'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Neck ache because of the lump in the throat associated with LPR or GERD

Does anyone else experience neck ache because of the lump in the throat associated with LPR or GERD. I actually think I'm dealing with LPR. By neck ache I mean at the front and the back of the neck. General stiffness, constant discomfort etc.


Morgan Combs
I do! This has been happening to me for almost two weeks. It feels like it wraps around from the back to the front and almost is crampy at times. Very uncomfortable and stiff. I also suffer from anxiety so that adds to it.

Matthew Brett
Yeah, just wanted to know I'm not the only one. Thanks for the comment.

Amanda Drake
Yes, me too! This is how mine started... thrust pains and neck ache. They were the only symptoms and still the major ones after a week of lansoprazole. Not too bad now apart from when I eat although ent have said my voice box is very red 😩

Morgan Combs
My worst symptom is lump in my throat. Other than that, my reflux is more so silent.

Amanda Drake
I have the lump too. Never experienced anything like this before. And just before a long awaited holiday. Typical!

Morgan Combs
My lump in the throat has been going on for almost two weeks. I’m sorry you’re dealing with it also! It has caused me numerous panic attacks and for a week, I only ate soap and smoothies basically. I’m starting to eat more whole again but I still get the lump sensation and sometimes it feels as though I will choke (that may be more anxiety though).

Morgan Combs
Feel free to add me for support, Amanda! No one should have to suffer alone.

Amanda Drake
Morgan Combs I also suffer from anxiety and have done for a long time. Have suffered from Ibs for years aswell. I’m sure it’s all linked but it’s very difficult to solve all of the issues and they feed off each other!

Morgan Combs
For sure! I also have IBS but with a good probiotic, it isn’t noticeable. Anxiety I’ve had for over ten years. It’s definitely hard to manage it all and you’re right it does all link and feed from each other.

Katie Hills
Yes me too. Feels like pulled neck muscles.

Jean Johnson Skinner
Anyone else have problems with food going down/feeling stuck? I also have lump in throat and clicking sound when swallowing. Help please.

Alyssa Whitebone
I have had a lump / stuck like feeling in my throat for two months. I got scoped at the ENT and I have an ulcer, which is the "lump" I feel and a lot of inflammation. I'm going back tomorrow to discuss full endoscopy to check for more ulcers. They put me on Omeprazole once a day in the morning about a month ago to try to eliminate that ulcer but no luck yet. Have you gone to the doctor yet? It may be an ulcer you are feeling. Best of luck - I know how irritating the feeling is.

Jean Johnson Skinner
I have gone to the doctor but they don’t seem to be bothered by it. The worst part is when my food gets stuck and this constant lump feeling. I always worry about that ugly cancer word.

Alyssa Whitebone
Jean Johnson Skinner I completely understand. I always worry about that too but try not to. GERD / silent reflux and such are pretty common it seems and it is most important to treat the reflux and ulcers (if you have them) before it gets bad.
I would contact your doctor again and definitely advocate for yourself. Ask them to refer you to an ENT as the first step. If it's in the throat area like mine was, the ENT can likely scope you in the office to see if it's an ulcer. It's uncomfortable but fast.

Lori Richards
Yes it's been like that since Oct. In Nov it got really bad, I spend 3 days in the hospital test after test only to find out it's from acid reflux.

Kim Bo
Hi guys I too had been having the same problem. Then the other day someone posted that you go onto you tube and search globus throat exercises. I picked linden method video. I have been doing the exercises all week and have found a huge improvement. Almost gone away. No harm in trying.

Arise N Shine
I just posted about my throat yesterday. Three days feeling like my throat is tight and it makes swallowing uncomfortable when eating. I think I am feeling what you are feeling! TERRIBLE.

Ursula Zimnoch Walendzewicz
For those of you who have a lump in the throat? Is it constant? Does it truly ever go away or just the burning does away? Today have the biggest headache and heartburn!!

Lena Hagstroem
If you manage to figure out what you can and cant eat it can go away.

Elaine Thompson
I found taking aloe Vera Juice and gargling with apple cider vinegar and then also drinking acv for a few days has helped.

Maria Söderström
Mine does not go away but gets better when my gerd is somewhat under control. I recently ate a medicin i should’nt have and now it is back in full force😕 along with pains and nausea. I cant take a bath, lie on my back or things like that because of the lump feels like it preassures the breathing. If it was only anxiety it would go away when im mentally strong (it happens😄) but i can’t get rid of it.

Eunice Felix Lag-ang
hi Ursula i felt that way too. constant lump in the throat but noheartburn. i figured that sugar be it natural can trigger my gerd.. ihad only vegetable in my diet then i incorporate rice one day and i dont feel good. so its a no for me.. tried plain oats the next day, still not good... no fruits also..so i stick with just salad. but raw food is still a no for me because i feel a gargling sound in my throat. i tried protein diet just pure meat.. protein shake with L-glutamine powder. its my 5th day without meds and im doing fine.

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Bagheera Paan
I had globus for 3 months straight until I tried d-limonene, disappeared within 2 days. I’ve also figured out my trigger foods so now I hardly ever get it.

Bagheera Paan
Sarika McDonald it’s a citrus essential oil made from orange peel. Works for some, not others but I thought why not give it a try and glad I did. I only need one capsule for it to take effect, others may need more time for it to work

Khalid Munir
Yes it goes away in my case whenever i avoid dairy products , control stress and sound sleeping.


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