'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Digestive issues, IBS and acid reflux for 4 years

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share something positive. I have had digestive issues, IBS and acid reflux for 4 years. I recently came off omeprazole (which I was on for 3.5 years). My GI doc wanted to put me on a mild anti-depressant to treat functional dyspepsia. However, I held off and have just started using a natural product called Iberogast and I have to say it has been fantastic. I can actually eat without fear of terrible heartburn and reflux afterwards and I am starting to put on some weight :) I know this might not suit everyone and I did check with my doctor before I started taking it but it really works for me and the best thing is that I am starting to enjoy my food again.


Lynne Childers Mcintyre
Is it OTC or rx? Where did you buy it?

Sarah Bailey
I bought it online - I am in the UK but had to get it from the USA from eVitamins. It is a German product that has apparently been made by a family firm in Germany for 40 years.

Christine Marie Duley
I feel like I have a ball in my throats when i swallow every time I am on lanrotide for cancer. I can actually hear bubbles in my throat. Anyone else??

Bev Armstrong Odd
that you mentioned that, yes I get that at times. then it's like my esophagus decides it doesn't want to work all of a sudden, then I'm left gasping for air. Is it kind of like gurgling on saliva for you?

Christine Marie Duley
Something like that I'm prob having endoscopy soon seeing GI Wednesday. It's really awful feeling. Like a ball in throat. Doesn't go away nothing helps maybe lac milk. I have a lot of GI issues.

Teresa Barbanti Christine
do you have cancer? Sorry to hear if you do. I get this sensation in my throat. Mainly at night time.

Christine Marie Duley
Unfortunately yes I do I was 16 years cancer free with the liver resection and the cancer has returned again and I cannot have surgery so I'm doing treatment it's very awful🙏

Teresa Barbanti
My mum is going through the same thing. She can't be operated on due to where her tumour is. Sending you a big hug xo.

Christine Marie Duley
Thank you and to your family. ((Hugs))

Laurie Gwynn Jolosky
I use it on and off, sometimes helps well! I get mine on Amazon.

Elizabeth Rudd Greene
Probiotics, esp Nature Made Digestive Probiotics can help too\.

Julie Pursel
So although I’m not a doctor, I’ve realized over the past several months I can’t tolerate gluten. I’m pretty sure it’s been a gradual thing over the past few years. Maybe longer. You don’t realize it at first. Anyway it very common for digestive issues, reflux and food intolerance all go together. Issues with gluten (not just pasta and bread) can cause stomach distress, digestive distress, exhaustion, joint pain, brain fog, anxiety along with other symptoms. Just thought I’d put that out there. I’m on another page for gluten intolerance. It all goes together. Our food is loaded with it. Spices, sauces, salad dressings etc. So maybe pay attention to your symptoms.

Kelly Scott
Julie Pursel yes it is. But feel so much better.

Julie Pursel
Kelly Scott for sure. I’m just trying to figure out everything that causes me to feel crumby. I just recently started this whole thing. I didn’t take it seriously until I kept getting stomach aches daily. And digestive distress. I figured it’s gotta be that.

Kelly Scott
Julie Pursel have you been tested to see if you have celiac disease? My blood work shows that I have some kind of autoimmune disease but I did not have the money for further testing.

Julie Pursel
Kelly Scott I haven’t because I hear you need to eat gluten before the test. Ugh I don’t know that I want to.

Jennifer O'grady
Have an Endoscopy.. And make certain you have been consuming gluten 2weeks before test otherwise you can get a false negative.. I was diagnosed 15or so years via Endoscopy for Coealic here in Australia... Blood test are not that accurate for Coeliac disease especially if you have been on a gf diet.

Julie Pursel
Yeah I know. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m willing to start eating gluten again. Aren’t they just going to tell me to not eat gluten anyway?

Vanessa Medigovich
Its even more than that, the way we are processing grains in general is so different now than before. We are taking out necessary good stuff during the process and all those work together and now with the new cheaper process, our health is at stake!

Julie Pursel
Yes exactly!!! It’s awful!!! You know this generation of kids are going to have more digestive issues. A lot already do.

Vanessa Medigovich
Julie Pursel basically, we shouldnt be having these health issues. Its ridiculous whats being done to us.

Julie Pursel
Yes it is ridiculous. It’s all about $$$$ They don’t care.

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Elena Ellis Fitzpatrick
The sugar tax in the UK is a joke, I know sugar is bad for you, but the diet sodas are becoming cheaper to buy which are full of chemicals, just take natural sugar out and stick in some aspartame which will cut down calories but give you loads of other health issues!! Just ban the bloody things.

Susan Mc
im going gluten free.

Julie Pursel
It makes a difference. Might take a while so be patient. Research. Gluten is in a lot of things. Salad dressing, sauces, spices, seasonings etc. Look at ingredients. A lot will say gluten free but not all. You get use to it.

Julie Pursel
Someone said there’s an app that helps when you go to the store. To figure out if things have gluten. The ones that aren’t labeled gluten free. Going to try that.


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