'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

What does everyone have for breakfast with GERD condition

What does everyone have for breakfast with GERD condition? I'm running out of ideas and quite bores of plain breakfast


Kim Barone
I can't eat eggs, they bother me so much, and I don't like oatmeal and syrup bothers me to have pancakes or french toast, so most of the time I'll just have a Nature Valley granola bar for breakfast :/

Tia Maria
I know the feeling of limitation and on the go xxx

Tia Maria
Do you eat fruit or smoothes in the morning? Xx

Kim Barone
No smoothies because I've read most berries are bad for gerd so I stick to eating watermelon and cataloupe

Chrissy Field
Is it just the syrup you can't have? What about honey on pancakes or French toast? That's what I use I'm allergic to real maple syrup.
Of course you don't want such a heavy breakfast all the time, but it may be nice once in a while :)

Charnita Morring-Fance
Gluten free oatmeal, green juice or smoothie, granola with almond milk, fruit, and light things like that. Every now and then I can get away with waffles or pancakes with sugar-free syrup.

Maria Gonzalez
What brand do you get for oatmeal ?

Ville Pöntynen
In finland we eat ruisleipä wich is delicious and good for gerd.
breakfast for gerd

Tia Maria Can
they purchased in the UK? What ingredients are in them? 😊

Ville Pöntynen
Its very rare bread in other countries than in finland maybe because its made in finland. So everytime ill go to abroad ill take this bread with me. But its regular bread made of rye.

Kasey King
Carnation instant vanilla breakfast, banana.

Puddin Cora
porridge wth two boiled egg and hot lemon wth no sugar

Bunny Williams
Toast with no soy Earth Balance.

Michele Pratt
Rice cereal with almond milk, yogurt with granola, kefir, banana, melon, applesauce, eggs-boiled, poached, veggie omelets, scrambled, fried in olive oil, smoothies, Sourdough toast.

Stephanie Parks
Scrambled eggs and a side of asparagus and a sausage patty. Stephanie Parks I make my own, so it's clean ingredients and no spices.

Rhonda Whalley
This is what i use. Or similar. Does not cause bloating. I add a banana, and I throw in my suppleness and blend it in my Ninja.
I'll have a hard boiled egg a while later or poached on sourdough bread. Then I have an apple couple hours later.

Tia Maria
Can this be purchased online or in any particular health store?

Rhonda Whalley
I buy all of my supplements from health food store. Not sure about online. I've tried the plain, vanilla and this one is coconut.
I've done many over the years and this brand I like the most.

Esha Max
Boiled white rice annd chicken soup.

Tia Maria
Can you handle white rice? Xx

Esha Max
Yes. Tuats the only type of rice thay is easy to digest.. ajd rice has a healing component for gastritis. Im asian and the old folks uses it by boiling the rice and geting the rice am to take when habing gastritis.

Jennifer McGrath
I think of "breakfast" as my first meal of the day. I often eat leftovers from the previous night's dinner. Works for me.

Lindsay Gill
Eggs, oatmeal, whole grain thin bagel, Greek yogurt, banana, protein shake, potatoes.

Marie Myers
I'm able to eat yogurt with fresh cut strawberries and blueberries and a little bit of granola.


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