'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

The doctors in US didn’t test me for ANYTHING! Just said it’s duodenum issue / GERD and to take omeprezole

Hi all, thanks for accepting my request. I’ve had bad heartburn for 3 months but in the last 3-4 weeks it’s gotten progressively worse. Doctors I went to in the US were not helpful and it was getting expensive (they kept referring me to oncologists for a lump in my left lateral neck, concerned it was breast cancer). Needless to say, it’s made the symptoms worse as my anxiety and stress have increased thousandfold. Oncologist said breasts are fine but nobody can tell me what the lump is. Had an ultrasound that was inconclusive. I’ve seen flown home to Australia where I can get free / cheaper healthcare to continue the diagnosis. I’ve been regurgitating constantly and now my upper right abdomen is so sore 😞 honestly have no idea what I can eat anymore and the last week I’ve had PTSD with food where my body seizes up and I can’t swallow. Has anyone had it this bad before? A lot of intense life changes / stressors happening at the same time that are out of my control .. I feel like there is no end in sight and am so so hopeless. Gastroenterologist appt this Friday, and some blood work tomorrow as well as h pylori breath test (the doctors in US didn’t test me for ANYTHING! Just said it’s duodenum issue / GERD and to take omeprezole ???!!) I’m so depressed and can hardly drink water after I’ve regurgitated for the day. It’s like the esophagus gets so inflamed that it can’t pass anything through. It hurts so much.


Amanda Drake
Can’t really offer much but empathy. I’ve had symptoms of GERD for 7 weeks, getting progressively worse. Go diagnosed over phone with 30mg of lansoprazole prescribed. Full cbc shows negative for anything. ENT said my throat near voice box is very red and irritated but to go back to gp if meds don’t work. I was also going through a lot of stress when symptoms first appeared and the thought of it being something more serious are not making things easier. My throat is so sore that like you I’m scared to eat most foods now.

Joy Oxley
It’s so hard because I still have an appetite. That is one positive I am clinging on to. and also regular stools. The other was drinking water but now that’s a bust. it seems like such a serious issue that doctors should be more aware of but it seems like all they want to do is treat symptoms and not find the root cause 😞 I think stress is a huge factor personally, because as I’ve gotten more stressed (and hormonal), it’s gotten worse. Hurts in the chest so much after a day of regurgitation that I can’t swallow tiny sips of water without pain. Do you have any other appointments coming up?

Amanda Drake
Joy Oxley I’m trying to see my gp today but it’s a nightmare getting an appointment! Waiting for a call back to see whether he’ll even see me. He likes to put it all down to anxiety and just offers me anxiety meds usually 🙄 And yes I know it’s definitely a cause but I’d like some more investigations to rule out other factors as I’ve had digestive issues for years that again have been put down to Ibs/stress.

Jackie Dick
Hang on in there. Have same symptoms (no lump). Have been tested for h pylori (clear). My symptoms get worse when stressed. Am awaiting appt as it ‘may be’ a hernia. I live in Spain and am struggling to get this sorted. I empathise with you I really do.

Amanda Drake
Jackie Dick thanks Jackie! This has really knocked me and came out of the blue. Literally everything I know about I have researched myself. Gp just said ‘it’s acid reflux, pick up this prescription from boots tomorrow’. Nothing else!

Gigi Robertson
Where about in Australia are you Joy? My symptoms weren’t as bad as yours, but with meds, time & diet, the pain has subsided. I’m also in Australia and from what I’ve seen our medical system should sort you out. I had an endoscopy and they tested me for everything.

Mauricio J Linares
I tottaly feel u. I'm actually considering going to Mexico to see a specialist. I'm in the USA at the moment .. Mexico has good drs. there is more options Other than "here take this pill"


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