'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Anyone who has cured their GERD through extreme lifestyle changes

Curious - have any of you known anyone who has cured their GERD through extreme lifestyle changes (changing what you eat, medication/yoga to relieve stress, and weight loss?) I'm really trying to hold on to hope as I can't imagine living the rest of my life feeling this way - and eating such a limited diet!


Yvonne Robertson
Yes my son, now I'm working on myself, i can't give up coffee, I'm weak. When i get stressed i drink coffee. I'm stressed a lot :( I'm going to get another coffee pot to brew hot water for herb tea, make it more easily available. That way i can just reach for hot water in pot instead of microwaving water.

Yvonne Robertson
Just saw where u mentioned limited diet, no way around that. Its a lifetime change.

Khalid Munir
yes i have changed alot and many symptoms gone ....i do physical exercises, hanging out with friends,my most diet is juices and vegetables.. i take coffee one time per week...i meditate..thats all...

Martha Lopez
I changed my diet and I'm doing accupuncture. I haven't been able to lose weight but I stopped gaining. I'm currently pregnant and still do both and honestly I don't have any more GERD symptoms but I'm still worried that it might get bad as baby gets bigger :/

Chris Collier Degurse
I dont think it is curable. But it is controllable.

Lisa DeSanti
Exercise and smaller meals. Drink coffee seldom.

Shireen Graham
Okay good. I needed to hear something positive. Good luck to all of you on your search for relief! I'm started a food diary and discovering I'm pretty limited.

Michele Pratt
get an electric tea kettle, i got mine at walmart. so great to have when you have gerd! http://www.walmart.com/ip/Presto-Electric-Tea-Kettle/5969533

Shireen Graham
On a positive note, the extra 20 lbs will be gone in no time 😐

Candace Musmeci
I'm doing good changes, weight loss and yoga.. I'm completely symptom free after yoga classes! So I'm trying to add in more practice time, but it can be hard :). Don't stop!

Nicola Joyce
Just curious as to why an electric kettle is good for here?

Terry Carson
Your body will tell you but yes your lifestyle is changed and your are on a healing path with whole foods and clean water.

Candace Musmeci
Everyone is different. I cringe when I see people drink coffee...ever! Lol. Or a tomatoe slice!

Nicole Punk Winton
I manage GERD pretty well through diet, lifestyle and vitamins.

Angel Nicholson
There's been a few on here, but they leave after they are cured.

Beverley Mercer
Yes. Changed diet to gluten free, no fat, low sugar, low dairy. Stopped taking nexium. Started taking liquorice dgl and slippery elm. Along with ginger & turmeric capsules and probiotics.

SalMy Azahari Yusoff
I have good days and bad days. Bad days happens when something out of the ordinary kicks in. Eg. I'm sick and need meds & antibiotics. Otherwise lifestyle modification helps to control my GERD.

Ashley soto
My GERD is practically gone, due to lifestyle changes. but now i must get my mother stomach issue under control but dietary/lifestlye shifts. (rapid gastric emptying)

Nathalie Edwards-Leroux
Hi Ashley soto, it's so amazing what you can do when you just know what's going on. diagnosis helps so much because it gives you a way to finally approach figuring out how to live with it. i'm so glad you have found a period of remission. i'm lucky enough to be going through a remissive period myself right now. yesterday i even ate spaghetti with meat sauce!!! and i ate chocolate coconut milk icecream for dessert! can you imagine? last year i couldn't imagine ever eating tomato sauce again. i've even started decreasing my dependance on PPIs by only taking mine every second day ( a trick my doctor recommended for me to ween myself off of them). but i've been exercising and i've been soooooooo much less stressed since i finished my masters degree. i hope that gives everyone else here a little hope. probably it will not last forever, i know that i will battle this demon again like i have so many times before, but right now i am just sucking up the goodness of not being sick. and man is it every good.


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