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Has anyone been diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer?

Has anyone been diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer? Last week,I had an ultrasound and a CT scan of my URQ and nothing was found that would explain this constant pain just under my ribs on the right side. The pain is dull until about 45 minutes after I eat, then it feels like someone is stabbing me. Sometimes the pain gets so bad it goes into my back. I have an endoscopy scheduled for Mid-June, so hopefully I’ll get an answer.

** Edited to add: the docs said my gallbladder and pancreas are fine, I do have a mildly fatty liver which can be controlled by diet. I have terrible fatigue, too. About 8 years ago I had esophogitis, duodenitis and gastritis, but that pain was all on my left side.


Deana McRee Sometimes a ct can pick up an irritated duodenum. mine did no ulcer there but some inflammation (I do have gastritis). Any mention of fatty liver. some Drs dont mention it or think its a problem and it can be. it can cause right sided pain. A dysfunctional gallbladder can as well. U will need a hida scan to determine that. Did u get ur xray reports?

Lynne Bowers Pennypacker
No gallbladder or pancreas issue. I do have a mild fatty liver and the liver doc said to cut my carbs/sugar and I should be ok.

Jessica Yagle Milford
Lynne Bowers Pennypacker they tell you the gallbladder is fine, does that mean the CT scan didn’t show any stones? As Deana mentioned above the functioning of the gallbladder could be to blame and only a hida scan will diagnose that. It’s a test to determine to what point your gallbladder is working to produce the bile. It took me going to the dr for 8 mos, losing a significant amount of weight, and one dr to think I was anorexic to finally get a diagnosis of minimal functioning gallbladder. So you keep saying gallbladder is fine, is that based just off of the CT scan and what the dr is telling you? I’m just trying to help but it sure does sound like gallbladder to me.

Lynne Bowers Pennypacker
It is from the CT scan, the Dr said there were no stones. I will ask my GI doc about a HIDa scan. Thanks.

Kathryn Wilkinson
I also encourage you to fully rule out the gallbladder with a HIDA scan. My ultrasound was fine. My gallbladder was only emptying at 16 percent and the pain you describe is similar to mine. I had my gallbladder out a week ago, and although recovery hurts, I no longer have that pain.
As for a duodenal ulcer, a CT or MRI could pick up on it. Since you have an endoscopy coming up, you'll know soon. Unless you shoes signs of bleeding, I’d just wait for that test.

Teresa Daniels Finch
I had duodenitis at 10 years old. I was put onto Tagamet but I can’t remember for how long. Did they consider your gallbladder as well?

Elizabeth Loaring Steeves
I would ask for the hida scan and a second opinion. Sludge / sand is harder to see and can be more problematic.

Nicole Crews Powell
Ask for a HIDA scan. I had the same symptoms as you but ultrasound showed nothing. HIDA scan showed ejection factor was 8%!!! Out came the gallbladder 2 weeks later.


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