'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

I was managing Gerd with diet without taking medicines

I was managing Gerd with diet without taking medicines . There is a flareup for the past two weeks and I cant understand the reason for this.Can it suddenly flare up like this out of the blue ? I am having breathlessness and severe post nasal drip. Should i start on omeprazole? I dont know what else to do. Life has spiralled out of control . Feeling hopeless.


Nicole Mcdonald
Have u been stressed?

Lauren Lamison Gould This happens to me as well. I always start with Pepcid or Zantac for a couple of days then only to Omeprazole if they fail miserably. Eat safe food and it should calm down, then wean off meds slowly.

Sashi Kala
Sounds promising. Will start on Zantac.

Sashi Kala
Lauren Lamison Gould Do u manage to stay off meds after the flare subsides?

Lauren Lamison
Gould Sashi Kala, yes I always get off and manage through diet and lifestyle. But the flares happen several times a year and I go to my routine for a few weeks.

Sashi Kala
Sashi Kala Lauren Lamison Gould Sorry for so many questions. How long do u take omeprazole and how do u taper off?

Lauren Lamison Gould Sashi Kala , usually 10-14 days at 40 mg then down to 20 for 2-3 and then every other day for another 2-3. I’ll add in Pepcid or Zantac at night if needed as that is easier to go off cold turkey. My goal is to never stay on PPI longer than 4 weeks including taper.

Ethan Ashford
I have tested lots of diet.

It happenes when you eat the same food again and again. Eating the same foods make the stomach feel sick. So you will have to change foods every three or four days. For example, if I am eating rice as my main carb source, then I change it with potato after three days, then again I move to rice. I mix my diet like that.

Iza Malczyk
Flare-ups often occur in fall and spring - I'm particularly prone to those fall ones and although I've been successfully off of the meds for a couple of months, I can feel my condidtion deteriorating, yet again, just as autumn comes.

Barbara Dore' Romero Zantac works well. I use a CVS brand of antacid chewable tablets. Really helps. It is Ultra strength Antacid tablets.

Bill Stern
I got that real bad post nasal drip from the grass and weeds
I think this is the times for them in the spring and fall that they are just in the air from all the mowing.

pepcid is a H2 histamine blocker... you could go back on the meds but here is what I did.
a regular generic antihistamine is an H1 histamine blocker
I got em in the dollar store....30 pills for $4
I just took them for 3 days and the post nasal drip was gone.

Rebecca Sanders
Rebecca Sanders Omeprazole works see your Dr.


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