'Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD

I can hear wetness in her throat

Been trying to figure out what is going on with my 13 yo. She gets chest and back pain and can’t even speak it hurts so bad. She also gets wheezing and I can hear wetness in her throat. Is this something you guys have had? GI doc didn’t think it was gastric but I think it is. She’s also been cleared by a cardiologist. Been going on for years and is often comes on after stress or during sport practices in the evening. Any guidance is appreciated! Just want to get her the help she needs.

Cathy Lynn Asthma has also been ruled out.

Patricia Davis Does not sound like reflux sounds like shes asthmatic.
If i excersise or am overly stressed it will trigger an asthma attack

Patricia Davis Having both severe gerd and asthma (and they both love to play off of each other) i have never heard of only gerd/reflux symptom being periodic wheezing. Though i am not a dr

Cathy Lynn Her doc ruled out asthma because she very active and it doesn’t happen all the time. We’ve tried an inhaler and it does nothing for her. Nothing about her is textbook! Thanks for the comment!

Patricia Davis Cathy Lynn that is def odd has she seen gastro yet?

Cathy Lynn Patricia Davis yes and he didn’t feel it was gastric but I need to get her back in as she just had another episode last night. He didn’t feel she needed a scope.

Jennifer Nazario If there is some liquid in her throat is COULD be reflux, and it might be that she is breathing that vomit in her lungs. But it could also be an infection. Like pneumonia or bronchitis. Any mucus?

Cathy Lynn Jennifer Nazario chest all clear this liquid just comes along with the crazy chest pain...then when the pain subsides it’s gone

Jennifer Nazario Cathy Lynn Has she been checked for angina?

Cathy Lynn Jennifer Nazario she’s been given several ekgs and been cleared by a cardiologist.

Jennifer Nazario Cathy Lynn oh right, right. I remember you said that. Very weird. I hope you find out what it is.

Cathy Lynn Jennifer Nazario thanks for the support! Just scheduled another pediatric GI appointment

Roselly Monegro Muñoz She might have LPR or Gerd. I was misdiagnosed for 2 years and being treated for asthma and never got better until I went to an ENT 3 months ago and was diagnosed with Gerd. You should have her cut all sugars, gluten, chocolate, seasoning spices, garlic and onion, spicy, fatty foods. Try OTC Zantac twice a day specially at night and Flonase spray in nose before sleeping.

Cathy Lynn Roselly Monegro Muñoz thank you. It’s been a struggle...putting her on Pepcid daily until we can get back in. How did they diagnose you? After a scope? Thanks for your help...it’s been frustrating

Roselly Monegro Muñoz Cathy Lynn the ENT put a camera through one nostril and saw that my esophagus had inflammation

Cathy Lynn gotcha thank you

Tammy Akers Yes it can be .
I have post nasal drip and fuild my ears..
Found out it can be by my acid reflux
Doesn't hurt to get the test done.
Best to be safe then sorry

Jeannette Bourne Have you tried a wedge under her mattress, could be acid induced asthma, ask gp if you could try a different inhaler

Cathy Lynn Jeannette Bourne acid induced asthma sounds pretty interesting! I will look into this!

Jeannette Bourne
Jeannette Bourne Cathy Lynn , it's something that somebody suggested my 5yo granddaughter has, does your daughter make a gulping sound in her sleep which makes her tummy gurgle,

Cathy Lynn Jeannette Bourne no she doesn’t

Michele Pratt Gerd triggers my asthma. Once I got my Gerd under control my asthma stopped flaring

Angelo Gallarte Erpe I have that kind of symptoms too. My pulmonologist said to me that i have LPR and that my symptoms are due to acid reflux. I'm just quite confused because all my life i have asthma but my doctor said that i am not an asthmatic because my pft is normal. I don't know what to do.

Cathy Lynn Angelo Gallarte Erpe I’m sorry that you are also dealing with issues that are confusing! But it’s interesting to hear you have similar symptoms to my daughter.

Angelo Gallarte Erpe Cathy Lynn . Yes. I'm going to have 2nd opinion to other pulmonologist today. I'm just so worried of what I'm dealing right now.

Cathy Lynn Angelo Gallarte Erpe stay strong! I hope you find answers.

Jess Lynn Cathy Lynn. Did she have an exercise Pulmonary function test done? Sometimes asthma will only happen during exercise. Mine comes and goes too. However, I get those same symptoms with my reflux. I would definetly get a second opinion on lungs ans stomach. Exercise Pulmonary function test is the gold standard to diagnose asthma. Prayers for your baby 💚

Olivia Jenkins Try ent allergies testing

Katelyn McKellips Look into vocal cord dysfunction. Had it when I was that age. Vocal cords can slam together causing horrible wheezing and loss of voice during stress or exercise. Hurts like nothing else wouldn't wish it on anyone


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