'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Can GERD/Acid Reflux be totally cured?

Can GERD/Acid Reflux be totally cured?


Lynne Childers Mcintyre

Jackline Tannouri
How Lynn?

Tara Nd Steven
Wright Operation

Lynne Childers
Mcintyre Severe diet change and I got off ppi’s! NO surgery

Pearl Completed Journey
Lynne Childers Mcintyre what is your diet now ?

Lynne Childers
Mcintyre Pearl Completed Journey no gluten, no sugar, no dairy(although I do eat yogurt and a little cheese), only nightshade I eat is tomatoes! I had food allergy testing, so I stay away from those! I did the whole 30 diet for 3 months and then ver slowly added foods back in! I kept a log for what triggers and stay away from those! Got off ALL stomach meds, it’s what worked for me!

Pearl Completed Journey
Lynne Childers Mcintyre thank you ! Will try

Lynne Childers Mcintyre
Pearl Completed Journey also No chocolate and No caffeine! My two favorites! Ugh!

Valent Vincent
Controlles yes, totally cured no. Even if you never experience simptoms again, who knows it will come again 10 or 20 years later if you eat everything

Chet Mendiola Vijiga
Stay away from not-so-good food and try not to be too anxious

Lisa Marlo
I had bad symptoms for years, tried intermittent fasting, after 30 days of consistently doing this way of eating, symptoms almost gone, after 60, completely gone, still IF, its been 5 months, gut healing.....this works.

Blake Parrots
I had very severe GERD, found getting my gut health back in order was vital. I control now with gaviscon which reduces my symptoms to nothing. Probiotics, eating food earlier rather than late and having a comfy pillow prop me up slightly in bed helps tremedously.

Karen Cheung
Did u have bloating issues after eating? Which Gaviscon are u taking? The UK Advanced liquid?

Blake Parrots
Yes, I still get some bloating even now. Gaviscon dual action. It is much better at preventing reflux during the night. I was on omeprazole 40mg ranitidine 20mg once daily for 10 months or so.

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Louise Voss
Thurn Depends on your individual situation. Each person is different. Control can help.
One recommendation to all who have some type of reflux seems to be to elevate the head of your bed. I have found that a bed wedge (8-12 inches high) made of very firm foam is one thing that can help somewhat. At least it is a start. Professionals who work with GERD/LPR people also recommend. In most cases, it is one of the first things a doctor suggests. Most mattress factory stores can have a wedge made.

Susan Thomas
I’m not having any right now. I would say the esophageal erosion is cured, and as long as the reflux is not happening I’m good. I still have a hiatal hernia, must be careful what I eat and how I take medications.

Lisa Marlo
Yes, smallest meal in evening and 3 hrs before bed is super helpful.

Julie Pursel That’d be awesome!!!! I think as long as you stick to an acid free diet it would make the biggest difference.

Simos Pazios
Curing something is totally different than following a diet that will be very helpful. Actually there is no cure, there is only a fight against symptoms

Lynne Childers Mcintyre
And it’s posts like this one that I don’t share the recipe for healing

Cindy Quesenberry
Lynne Childers Mcintyre, not sure what you mean by "posts like this one".

Terrence Feliciano
I believe, yes. as I did. with high-strain probiotics to balance gut flora and heal inflammation in the stomach, meditation for anxiety and body healing and lastly, lifestyle change.


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