'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Has anyone else tried Aloe Vera juice for LPR / GERD

Has anyone else tried Aloe Vera juice for LPR / GERD? I started a month ago and after a few weeks my symptoms improved immensely. My belching after meals is gone, no more heart burn, I’m no longer waking up choking at night, and I no longer wake up with a sore throat in the morning. I was on PPIs and Zantac before but they only made my symptoms worse. I couldn’t even eat oatmeal without indigestion. I read Aloe Vera juice decreases acid production (if taken before meals) but it has a ton of good enzymes and anti-inflammatory properties to help with digestion. I only took 2 oz per day and still had this experience. I’ve also been mindful of eating slowly and chewing well.


Heather Clarkson
What kind did you take?

Camilla Chalmers
George’s. I read about side effects and it appears they removed the toxic stuff in this juice. I just order it on amazon. http://www.warrenlabsaloe.com/liquids.html

Jen Boyson Supple
This is what I take also!

Mariam R Nurin Camilla Chalmers
omg, I seriously need this. Thank you so much

Susan Payne
I drink a brand from Trader Joe’s but it hadn’t helped much.

Camilla Chalmers
I took it years ago but I didn’t take it regularly enough to notice improvements. Not until I started taking it daily did I notice results. Although, I’m sure it’s not helping everyone.

Mariam R Nurin
Camilla Chalmers how many times a day you take it?

Camilla Chalmers
Mariam R Nurin Twice. 2 oz 20 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

Shafir Hakeem Yiga
I am in Uganda and Aloe Vera is what we use for Gerd and stomach related disorders. It heals the throat better. It is also Better if taken before sleep. Don’t take it everyday though it is such a strong herb. May be three times a week. But also see the doctor to monitor the progress.

Camilla Chalmers
That’s interesting. Yeah, the side effects made me a little worried but the one I’m taking sounded much safer with the toxic ingredients removed.

Sheila Ennis
What about Aloe plant?

Camilla Chalmers
I haven’t tried it but if you search for “side effects Aloe Vera” you might want to be more selective and stick to the juices that have the laxative ingredients removed.

Lori Richards
Where can I buy some, without having to order it?

Rosemary Mason

Lori Richards
Rosemary Mason same brand?

Rosemary Mason

Camilla Chalmers
It looks like they sell it at the Vitamine Shoppe if you have one of those nearby.

Lori Richards
But does the same? What about health food store?

Camilla Chalmers
Lori Richards I would just order it on amazon so you don’t have to run around looking for it. I haven’t seen it in any stores but I haven’t tried very hard.

Gail Heideman
The Walmart brand has citric acid as a preservative, so I’m not sure it’ll do much good for GERD or LPR. Look at the ingredients carefully.

Lori Richards
Gail Heideman what am I looking for in the ingredients? I'm new to all of this..

Gail Heideman
Lori Richards citric acid.

Chelsea Baguley
I noticed after 1 week a difference. This is what I buy. When I use it I see a huge difference. I stop belching on the days I use it.
aloe vera juice for gerd

Magdalena Marsland
So many people recommend it but I'm allergic to Aloe. I'm really tempted to try it as some of my allergies are not so severe!

Chelsea Baguley
I use1-2 oz. 3x's a day 30 minutes before I eat. I get mine at our local health food store, but I did see it in the local super market today in the vitamin section.

Álvaro Parti
Yes it normally works fine but not that powerful, you need to take it regularly in order to see some consistent relief. When not on PPIs I would drink a couple of tablespoons or caps. Be careful tho as it is really laxative.

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Camilla Chalmers
Yes, that’s why I take the kind with the laxative parts removed. George’s Aloe Vera juice sounds better in that way.

Chelsea Baguley
It doesn't do that to me.

Lori Richards
Chelsea Baguley when taking the aloe Vera are we still taking the ppi

Chelsea Baguley
I don't take any medication, so I don't know. I think I've seen others take it that do use ppi. You can ask.

Fernando Gajardo Zapata
I agree with this message I did the same and it help tremendously. Think about it, the acid burns your throat and aloe heal burns.

Ben Pablo
I tried a little bit and while i wouldnt go as far as saying it helped, it is certainly one of the alkaline drinks we can refresh with!


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