'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

I felt a lil achiness & pain in the upper sternum area. I never had this before with my gerd or acid reflux

So last night I felt a lil achiness & pain in the upper sternum area. Now I woke up & it’s 1am I notice fullness & pressure upper abdomen/chest and pain. No burning or anything just off and on pain and pressure. I never had this before with my gerd or acid reflux. I’ve had the pressure but never pain/achiness? It’s kinda scaring me and making me a lil short of breath. Thoughts?! I circled below where the pain is.
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Samantha Foxman
I have this issue. its related to my gerd and hiatal hernia.

Cynthia Fajardo Mendoza
Same here it can be gerd and hiatal hernia. try to relax and drink warm water.

Katherine Davies
It's all linked to gerd, and a hiatus hernia. It's pretty scary isn't it.

Tanya Amlee
Yes I’ve never felt this before. I am debating togo in but don’t want to waste a trip for gerd.

Jeanette Moroney
Yes I get this with my Gerd and gastritis i don't have a hiatus hernia but i also have ibs C/D since gallbladder was removed I also get terrible burning and then sometimes just pure pressure and pain which often turns out to be gas from everything.

Tanya Amlee
Yes it’s awful and I’m so tired but so bloated I can’t sleep

Jeanette Moroney
Tanya Amlee if you have gaviscon or Zantac or even nexium which can be bought at chemist otherwise get doc to perscribe you something if you haven't already that is I find motilium good for bloating not sure if they can be got everywhere hope you get a little relief its horrible been kept awoke with it.

Tanya Amlee
Jeanette Moroney ok I’ll look into these. I’m newly dx & have silent reflux usually.

Paul Phoenix
I have had this several times in the past year, mine feels bloated and full, pain that is there and in my sides and even into my back a bit!

Tanya Amlee
Not in my back... yet.... but it’s awful 😫

Paul Phoenix
Tanya Amlee it was mostly around the front were you have shown but I felt it a little in my back.

Yenifar Snaed
Mines is the same in my back what is this that you have x.

Paul Phoenix
I have no idea, I’ve had reflux issues for 20 years, but if it got bad I took omeprazole for a few weeks then it generally settled. But the past 12 months I started getting flutters in my sternum and at different times bloating etc and the symptoms above!
I’m now taking ranitidine daily as I felt omeprazole was not right for me ... so far so good.

Dave Proctor
That's exactly where I get pain and the severity differs from a dull ache to truly excruciating. I've found walking around my house rubbing it seems to ease it more than sitting down.

Tanya Amlee
I’m trying to walk around but it’s 2am so I’m tip toeing so I don’t wake my kids!! The struggle.

Carol Muller
Dave Proctor you. I think mine is muscular? I'm much better laying down. Otherwise heartburn symptoms ALL day.

Tanya Amlee
I took ibprophine and the pain is gone but still a lot of tightness & pressure.

Ibuprofen not good with gerd. Make sure you take with food.

Elena Ellis Fitzpatrick
I had pain in the same spot and also bloating of belly, I do not have GERD but i do have LPR (silent reflux), Dr sent me for endoscopy which revealed a 2cm hiatus hernia.

Cindy Langley
How are they treating you?

Elena Ellis Fitzpatrick
Its a bit of a long story! I had a rare Skull base tumour removed last August, pre op I was scoped nasally by my ENT surgeon who asked if I had acid reflux to which I said no, he could see my voicebox was inflamed and told me to take omeprazold for ten weeks. The surgery I had entailed moving my vagus nerve, post op I took a lot of pain killers, my first problem was a couple of weeks post op when I hsd facial flushing after everything I ate, my GP ordered blood tests and came back as perimenopausal, thd flushing went on for a couple of months, then changed into a dry mouth and also my tongue and gums sting, I googled thr symptoms and it came up with BMS which makes sense as the tumour I had removed is a disease of thd peripheral neevous system. My GP has offered me antidepressants, omeprazole and ranitidine (zantax in the States?), I have not taken any because since my surgery where I was filled with medication, plus the pain killers after has scared me off meds which I feel inflated maybe the underlying problem. I now see a naturopath who is working to heal my gut, I am b12, iron and Vit D deficient as my stomach does not work properly. Seeing my ENT surgeon at Liverpool UK tomorrow and hopefully get some more answers. I think I have had underlying problems all my life which are now surfacing. Sorry for the long post.

Cindy Langley
Elena Ellis Fitzpatrick thank you for explaining! I know about the vagus nerve. What an ordeal you’ve been through. I hope you feel better! Are you taking any meds Cindy Langley?

Daved Hild
Technically all those conditions are part of GERD diagnosis even if it’s silent reflux.
The hiatal hernia main symptom if it’s large enough is Reflux Disease!
Naproxen,Motrin,Antibiotics and Tramadol contributed to my GERD.
Sorry you’ve had so many health issues.

Paul Phoenix
If we have hiatus hernia, how do we treat it? Should we do anything?

Daved Hild
Depends on its size mine is very small and sleep head elevation low fat diet modification and my 40 mg of Omeprazole a day keep the symptoms at bay.

Paul Phoenix
I’ve been taking 150mg of ranitidine and since that I seem to have very little symptoms.

Related Post: I hate GERD! I can barely eat without having acid reflux.

Rebecca McCue
I get this at night sometimes too. I find walking, calming down and doing stretches of that area and big belly breaths helps. I also take Zantac and dgl licorice.

Paul Phoenix
Mine so far has always happened at night... never any other time.

Cindy Langley
I started with this after I broke down and ate a chicken sandwich from McDonalds. (Big mistake). I’ve had pain now in that same spot for 2 weeks along with constipation/diarrhea off and on.

Brenda Shoemake
Sometimes I feel as if my muscles in this area “seize” — tight as if I have the strongest abs in the world and they won’t relax.
(I don’t).

Carol Muller
My muscles get really tight there also. I use my fingers and dig down under my ribs to massage it.

Daved Hild
If you haven’t seen a GI get your Primary Care or regular Doctor to refer you to one if they think it’s necessary.
I’ve had these symptoms and my GI found a hiatal hernia during an ordered Endoscopy and I get excess Bile in my stomach probably due to no longer having a gallbladder.
The biopsies taken during Endoscopy can rule out bacterial infection and lots of other things.
I sleep with my head elevated do only a small meal at a time low fat diet.
I got a lot of relief from George’s Aloe Vera Water mixed with Aloe Vera Gel.
I also did digestive enzymes and probiotics.
I still get a hoarse throat occasionally from the Reflux but mostly in remission now.
I’m on Omeprazole 40 mg for 2 1/2 more months than my GI wants me to wean myself off of it completely.

Jeff Roberts
See your dr to rule out but pain, pressure and heart palpitations can be part of reflux and certainly anxiety makes it worse

Tanya Amlee
Thank you all so much with your comments and helping me through the night. I’m fine now and I had a lot of tmi gas and bloatiness I guess that was causing my pressure and pain. I need to change my diet around as well.

Cindy Quesenberry
I have a hiatal hernia and that is exactly where my discomfort is. For a quick fix, I take the generic form of extra strength Maalox (not mint flavor!). Helps everytime. Does great for gas and bloating, by the way.

Tanya Amlee
I do have h pylori!

Zainab Jaafar
Did you take the antibiotics?

Tanya Amlee
Zainab Jaafar I did back than but I got pregnant and stopped and it never went away. I honestly want to try to cure it naturally. Antibiotics ruined my gut and gave me overgrowth of candidia in my gut also. I had a stool test a year ago and still had both.

Zainab Jaafar
Tanya Amlee You should be on pylera. Sorry to tell you this but hpylori is a very strong bacteria that only pylera can kill. The bacteria can eventually destroy your health. That is what is causing your abdominal pain. I just finished my 10 days of pylera and I’m feeling much better.

Tanya Amlee
Zainab Jaafar I’ll look into this! I know I need to treat it.

Zainab Jaafar
Tanya Amlee pylera is the 10 day course of antibiotics. I took it with a probiotic and a ppi for 10 days. It was horrible, I feLt awful during the treatment but much better once I finished. Now Im much better. I ontinue taking the probiotic and manuka honey before bed time.

Daved Hild Tanya Amlee
I agree with both of you and sometimes having to do more the medical standard for getting rid of a resistant bacterial strain/infection than natural and alternative may actually be the healthiest choice right now.
I have a recommendation for an Enzyme based Candida remedy product and a good Probiotic if you want?
I do Vitamin D4 and liquid B12 Complex since I’m on Omeprazole for a couple more months.
I got C-diff Colon bacterial infection from the hospital after Emergency Colon surgery in 2013 for diverticulitis and infection.
I had to do two powerful meds that can cause tendinitis and horrible side effects luckily that didn’t happen and the treatment was successful.
My Colon Surgeon recommended probiotics after that ordeal.
It took a year to recover from that surgery alone.
Get rid of that bacteria is my advice sounds like than you will be well?

Tanya Amlee D
Daved Hild I’m going to get into my doctor next week. Thank you for all this Info it’s very informative.

Paul Phoenix
Can h pylori be treated or cured ? I don’t know what it is or how you know if you have it.

Zainab Jaafar
Yes, with a strong course of antibiotics. You need to do an endoscopy and have a biopsy First.

Daved Hild
You get prescribed Amoxycillin Omeprazole more antibiotics and will need to do a good multi Probiotic everyday.
There are tests a Doctor can do as well as samples or biopsies sent to lab during an Endoscopy to detect and diagnose it.

Vanessa Medigovich
Interesting. I only had like a sharp pain right there once before and even touching the outside of my stomach felt weird, like the pain waa even on the outside. My gerd is mostly a coughing/ or light throat burning and trouble swallowing. If really bad, i get jittery like a bad hangover, using in the AM if i slept flat. That hasnt happened in 3 mo tho...i think i have silent reflux tho.

Becky Gail
That is exactly where my pain is and it goes into my chest.I will say though taking HCL with Pepsin and Black Cumin seeds and turmeric and black pepper and honey cures mine and keeps it away.What I figured out after an upper GI scan where it came back with gastritis,GERD ,Gastroparesis I had to get my inflammation undercontrol.U combine Low stomach acid and Inflammation and u Gastritis.It's not a cure but I can eat pretty much anything I want and not suffer anymore.I do have flare ups but they r not horrible.Thats how I fixed my issues I freaked out when my internal doc wanted to take my perfectly fine gallbladder.I was like no thanks I am out of here.lol side note to be fair my gallbladder is full of stones but it's not the cause of my stomach pain.that much I am certain of.


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