'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

How will my GERD affect me during pregnancy?

Just found out I'm pregnant. How will my GERD affect me during pregnancy?


Crystal Burke
mine drove me crazy when i was pregnant, worse.

Silver Tee
I'm 36 wks and it just got bad towards the end.

Tiff Martin
Worried about this too. I dodnt have gerd with first 2 pregnancies. It all started as heart burn during pregnancy and progressed from there. I want another baby next year but worried about the pain.

Vincent Regan
I think should be giving the girls a good news not bad news.

Charissa Bennett Inabnet
Mine got worse, but my MFM dr let me continue my nexium and that helped. Baby is fine, if that helps you feel better!

Amy Rawls Dodson
I took Nexium during my pregnancy too. Doc ok'd. My baby is also fine.

Charlotte-Rose Allbright
Im 17 weeks and the acid is horrendous :( i have been told gaviscon is fine x,

Cindy Patenaude
Its about to get way worse...:( took me 5babies to learn my lesson,

Charlotte-Rose Allbright
Seriously suffering tonight and i have no gaviscon. Even run out of milk which normally helps. Ive propped my pillows up so hopefully that makes a difference.

Tammy Lee
Thank you everyone. I figured it wouldn't be good,just wanted confirmation. Any tips on keeping it down at this time with natural remedies?

Alecia Juvatopolos
Mine was brutal for all three. Ended up on omeprazole during the third pregnancy and it was the best of the three as far as heartburn. First I carried Gaviscon liquid everywhere I went (and was swigging it during labour).

Kathy Ann
Usually it gets worse. As your uterus expands, it pushes up on your stomach. Talk to your doctor about what you can take. Some medicines shouldn't be taken during pregnancy.

Tara L. Frey
First of all, congrats on the pregnancy!! And second, make sure to just ask your doctor what he/she recommends.

Amanda Rose
Mine got bad during the end! I was surprised I didnt suffer the whole pregnancy. I was on nexium and then protonix.

Kindra Hensley
I'm crossing my fingers for you! I never had GERD until I got pregnant. I then encountered a hell I never knew before. It was truly awful, and it never went away after I gave birth (9 years ago!)

Stefanie Lara
Omeprazole was a life saver during my pregnancy and safe and I found drinking lots of milk helped.

Joy L Wildermuth
Milk isn't good. It has acid in it that triggers acid issues.

Jillian Palmer
Chase Everyone reacts differently to different food- milk isn't a trigger for me either.

Khalid Munir
Come on guys give her some positive news...you are terrifying her.

Joy L Wildermuth
I did. Clean eating will detox her body if she makes it a lifestyle change during her pregnancy her baby might not have any acid issues either. Since I do know some are born with it.

Kerrin Barnes
That's when it started for me... Pre pregnancy id never had any reflux.

Rosanne McDonald
Silvers Mine acid reflux got so bad during both of my pregnancies. I was living on tums. My doctor wasn't much help, either.

Jillian Palmer
Chase As crazy as this sounds when I was pregnant I had zero symptoms - yes 0, nada, zilch- other than the complications from non gerd related things- best 9 months ever--- hope you get the same !! Dr was amazed. Never even needed a tums!!
Oh and congratulations !!

Vicky Patrick
Same here ! I felt the best ever when pregnant both times!

Tammy Lee
I've had GERD since 2004,after the passing of my daughter and it doesn't seem to be any worse as of now thank gosh. So far I'm 2 1/2 months along and hope the heartburn stays to a minimum!!!!!

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Elizabeth Rudd Greene
Have you tried probiotics and enzymes. The probiotics will also help your baby.

Vincent Regan
I have tried 10 different probiotics and none of them work very well until I found this one Culturelle.

Nikkie Grimshaw
Congrats! I carried on taking Omeprazole throughout both my pregnancies. All was fine!


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