'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Doctor prescribed me nexium honestly felt like that made it that much worse

Hi, im new to the group. past few weeks i feel like my symptoms are getting worse. dr. prescribed me nexium honestly felt like that made it that much worse. chest pains, stomach pains, headaches, very fatigue can hardly eat been losing a lot of weight been drinking Pedialyte my anxiety is out the roof. dont wish this symptoms on anyone. how can anyone cope with this please!..! need help been to the emergency room, was low on magnesium but just sent me back home any suggestions haven't been able to work for a couple weeks now!. Thanks for the info


Arise N Shine
This is a horrible situation all around. Many of us are suffering with this. I changed my diet completely overnight. I think three times before I eat anything how it can effect me. Have you made changes? I am trying hard not to go on meds and just making a complete makeover. I did lose alot of weight because of this horror. Food scares me now. My diet changes already made a huge difference. I was living on TUMS before by the bottles. Now I take it maybe once a week if that. No meds at all. Just major changes.

Armando Mora
same i hate taking meds but feel like i have to and have no choice. yes i havent been eating like i used to been juicing celery, carrots and spinache so far been eating chicken and broccoli everytime i go to the dr. they just keep changing my meds to other meds.

Armando Mora
sinuses, chest pain and anxiety is my biggest problem right now.

Arise N Shine
Oh man. Something that I am doing now or trying which is still in a trial period is that I am drinking something called Phenomenal Water that is supposed to make our acidic bodies of water into more alkaline water. I read testimonials of people that have had all sorts of breakthroughs from stuff and one of them was that acid reflux issues but the water is EXPENSIVE. I am trying it daily now. Just started. Lets see how it goes. You can look it up to and read about it. I am so desperate and so miserable.

Arise N Shine
Wow you sound like me with the ANXIETY - I don't have chest pain though. I am getting some tightness around my throat. I think this comes with the problem we have. I feel like I have a tight turtle neck on.

Armando Mora
i serously cant even get up off my bed.. and thats what makes me more anxious that i can't even work at this moment.

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Arise N Shine
Armando Mora Wow I am so sorry, not being able to get off the bed is not good. What are your doctors saying? Do they know you are in this state now?

Armando Mora
i was gonna go today but im to the point where i done tried everything!. well atleast i thought i have. and dont have much in my pockets.

Arise N Shine
So sorry my friend. I am going to try this alkaline water thing and see if this testifies some truth, if it does, I will let you know about it. At least it is one route to consider. There are many affordable kinds out there.

Jeff Roberts
For most need to address on multiple levels, meds, exercise, diet, anxiety etc. would address all it takes time to get to a somewhat normal place. I battled a year and finally got to a place where i can control.

Arise N Shine
Jeff Roberts Yes I totally agree.

Hector Arambula
Armando Mora, do you drink coffee/caffeine? I used to get some panic attacks when I did. I’ve stopped drinking all types of caffeine and I haven’t had any anxiety issues since.

Armando Mora
Hector Arambula no, no coffee or caffeine.

Isabelle Phartonu
Low magnesium can cause all those problems. Did they put you on supplements?


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