'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

For what to take medicine, GERD never healed

Gerd never healed - I'm so frustrated. What is even the point of taking medication? (I take this daily and have for many months) Sometimes, I'm fine and, while symptoms are present, they're mild and easy to ignore (like, I'll be about to drink 6 Cokes a day and not actively suffer). Right now, I'm in hell.

On Thursday, I went to dinner with my mom. I had tilapia and asparagus with a creamy sauce and avocado. My stomach is usually not bothered with those. But also drank two glasses of wine, and they were HUGE. It was more like four. And I forced myself to finish the food when I was full because it was too small for a box. I have chronic fatigue, so after getting home 2-3 hours later, it was only a few hours before I went to bed, but I could already feel my throat burning. I didn't do anything about it - I was too tired.

So, of course, I wake up with more pain, and a tiny bit of congestion from the mucus-acid battle for my throat (my throat is the one that lost). I figure it'll go away after a bit. Now it's Sunday night, and I've only been getting worse and worse.

The congestion is now an all-day thing causing a headache and pressure changes. My voice started going out yesterday, and I can barely squeak today. I spent the day yesterday slowly sipping and gargling baking soda water. At first (Friday night), it was a massive relief, but at the end of the day yesterday, I was still worse.

I've avoided soda (very rare for me) and have only been drinking chamomile, fennel, and ginger teas, water, and baking soda from time to time. All weekend. I've tried to avoid trigger foods (another thing I rarely do), but it's not helping at all. I feel like I'm dying, and it's making me miserable. I can't do anything but watch TV, and the headache's making that difficult now. I don't know what to do.

I guess I've learned that my out-of-season allergies probably aren't even allergies.


Gordon Quach
Stop eating fatty food and drinking only water , so no more cokes or wine , you have to know what your situation is , we’re not like normal people who can have nice things to eat anymore , except it and overcome , i wish you get well soon

Lani Franz-Kindred
That's something I've been avoiding at least for the past few days since this terrible flare, yet the symptoms have only gotten worse instead of Bette. :(

Gordon Quach
If you can’t stand for it , seek your specialist asap to figure it out .

Chrystal Jade
Even when you have eaten those things a few days ago it’ll still be in your body he seems why your feeling like this

Irfan Khan
coke and toilet cleaner have same PH value. it will damage your kidneys also and causes cancer if you will continue to drink regularly

Jenny Arnold
1 sip of wine and im done for.😕 the symptoms stay around for a while.. its best to avoid all the triggers. Creamy sauces and wine are very bad combo!! They make my voice disappear in minutes and block my nose. It's just easier to avoid them. The meds won't stop a flare up if you carry on eating "bad", which is unfortunately bad for us. I don't take PPI meds. Eat well most of the time and I don't suffer then. I can handle some craft or light beer sometimes. Sorry your sufferinf.

Rebecca Pedone
You have to eat light and know what you can manage
I don’t take ppi anymore no help but like went to dinner tonight Olive Garden so hard a lot of garlic in a lot of meals but I ate light no wine I had water small amount salad , 1 lasagna Frita from appetizer,
1 bread stick , very small bread with artichoke dip and only a few bites of actual meal pasta veggies chicken wine lemon sauce and that more than I would ever eat but it’s a restaurant that I barely do

Lani Franz-Kindred
They don't seem to be working for me either, but I'm afraid I'll just be worse if I stop then

Rebecca Pedone
And for once no reflux but I did take 300 mg Zantac ahead of time and it was st 2:30 no food rest of day accept herbal tea

Yvonne Robertson
What happens is, you get healed by the meds , then you feel good so you go back to eating the wrong foods and your fine for awhile because your stomach is healed. But after awhile the wrong foods catch up to you and undo all the healing the medication did . So , yes , you end up back at square one again.

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Michelle Bunney
Yes I seem like this. I've been on a high dose of ppis and started to eat normal foods again and now I've lowered my ppi I seem to be back to square one I can't eat like I use to. It's hard getting use to I go through stages of being good then going back for he treats then feeling it later x.

Jenny Arnold
The meds trick us in to believing we are ok.. you have to change diets then you can wean yourself off the PPI.

Julie Pursel
Yeah when a flare up is that bad for me it takes time for it to go away. I’m so sorry you’re in pain. It’s horrible. I know that wine can be a huge trigger. Just continue to eat really bland and light meals if you can eat at all and drink water. Gaviscon can help.

Lani Franz-Kindred
Thanks so much. I'm doing my best right now. Does it usually end up getting worse before it gets better for you?

Julie Pursel Lani Franz-Kindred
yes it can. I had a MAJOR flare up recently. Guess I got carried away with the wrong food. But yeah it felt worse and every time I ate ANYTHING I felt sick. It feel like it’s never going away. I even had lost weight because of not being able to eat much. Honestly it’s taken at least a couple weeks to feel better. I just started drinking ginger tea and adding Manukah honey in it. Eating freakin plain baked chicken and a baked potato or sweet potato regularly. I mean no spice. Nothing lol. You’ll feel better.

Julie Pursel Lani Franz-Kindred
I ate not the greatest this evening so I’m staying up late. I wait 3 to 4 hours before going to bed.

Kim Bamling
I take a tablet a day but still need to cut out all of the bad food and drink. Taking the tablet doesn’t mean all symptoms will stop unfortunately (waiting for a miracle pill that will!)
I have to eat light and healthy and I can only drink still water 😕 x

Nicola Mason
It actually sounds like a sinus problem I suffer with my sinuses and that also makes my gerd worse....if I have congestion and pressure in my head it's usually a sinus infection

Lani Franz-Kindred
It seemed that the gerd caused the sinus issue, especially since my throat was already burning from dinner, and the mucous didn't start until after sleeping

Nicola Mason
My sinuses caused my gerd ha when I was first diagnosed with my chronic sinusitis years ago I was told it was a massive contributor to reflux due to post nasal drip it's all connected so something else to add to the list ha.

Caroline Rose
It was probably the fat in the creamy sauce and avocado, not to mention that asparagus is high fodmap. :( I used to be able to eat asparagus, but the last time I did (a couple of weeks ago), I turned into a burp factory for about 24 hrs. Asparagus is still growing in my garden, but I have been too afraid to eat it, so have been giving it away. I also tried a KETO diet for a while to see is that would help with SIBO. The only good thing about eating a high saturated fat diet was that my total cholesterol finally went over 160 (under 160 and you are at risk of having a stroke). But my gastritis was becoming unbearable. Somehow I ended up at the 'Medical Medium's' website and he says that gerd, reflux, and sibo are caused by a bacterial infection (I already figured that). He said to eat a low fat diet, no dairy, and no eggs because the bad bacteria loves those things. So I quit putting ghee and coconut oil on everything, haven't eaten any dairy or eggs, and had only minimal lean meat (along with low fodmap fruits & veggies) for the last few days. It's working because my stomach no longer feels like it is on fire. The food deprivation really sucks though!

Lady Setiram
everytime i have symptoms i eat young guava leaves it helps me alot. im not taking any meds no digestive enzymes either. i eat all i want but no soda and coffee.

James Phillips
So, I’ve been doing a lot of research on this. I have been dealing with GERD since 2012. I am in the military and my flare ups usually hit me while I am deployed (probably anxiety induced). What I have found is that sleeping on your left hand side makes a lot of the difference. Do your research on why. I have also found articles about the fermentation that happens in the digestive system when you eat certain foods. Another theory for treatment is eliminating (not completely though) complex carbohydrates. There is a fine line we can walk if we are careful. To tell you the truth, I cut carbs for a week, started sleeping on my left hand side, and started introducing CRAZINESS back into the diet. No problems as of yet!

Cindy Quesenberry
Even with the meds, overeating and the wine is my guess hon. I've been there. One bad flare can last days, weeks or months. The ONLY thing I've found to really control my symptoms is diet. There is no rhyme or reason to this disease. It's crazy unpredictable. :(
What I did discover through my food journal is that what I eat today may not bother me until tomorrow, or days later. So yes, we might be symptom free the day we go out to eat, but boy can it catch up to us. Sounds like that's where you are at now.


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