'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

I have reflux and bad breath, it gets horribly worse when drinking coffee

I have reflux and bad breath, it gets horribly worse when drinking coffee! Any explanation for this?
reflux and bad breath


Will Whitlock
stop drinking coffee for starters.

Aziz Radan
Thnx mate! Sure will stop but just wanna understand how it works! 🙂

Will Whitlock
coffee is acidic and caffeine is bad for reflux.

Lena Hagstroem
Coffee can be a double whammy..... caffeine can relax the sphincter and the acidity of the coffee can cause more acid. plus what ever you add (sugar, sweetner, milk) can also be an issue.

Gary Nicolson
Acid reflux gave me gum disease. Visit a periodontist ASAP. Also go see a GI to rule out the root cause. Take my experience..if I could go back I would have visited a GI, fixed my acid reflux and keep on top of dental health. But a water flosser just in case.

Aziz Radan
Thnx mate! I Have visited GI and result came back positive for reflux, also had treatment for gum disease! What treatment did GI gave you?

Gary Nicolson Aziz Radan Ain’t seen a GI yet. But I am assuming I have H.Pylori, SIBO. I’m
Almost certain I do tbh. I’m going to treat these naturally I hope. Can I ask what treatment you got for the gum disease? My bad breathe persists but disappears after I floss.

Aziz Radan
I had many cleaning sessions and antibiotics.

Gary Nicolson
Aziz Radan how deep were your gum pockets.

Aziz Radan
2-3 cm

Gary Nicolson
Aziz Radan I’m the same. So do you struggle to treat it now or are you back to normal?

Diane Erdelyi
I have horrible breath as well & it does not come from my mouth. Keeping my mouth clean helps a little but it still reeks.
I don't even drink coffee.

Neeta Raina
I think it comes from the stomach. Drinking water can help...

Audrey Healy Gallagher
I started brushing my teeth with a combo of oregano oil (2drops) and coconut oil. A game changer. Both oils are anti bacterial and anti fungal. Oregano oil is VERY hot. Be careful. Tastes not so good but I can't argue with the results.

Neyonda Serrano
Do you use with toothpaste or is this in place of toothpaste?

Audrey Healy Gallagher
In place of.

Neyonda Serrano
Thanks, I'll try this

Neyonda Serrano
How long before you noticed the results?

Marie Roy
I use the Oil of Oregano but it is very strong... But be careful as it can burn. On Amazon there is a mouthwash made with Oil of Oregano, not as strong tasting, doesn't burn. Only need to use a couple drops.

Atif Zuhaib
Ya Dont Drink Coffee And Tea its Very Harmful For GERD.

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Ashley Glaze-Lyle
I had to cut out my daily cup of coffee I still occasionally get an ice coffee from McDonald’s usually but it’s very rare I got one today and it’s the first one in a few years

Carlos Santana
Do a cleanse, I hate it when someone speaks to me and you can smell poop coming from them, they don't wipe their butt well, and they need a cleanse to stop the smell from coming out of their mouth.

Carlos Santana
But if you mention this, they don't get it, because it's always the same every time you meet them again.


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