'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

Gallbladder removed due to gastritis or gallstones

Anyone here had their gallbladder removed due to gastritis or gallstones?


Teagan Holland
Yep I had mine out 8 weeks ago, my GERD has definitely decreased but seems more severe when I do have an episode.

Paula Allen
Yes gallbladder removed 9 weeks ago. And my gerd has never been so bad as it is now.

Leola Campbell
Yep 20 years ago. That's when my IBS started.

Cindy Quesenberry
Gallbladder removed 2010. GERD was completely gone for about a year but yes it did come back. However it's different for everyone so remember that.

Sam Muel Radjagoekgoek
Is there any side effects or abstinence after the gallbladder is removed?

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Cindy Quesenberry
Yes trouble digesting fatty foods - which we aren't supposed to eat anyway.

Sam Muel Radjagoekgoek
So what is your daily food now?

Vanessa Medigovich
Cindy Quesenberry why aren't we suppose to eat fatty foods? Fats are good for us. We need fats. I eat 30-40% fat daily. My cholesterol is superb and my body fat is 18%. Fats dont make u fat. They keep you healthy. In fact I cut fats down last year to get cut abs and I do believe it was partially responsible for my gerd to begin with

Jay Mack
I have no gallbladder for many years. I am on ketogenic diet and it has helped me a great deal. In fact about 90%. Only been Keto 4-5 weeks

Cindy Quesenberry
Vanessa Medigovich fats are bad for GERD!

Cindy Quesenberry
Sam Muel Radjagoekgoek I basically eat low acid, low fat. Pretty much follow a GERD diet.

Vanessa Medigovich
Cindy Quesenberry fats might irritate gerd, but it doesn't mean your not suppose to eat them. Focus should be on curing the issue, not cutting out foods we need. I cured mine by adding more healthy fats and adding a ton of nutrients to get into your system and detox the body. Without fats you'll absorb less and less nutrients and itll only make recovery take longer. Just my opinion based on how I cured myself.

Dave Wakefield
Vanessa Medigovich yes it's your opinion but you can't cure a disease. You seem to preach a lot in the group that you can. It gives people a false sense of hope.

Vanessa Medigovich
Dave Wakefield I cured my gerd, so it is possible.

Dave Wakefield
Vanessa Medigovich maybe you just had heartburn issues? You can't cure, you control either by medication, diet change, or both. If you had a cure for gerd, you would be a very rich person.

Vanessa Medigovich
No, it was gerd and LPR chronic for about 9 months. I cried every day as my throat was destroyed and I was choking on my food and I had to eat refried beans and mashed potatoes and smoothies only. I choked on everything else. I would get chronic heart palpitations that led me to the ER, confirmed premature ventricular contractions, my whole body would have internal tremors from the gerd, nausous, dizzy spells, etc. I appreciate you don't underestimate the pain I was, as i was crying almost everyday.

Dave Wakefield
Thanks for the insight again Vanessa Medigovich Oh believe me, I know the pain. I've had this condition for 10 years. As mentioned before, we will agree to disagree. I'd just prefer you not to mention in many of your posts that thus condition can be cured. You seem to mention it a lot here.

Leola Campbell
Once my gallbladder was removed I started to have symptoms of IBS. And my surgeon even warned me I'll have to eat less greasy food

Joy G. Hoover
Vanessa Medigovich if you are cured then may I ask why you are in this group? If I was cured I would want to be out and about enjoying the life of being gerd free instead of being in a group where its a constant reminder of how life was for me......
''What worked for you doesn't necessarily mean it will work for others, this is something you MUST remember always, especially in this group.''
Truth is, there are healthy fats and unhealthy fats... We are to eat healthy fats, such as anything with omega 3's, but we are to avoid saturated and trans fats, that goes for anyone with or without gerd.
I caution you to not give false hope in this group. The majority of us have tried all we know and have tried others so called ''cures'' with no success. What worked for them, did not work for us and only left us with more disappointments.

Becky Lamondie
Yes had it removed because of gallstones back in September

Dave Wakefield
If you search the group regarding gallbladder removal you will find many topics on the issue. It's got mixed opinions on success rates.

Denis Vehabović-Denza
Yes 5 yrs ago because of small stones they said they are much dangerous than a big ones. Newertheless bladder removed . Gerd came to visit since then.

Seán Paul Gaughan
I did, and immediately developed Bile reflux.


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