounds like Low Acid to me. https://bodyecology.com/articles/low_stomach_acid_symptoms.php.

Matthew Kilborn
NP, been dealing with it for the past year. Takes a while to gain it back.

Louise Riches
So, how do you find out if this is the case? Would an endoscopy prove this?

Dave Wakefield
Just had a read. Before I got Silent Reflux I could eat anything. I loved a good steak. Don't we all? When I started ppis I couldn't digest red meat. As soon as I had red meat I was on the toilet within an hour. Bad gut for a few days. But I can eat white meat like chicken and doesn't affect me. So if I had low stomach acid I'm sure I couldn't eat chicken either? Are you guys like this with certain meats?

Louise Riches I have no idea what I am doing food-wise now. :(
I bought Dr Aviv's acid-watchers diet book and have stuck to it pretty much 100%. I have stopped coughing at night and having to repeatedly spit out saliva but the claggy feeling in my mouth hasn't gone, or the strange feeling in my teeth. I have also now started having a tight feeling in my chest and a burning pain between my shoulder blades. Everything I read on the internet is contradictory, and I have read in a few places that foods I have eaten on Dr Aviv's diet can be acid-forming. I am so confused!!!!

Phil Goodwin
I am in the trial and error stage myself right now trying to find out what I can tolerate and what I cant

Louise Riches
I think that's my next step. Going to have to strip it right down to basics, I think, then start reintroducing things slowly.

Matthew Kilborn
Gold standard is a test called the Heidelberg. Basically a stomach probe that monitors PH level while given bicarbonate challenges.

Dave Wakefield
It's rare I get heartburn. I was diagnosed with Silent Acid Reflux. My symptoms was a feeling of a lump in my throat when I swallowed. My glands swelling. Pain in my chest sternum. That was it really and still have the same symptoms now 10 years later. I had it under complete control when I was on lanzoprazole. I could do whatever I wanted. I then dropped down to ranitidine which was advised by the doctor. I've been on them for a year and took 1 150mg dose every few days. 2 weeks ago it came back and got me. Anxiety triggered mine from a bad family bereavement and stress from work. I'm now back on 300mg of ranitidine again. My diet is now no gluten, dairy or wheat. I'm hoping I can get complete control over it again. I'll do anything possible before going back on ppis, that's for sure.

Matthew Kilborn
PPIs are what ruined me in the first place. Good job on not taking that poison.

Phil Goodwin
What did the PPIs do to you?

Gillian Hart
I have the exact same symptoms. Im sure I've silent reflux. Nothing is working. Ranitidine gives me some relief but only for a short time. Now waiting to be referred to gastro consultant. Oh the joys lol. Hope your flare up gets better. Mine is caused by stress and anxiety.

Dave Wakefield
The d-limonene is still helping me a lot but struggling to keep my anxiety levels to a minimum which worrys me it will flare up again like 2 weeks ago. It's like a vicious circle. Hope your appointment for the gastro comes quick Gillian Hart.

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Louise Riches
I don't have any burning either. Except for the other night when I had a coffee for the first time in a month, then my throat felt like it was on fire all night. The ENT doctor said my throat showed acid damage, though. :(

Jackie Adamo Andrade
My only symptoms were a sore throat. Never had burning in chest or stomach. I do have the bloating , bruised feeling though.

Ben Morrier
My main symptom is severe oesophagus-related chest pains that feel like you're having a heart attack. I rarely have the "burning" acid sensation going up in the throat (sometimes at night, but rare). These chest pains might be what most people call heartburns, but for me at least, it feels worse than just "acid" crawling up.
I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia 15 years ago.
I think the daily pantoprazole 40 mg messes up my bowel movements and stool consistency, but I prefer that to the alternative (the chest pains).

Jackie Adamo Andrade
The pantoprazole made me constipated so now I'm on laxatives whenever I can't go 🙄.

Ben Morrier
Lax-a-day, new best friend.

Shimra Jaime
Fine I don't notice the burning but apparently there was irritation and I must be getting some burning without realizing it if it's bad enough to completely obstruct my airway in my sleep.

Marj Clark
I get nausea after eating, horrible acrid feeling of stomach acid just sitting about and churning in my stomach, burping excessively on bad days, mild burning, feeling like my throat is tight. Been like this for 7 months. Anxiety was a really awful thing I was dealing with for a while but it's calmed down. For a whole I would wake up with a horrid tense feeling in my stomach and butterflies. Sometimes my chest feels blocked which makes me think I have a hernia but in spite of support from the hospital I can't bear to go for an endoscopy. I've tried to hint at a barium swallow which I could just about tolerate with bad health anxiety but endoscopy seems to be the thing on offer.

Elizabeth Rudd Greene
The bowel movement thing as well as gerd may be a clue that you need probiotics to help digest your food. I've been finding relief with Nature made digestive probiotics along with my other probiotics.

Christie Azer
I rarely have burning. But I have just about every other possible symptom.


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