'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Heal ACID REFLUX through the keto diet

I noticed a huge difference changing my diet. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve mainly been eating a keto diet. I usually have to sleep on a wedge, but I’ve put that to the side and have been sleeping flat. 😊. Of course, this past Tuesday was my birthday, and I ate anything I wanted. The wedge had to be used that night. 😏. Also, of course there is the weight loss which is a plus. I haven’t been needing my prescription stomach meds either! I have a sense of calmness in me and people have noticed as well. The documentary called The Magic Pill on Netflix got me interested in this diet. Now, I’m not saying this diet is for everyone. I will inform my doctor about this diet change and I will ask her to keep testing whatever to make sure I live a healthy life. Good luck to everyone here! I’ve found my solution.


Kelly Trebizo-Rodriguez
That’s awesome that you found something that works for you! Keep up the good work!

Kelly Scott
I've been on it for a week. I have felt better too. When I did get just a little heartburn I drank some ginger tea and felt much better.

Rosemarie Bray
Glad u have found something thats helps and makes u feel much better. But since diagnosed with gerd last May I have lost a stone and half and I really can’t lose any more hopefully.

Diana Chan
What is keto diet? I need to explore!

Maria-Laura Flores
Low carb high fat diet mainly.

Vanessa Medigovich Its hard to fathom that fats are really good for us! Society has taught us otherwise with all the "low fat" products in the grocery store...

Mary Essenburg
The low fat products have a ton of sugar and calories. Sugar isn't filling and it's addictive, so people just eat more. It sells more food...We are being lied to :(

Maria-Laura Flores
Yep, that documentary was an eye opener for sure.

Debra Evans
Interesting. I am for anything that works for each individual. Since we are so different and some of us have several conditions which causes even more issues, I sure there are many different avenues to get to the same end. Glad you found something that works.

Chrissy Field
This is the biggest thing I've learned from these groups. It's a lot of experimention to find what works for you, which may not work for someone else.

Duncan Humphries
Maria-Laura Flores, will you share what a typical day looks like for your keto? What type of, and how much, fat are you eating each day and when?

Maria-Laura Flores
I’ll try. Main beverage is water filtered with alkaline water pitcher. I highly recommend even bottled water to be filtered. I do have 1 cup of coffee with heavy whip cream and stevia in the morning. Sliced avocados or sliced berries as snacks. Meats without breads or grains. For a hamburger I place it on a bed of lettuce, with cheese, pickles, avocados, mayo, tomato, and a little ketchup. Sides are mainly salads with my ranch (not light) dressing. Or grilled veggies. We are still trying out recipes. My sugar craving is slowly going away. Having sugar free jello with whipping cream helps with that. Or cheese with cold cuts.

Meg Junker
Keto diet is 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs (% coming from your daily caloric intake) No more than 25 g of carbs ever.

Duncan Humphries
The reason I ask is because high fat intake has been linked to LES relaxation and delayed gastric emptying, both of which are linked to GERD. For some people, a keto diet triggered their reflux, but for others it cured it. What Maria-Laura Flores describes here doesn't sound like 75% of what she eats is fat, but maybe it is. Maria-Laura Flores, what do you think initially caused your GERD?

Meg Junker
Duncan Humphries I have gerd and sibo and keto has worked wonders for me. I cannot do cheese/dairy or artificial anything. I would not recommend sugar free substitutes as the body can treat a lot of them the way that it does sugar. I also can not do fatty cuts of meat, that sets off gerd. I recommend eggs, salmon, grass fed red meats, grass fed butter. tons of veggies cooked in coconut oil. Eat tbls of coconut oil. Making salads with avocado and olive oil dressing. (Nothing from a bottle as it’s processed and has extra fillers and most often sugar.

Meg Junker
Cold cuts are also not a good option imo. They are full of nitrates. Berries, tomatoes and all that should not be introduced until you are deep into ketosis and even then they need to be kept very moderate.

Maria-Laura Flores
acidic stuff and carbonated drinks caused my GERD I believe. Like I used to love dipping my hamburger and fries into ketchup. And the beer back in the day fully dressed with lemon juice and salt. I regret the beer drinking the most. I think that did it.

Donna Batty
Funny enough I was looking at keto diet yesterday? How did you start off Maria-Laura Flores.

Maria-Laura Flores
Watching the documentary. We got about 3 books about it with recipes since. Luckily I had 4 co-workers that have tried it so I got some tips from them. It makes making meals so much easier. I just took up grilling so I like to grill the meats on Sunday for the week. Today I want to throw on the grill along with the meats some jalapeño poppers (sliced jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon).

Maria-Laura Flores
I might not do well with the jalapeños but I’m gonna give it a try. I keep forgetting that certain foods will trigger the GERD. I have a feeling it will.

Daved Hild
Without a Gallbladder this diet is not for me!

Sara Megson
Yes me too. Went from severe acid reflux that had me up 3 times in the night to it completely gone and I am off meds for it. Keto rocks.

Vanessa Medigovich
Sara Megson i agree its a good way to go. I believe keto doesnt included any processed foods, right? Processed foods have a lot of bad things in it making reflux worse.

Sara Megson
Vanessa Medigovich there are different styles of Leto. I avoid processed foods as I feel they are not good for reflux. For me I keep my carbs under 20 grams and dont cheat with fake un natural sugars. I dont want chemicals. I also only eat grass fed butter and cheese.

Vanessa Medigovich
Sara Megson i just added grass fed butter to replace my vegetable oil sprays for cooking too.

Stephanie Dye
I'm thinking about checking into this too. I've had several people suggest that I try it out. I'm so glad you're doing better! I hope it stays that way!!!


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