'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Having GERD or acid reflux do to the fact that I don't have the main 2 symptoms

Hello all.. New here and new to the GERD as well. I'm still up in the air about having GERD or acid reflux do to the fact that I don't have the main 2 symptoms which is acid reflux or heartburn.. But what I do have:
  • A lot of nausea
  • Lots of gas (burping a lot especially after I eat or drink)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Bloating

This is after a month of symptoms and this is at its best. They have me on famotidine 40mg and this has seemed to calm my stomach acid down enough to finally eat. Prior to these symptoms I had:
  • 5 to 6 loose bowel movements
  • Lower GI pain that comes and goes
  • Stool burning (like I had spice food)
  • Colon sensitivity
  • Trouble hydrating (ended up in the ER for this)
  • Plus all the above symptoms.

Doctorr says GERD/acid reflux but what makes me think it's not is I'm missing the main 2 symptoms heartburn and reflux.. I have no pain in stomach or throat no burning and I can sleep flat no problems so I'm asking group members can I actually have GERD or acid reflux without heartburn or reflux? Thank you.
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Pam Alexander Can be silent reflux!

Tasha Whitton-Pillows
Yes silent reflux I had the same thing for a while now I have the full out heartburn and burping acid when I have a flare.

I thought silent reflux too but I looked up the symptoms of silent reflux and I don't have those symptoms.

Willyanne Zee
Steve Steve, maybe you need to eat slower and more often, small portions, and sleep on ya left side with the bed elevated up at the head of the bed on [2} bricks{ and not to eat 3 hrs before going to sleep and wear nothing tight on ya stomach ,wear sweats when you can at home... eat in a quiet place with less noise

Steve Steve
I actually started eating slower and in a more comfortable area now.. As far as sleeping goes I don't have a reflux issue.

Patricia Perez
A lot of diagnoses mimic similar symptoms gastritis silent reflux gerd gallbladder issues. It’s hard to tell you need to get an endoscopy done or a Hida scan to see the function of your gallbladder if you still have it

Steve Steve
This is what I'm afraid of.. I think my Dr is just assuming it's gerd.

Patricia Perez
Steve Steve yes a lot just assume and guess that’s why when I was having issues I knew for a fact it was my stomach I was having issues with but my doctor kept saying it was my gallbladder and referred me to a surgeon and indeed yes my gallbladder wasn’t functioning but that was not the cause of my symptoms so I myself looked for another gi doctor and asked to get an endoscopy done cuz at this point I was already so sick and had lost 20 lbs in 2 months sure enough guess what I had gastritis if I wouldn’t of done it myself they would’ve removed my gallbladder and I wouldn’t of even known I had gastritis crazy.

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Patricia Perez
Steve Steve and I was also having stomach acid issues I felt nauseous a lot too didn’t have appetite but I knew I had to eat so I’d force myself to eat even if it was a very bland diet also had lots of burping felt bloated and ended up de hydrated as well.

Steve Steve
So you have gastritis? Yeah I completely understand I've lost over 30lbs in a month.

Patricia Perez
Steve Steve yes final diagnosis was gastritis but my doctor thinks I also have acid reflux or gerd cuz gastritis causes that too so now I’m schedule for another test.

Steve Steve
Patricia Perez I definitely need a second and 3rd opinion. Thank you.

Patricia Perez
Steve Steve yes that’s what I did until I finally got my diagnosis and am now feeling better because of my treatment and low bland diet good luck.

Steve Steve
I've been on a low acid diet this last 2 weeks and my diet has been in good shape being I'm diabetic and I am just diet and exercise. Also I'm badly lactose.. But now this and my diet limits even more. Weird thing is I feel good in the morning and by noon I start to get nauseous and usually by 5 I get pretty nauseous and lose my appetite. But being diabetic I have to eat..

Steve Steve
I know I am having a stomach acid issue but not sure what it is.

Willyanne Zee
Steve Steve did you read any of what i said in 2 posts i typed?

Steve Steve
I did read it and I actually follow a acid reflux life as of now but I don't have any changes. As for the nausea I tried a lot and nothing worked. They have me on Zofran and that works wonders. I've been pretty good in the past with foods due to my diabetes/cholesterol change but as of 2 weeks ago I've been following a low fat low acid diet and I'm still not getting better.

Willyanne Zee If you get nauseous, chew gum or drink herb tea ginger tea is good in tea bags, or drink flat ginger ale,... buy a small bottle and let it get flat and drink some each time you feel bad.
stay away from greasy food and spicey foods, even pizza if you can, have it not too often, eat a banana. fruits.. a mango.. an apple..
never took any PPI's when they were given to me.. have problems over 10 yrs now and i do fine on some days , some days no.. but i watch what i eat and do not take Rx' meds for gerd.

Stephanie Anne Taft
Steve Steve I hear you...I've tried all diets...cut everything out. makes no difference.

Muhammad Hammad
How long can we survive with acid reflux?
I have had it for over a year and I thought it would become cancer if it doesn't go away

Steve Steve
Yeah I'm just not getting better.. But then again I'm not getting worse either.


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