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Medication for GERD after a partial report from my gastro

medication for gerd
I am getting stressed - I am having chest like pains again, it's been a while and I don't know what to do. I know it is not heart related chest pain. My friend said to me just yesterday that she believes it is "Costochondritis" a symptom itself of many different disorders, as my friend believes me to have Fibromyalgia and this Costochondritis is a symptom of that. However, I have now read that us GERD sufferers can also get this, again though it is a 'less common symptom' with GERD according to Wikipedia. My friend was very helpful last night when I was close to a panic over this as it makes me feel like I can hardly breathe - she told me to take ibuprofen and use heat packs which I did and the symptoms gradually reduced within an hour.

I need your help please! The ache / pain / hard to breathe chest pain has returned tonight (well morning it's almost 4 am) I see my GP in 2 days, so hopefully he can do more for me - it was he who put me on medication for GERD after a partial report from my Gastro surgeon following just a colonoscopy. I still was never given a gastroscopy(?) still waiting for that, but the medication kind of helps, I just sometimes forget to take it. But my GP had prescribed it for me anyway, "Pariet" (Rabeprazole). It says to take one whole tablet once a day before dinner. Would it help me now to take it (I've missed a few days) at nearly 4 am in the morning, will it help against this chest pain?? I also have oxycodone 5mg tabs too, for a different condition - I read that narcotics can also help? I just want to breathe freely again, stop this terrifying pain. I read that breathing deeply can make it worse, so I am fighting the urge to breathe deep and am just sitting here taking shallow breathes.

I'm scared. Sorry for this long ramble. To abbreviate my rambling:

1) Can I take a pariet when I'm not about to eat a meal? Can I take it after eating instead of before? Why just once a day? (SORRY, multiple questions there)

2) What does this mean now that I am getting chest pains like this at any time of the day or night? Am I getting worse? As you may know it's a scary terrifying feeling that just doesn't go away on it's own.

3) When I see my GP - how should I raise this problem to him to maybe go back to the specialist? DO I need to speak with the specialist about this latest "symptom"?


Beth Hansen
I too have breathing problem associated with GERD. Not much I can tell you there but I also have costochondritis. Try improving your posture to help with the costochondritis pain.

Debbie Johnson Prothro
Sure its not esophogus spasms?

Kerry Singh
Thanks Beth, yes working on that - trying to keep my body upright as possible. Certainly can't lie down while this is going on, makes it more painful. Sorry you have this too :(

Kerry Singh
Debbie, I don't know what esophogus spasms are. I'll google them though and read up on it, thanks for an alternate idea. I'd certainly like to stop this whatever is happening. Costochondritis was the first suggestion made to me and taking brufen last night did help a little - and it is helping a little tonight / this morning. If esophogus spasm was involved, how do I stop that?

Debbie Johnson Prothro
I had and have the spasms. Feels like someone is squeezing the air out of me sometimes

Kerry Singh
This feeling is a constant pain and yes it's like no matter how much I try, I am not getting enough air / oxygen - I am breathing in and out fine, just feels like I'm not, you know? It's hard to explain. I do feel like my chest has a giant band around it from my sternum to about my breast bone and it's stopping my chest from expanding so it hurts. Reading up on Esophogeal spasm and Costchondritis, it could be either or even both, symptoms are similar in areas but I don't feel like there is any spasm or contraction per se. It just is there like an immovable object.

René Rudolph
I know that pain killers can make GERD symptoms worse. I used to be on Rabeprazole (also called Aciphex) and I took two 20 MG pills twice a day, about 20 minutes before I ate. Ask your doctor; maybe you need a higher dose. I had costochondritis once from coughing. I was also told to take Ibuprofen.

Amanda Ellenbecker I have bad breathing problems when I don't take meds, no matter what I eat. I would drink a LOT of water...one night when it flared up into my lungs, I drank three bottles of water in a row and it calmed down enough to where I could sleep.

Kerry Singh
Thanks Rene, that is good to know and I'll have to try and remember that! Amanda, that might be part of my problem is that sometimes, I forget to take my meds! I am on so many meds, but they are morning, afternoon and before bed. My GERD meds have be taken 20 - 30 minutes before eating breakfast and dinner and that would mean for me taking different meds at 5 different times of day. I can't set alarms for the meals cause I eat at varying times of the day, lol. I need a better schedule. But it is very good to know that drinking a lot of water is helpful.

Caroline Whiley
I get breathing issues too, the worse my heart pain and breathing is the more stressed out and panicky I get, its a vicious circle!! One thing i do know is do NOT take ibruprofen, its a muscle relaxant and will worsen your GERD as the oesophagal sphincter will relax. Have you changed your diet and eating times to help your GERD? You should take your Pariet first thing in the morning, if you take it after you've started eating it won't do anything.


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