'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Anyone have gerd and asthma for so many years? How long?

Anyone have gerd n asthma for so many years? How long?


Kat Jensen
I have had Gerd all my life and Asthma since I was 12 so 24 years. My Asthma doctor suggested that the uncontrolled GERD may have caused my Asthma. I also notice if the Gerd is bad so is my Asthma. I was on meds. for Gerd but had a bad reaction so I am now on a strict diet. It sucks but it is my only option.

Stephanie Schritenthal
Close to 10 years that I can say for sure. Maybe more.

Crystal Powers-Bennett
Asthma all my life, Gerd over 10 years.

Maa Nose Shah
Which medication r u taking for gerd?

Maa Nose Shah
I am on oesomeprazol 20mg twice aa day, doctor told me to use for 3month. Its being 2month, m using but it's not working.

Crystal Powers-Bennett
Maa Nose Shah currently zantac, carafate (spelling), photonics, probiotics.

Crystal Powers-Bennett
I have yet to find anything that helps.

Lisa Amyotte
Gerd only a couple years but lately my asthma is worse then ever.

Debbie Adams
I have had asthma for 30 yrs. I've had gerd about 10+ years.

Kayla Bingley
I've had asthma for 28 years and GERD for 14 years.

Nizma Shereef Whats ur symptoms? consulted a doctor?

Maa Nose Shah
I get burning pain over chest n abdominal area. Doctor put me on oesomeprazol 20mg twice a day. Its being 5month that m having this symptoms.

Julie Pursel
I developed asthma from GERD. Not sure when it happened. My reflux started a few years ago. Never had asthma before. I don’t have wheezing but I have a hard time taking in enough air. Not sure if the asthma goes away.

Stephanie Schritenthal
For those of you with asthma caused by GERD- do you take anything for the asthma alone? Inhaler?

Michele Pratt
I take asthmanex inhaler, singulair and daily antihistamine. Also zantac which has a histamine response.

Mary Salim
My 5 years old daughter had reflux from when she was 2 weeks old. Was eventually Diagnosed with GERD and Asthma at age 3. Has been on lanzol (lansoprazole) on and off since then( i try to give her breaks every other month)and her dr also prescribed her an inhaler. She however gets the asthma attacks only when her GERD is really bad.

Rhonda Devlyn
I've had asthma most of my life and GERD for about 10 years but asthma does get worse with GERD attacks.

Melanie Hendrickson
I had asthma before I had gerd and it sucks when my asthma flares.


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