'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Deficiency of Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 root cause of Acid Reflux

Is deficiency of Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 root cause of Acid Reflux.


Tonya Cress Chilcote
I'm sorry to say but no it's not. Lack of B12 can cause your acid to get worse but it's not the problem. I take B12 everyday and still got acid severly bad. Acid reflux is caused from a variety of things including stress, anxiety, eating the wrong kinds of foods.

Ryan Dutt
Root cause is a weakened lower esophageal sphincter (LES). It can get weakened from overeating, stress, lifting weight the wrong way which results in putting too much pressure on the LES.
There are other causes like gastroparesis (stomach not emptying) because of vagus nerve issues which results in differential upward pressure in your stomach. The pressure drives the contents upward into the esophagus which results in reflux.
I think reflux is about the cumulative effects of the LES and the pyloric sphincter.
Other issues like intolerance and allergy for certain foods can also cause reflux.
I encourage you to do your own research.

Ashutosh Bhatnagar
Thank you for Reply. I have LPR i.e burning/ inflammation in left side of my throat since two year back, initially it irritate only now very high burning . My LES/ valve in normal which is confirmed by endoscopy. Can you Suggest any good treatment. Who is suitable specialist for treating this ENT docter or GI docter.

Ryan Dutt
If your LES is ok then there should be no refluxate from your stomach to irritate your throat. Have you done a manometry to check the strength of your LES? Endoscopy is only for inspecting and verifying the health and integrity of the walls of your esophagus; it can't measure LES pressure. I also recommend doing an electrogastrogram.

John Baker
Ryan Dutt New and scanning posts . Yours is very informative. My thoughts are less informed than yours but supports B12 issue - weakness : As suffer if Reflux GERD for 10 years, I beleive Treatment through taking PPI's does not fix the root problem, but is a temporary hack with side effects can actually cause Reflux GERD, as confirmed by the FDA published requirement for DR’s to advise side effects when prescribing: The reduction of B12 levels. (in other words PPI's can make can you weak and fatigued which is bad for a stomach value to open and close as required, staying closed = stomach full of acid going nowhere). Requirements to change diet / eliminate hard foods to digest only confirm the root problem. Consider this. Food is toxic to the body if not broken down and processed property. Symptoms include allergies. Unprocessed food and lead to nurturance’s not extracted, body becomes weak, fatigued, imbalanced. Consider the top of the food processing requirements is a healthy (not over worked) Liver delivering quality bile via a bile concentration & injection gallbladder function. Consider this, a very high % those who have the Gallbladder and its function suddenly removed OR not functioning well find themselves suddenly developing Reflux GERD + IBS soon after. Removing the gallbladder, the liver has to work harder, becomes over worked. Consider bile is also key to transport food through the body, blocked up bloated body occurs when bile is not delivered as food leaving the stomach in the required timely manner, Bile is also required neutralises the stomach acid, Summary - Root cause could be weakness – non performing stomach values muscles INC pyloric sphincter affected by foods not being processed correctly - (passing out of the stomach in a required manner ). And in the case of the Gallbladder removed, continually running weak bile trying to get into the stomach via a weak stomach valve - pyloric sphincter... I can confirm - getting the liver working well, flushed out (eat whatever you like – kid you not), reoccurring Reflux GERD problems will go way –. How to do this when a dishonest surgeon ripped out a gallbladder for all the wrong reasons $$ is a longer story.

John Baker
Oh and the Vagus nerve connection is so so key. Known as the second brain and controls the digestive process - Connected to the Gallbladder and sphincter.. Maybe yhy so so many people who undergo Gallbladder removals suddenly develope Acid Reflux, The nerve is either cut or damaged in some way. Challenge is proving damage. In my case, my surgeon had problems, procedure taking longer because “the GB was connected closely to the liver" and bile duct or damage to a blood vessel occurred . Appranty the surgion could not confirm the difference between them. I found a solution on how to remove Reflux / Gurd problems, but it’s not a cure, just confirms rood cause. I can also confirm , lifting ( doing a landscaping project) , putting pressure on the stomach can kick off the Gurd / gastrituse / IBS / Reflux symptom issues you mention most likely Gastroparesis ( a diagnosis given for problems also from Vagus Nerve Damage ) . Look forward to discovering more of your posts . Thanks J

Jan Wagner
Possibly. I have some other issues that suggest deficiency. Have been supplementing the hell out of B6 B12, D, Mg, K, selenium, chromium, but to no avail. Next K2+D.

Denise Grimes
Never heard that. But we do know that some people get those deficiencies after taking ppis for a long time.

Steven Wood
I find having a empty stomach makes it much worse - the more i eat the less problems

Ashutosh Bhatnagar
I have only problem of throat burning in left side. No other symptoms. Is this GERD or LPR. Is this acid reflux or bile reflux or pepsin reflux. Please give some answer if anybody has

Ryan Dutt
Its probably LPR which is a type of GERD. Hard for me to know whether you have acid or bile or pepsin refluxing though.

Ryan Dutt
I recommend consulting a good gastroenterologist who is familiar with LPR (a lot of them aren't unfortunately).


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