'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

This fruit is very good for Gerd

Hey guys, did you know there is a tropical fruit out there called "Noni", this fruit is very good for Gerd. It can grow up to 10 ft high and it's from Tropical places and Australia. It also has a very strong odor, so before juicing or eating it, you may want to check with your doctors because of the high does of potassium which it has.


Macel Lecam
alot here in our place " we call it anino"

Jodie Gee
Macel, check into it if you can it's suppose to help with the disease okay but likewise check with your doctor first though.

Macel Lecam
We don't make this as juice, we used this whenever we have stomach ached, the leaves will cover by banana leaves and put it on fire for a seconds and after that we put the mild hot leaves in our stomach.

Rachel Nash
I live in Australia and i have not seen it here. Do you know if it goes by another name?

Jodie Gee
It does have another name, it is Morninda Citrifolia.

Kerri Katrina Codrington
I live in Barbados, we call it dog dumpling. People use the juice for diabetes and stamina.

Jodie Gee
Kerri, does the juice help you?

Kerri Katrina Codrington
I've never tried it. Mostly men take advantage of it.

Susan Vincent Strickland
I bought a bottle of it and I thought I was going to throw up. It was thick, very strong taste and burned my esophagus going down.


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