'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Severe GERD and the symptoms complicate my Crohn's Disease treatment

Hello. Thank you for adding me. I have severe GERD and the symptoms complicate my Crohn's Disease treatment. On the 16th I have surgery to wrap my stomach around my esophagus. I am scared because the surgery will definitely challenge me body. I have no immune system and I am petrified of infection. Looking forward to meeting others experiencing similar challenges.


James R. Robinson
You are having a Nissen fundoplication?

Sage Day
Yes. Sorry, I forgot I am chatting with folks who know the procedure ;)

Steve Lisowski
Overall, the published success rate is quite high, over 90%. In matters like this, it's normal to be afraid, but you can only go with the statistics. You are 90% or likely to have relief so stick with that!

René Rudolph
Welcome Kelly Day. I also have crohn's. What medicine for crohn's are you on? Good luck with the surgery. I hope it helps!

Bryan Cotherman
I will pray for you Kelly. I believe in prayer. Everything will be alright. Try to focus on the bright side, and think positive. Don't let negativity into your mind. Focus on getting well. God bless you.

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Sage Day
Thanks so much! Rene, I am currently just on Entocort. I have tried Lialda, AZA, Prednisone, and many other meds. I am on 3 medications for GERD. Remicade begins as soon as I heal from surgery.

MyrnJyc Reyes
Hope your sugery went well good luck Kelly!

René Rudolph
You're very welcome. I'm also on Entocort. I might be switched to Azathiprine, depending on how the blood work comes back. I hope your GERD and and Crohn's can be well managed. <3

Melinda Moses
As a person who as been through the fundo 3 times myself and being diagnosed by some who thinks that it is chrons and others not so I wish you the best. I recommend that you don't try eating no bread or meats for a long period of time. I still don't this day and my last procedure was over 2 years ago. I would stay with soft foods as much as possible. There is a lot that a physician will not tell you. You will have to learn as you go. People can't tell you neither but you will have to play with your foods don't drink through a straw. You might have difficulty swallowing at first which is normal I got scared during my first one I didn't know that I wasn't really supposed too. Take small steps to you healing process. I would research a diet plan for the nissan and follow that for a while my highest recommendation is though don't try to eat a lot at once and eat smaller meals more frequently.

Sage Day
Thank you all for the advice and encouragement :) xxx.

Anil Bhoge
Try to avoid bakery products and no-veg food.


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