'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Does anyone else get Gerd pain in their back

Does anyone else get Gerd pain in their back. Like right in between their shoulder blades. It comes with a little bit of chest pain also. I'm in so much discomfort. Forgot to take my pills for 2 days and now I'm paying for it. any good short term help!!?


Jennifer L Faller
I’m having the same problem right now. It’s a little scary. I’m following this I also need relief.

Amanda Cox
Usually I have mostly chest pain. That pain is present but on a lower scale. But now I have like a burning sensation in between my shoulder blades that is so awful! It almost feels like I need to pop or crack my back but I know that's not the problem :(

Jennifer L Faller
Amanda Cox I feel you I have the exact same problem.

Bridget Hatcher
Yes, I have exactly the same, although sometimes the chest pain escalates to what feels like a full blown heart attack. Haven’t found a quick fix though.

Amanda Cox
oh ya.. I have had quite a few of those attacks in the past few years. Nothing helps for me either except laying on my bed in the fetus position and crying.

Will Whitlock
back pain is normal unless you ask your GI LOL.

Amanda Cox
I don't have insurance. I was diagnosed with Gerd about 3 years ago. The back pain has just been getting more frequent and I was just curious whether others have it as well.

Will Whitlock
i just assume referal pain from reflux.

Jenny Arnold
Yes I get the back pain, when I'm having a bad flare up. difficult to take a deep breathe at times.. 😢 mine was worse on PPIs

Tara S Benoit
esophagus nerve path is between shoulder blades.

Tara S Benoit
If you want proof its esophagus pain - when you get pain between your shoulders take an antacid. Works immediately for me. Took eme weeks to figure this out - even my GP, massage therapist and chiropractor didnt clue in.

Amanda Cox
Anti acids don't work really well for me. Even when I know I have acid. I'm about 90% positive it's related. It only comes when I don't do well taking my meds.

David Wingler
I just recently started getting this pain. I also have to clear my throat a lot so I thought it was related to gummy phlegm in my lungs rather than gerd.

Lynzee Oli
Yes this is me all the way super awful feeling and scary all at once first few times thought i was having a heart attack from my experience gerd refux can radiate ughhh i wish us all better health.

Mary Essenburg
Yes :( I usually take a bath or read...anything relaxing to take my mind off it. This pain causes anxiety and that just makes it worse. Zantac or pepto bismuth might help.

Kathleen Pratt
Yes, same as well if i dont take my meds then it starts. Always at night . Gavison works for me to calm it and ive had every possible test with no firm diagnosis.


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